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"Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in." ~ Louise Brown

"Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it."
~Jesse Stuart

"A writer's job is to take one thing and make it stand for twenty." ~ Virginia Woolf

Friday, September 24, 2010

Updates from Allie the Acquisitions Editor

For those of you who entered the Lettuce Write Submission Contest, Allie wanted me to let you know some stats.

27 25 entries left to review

4 full manuscripts requested (in addition to the winners)

Some honorable mentions so far--

         Most fun narrative voice:  Suz Korb

         Most intriguing plot line:  Theresa Millstein

         Favorite main character:   Jared Larsen

         Best opening paragraph:   Amy Saia

         Best tight, spare writing style:  Amie McCracken

         Most wished for summary so she would know the end:   Steena the Chocolate-lover

Anyway, I thought you'd like to know some of the feedback. When she finishes with all of them, I'll post another update. She has also appreciated those who replied to her comments with a thank you email. Due to the number of entries and her busy schedule, she has only been able to give about 2 brief paragraphs critique.

Don't worry, Allie, a good writer can glean mountains from a few well-chosen comments by an intuitive editor. Thanks for all your hard work!


  1. What great writers. I wish I would have entered.

  2. Thats brilliant, well done everyone, esp happy for Theresa as she's a blog buddy!

  3. that is some great news for the winners and the lucky writer

  4. This post is lovely; gosh but I wish I had half of your energy! However, I'd really like to comment about your previous post and Tamara's situation with her husband in Afghanistan.

    My hub retired from the USMC after thirty years of service. Although I've broadened my interests I still consider myself a military wife. During the thirty years my husband was on active duty, he was averaged out to be deployed 10 of those years.

    I threw my heart and soul in the MC's family readiness programs during an era when what was needed just wasn't there. To the MC's credit, they responded.

    Having said that, there's no program that will work unless there is a network of support at home. I just want to reach thru the Internet and give you a big hug. You recognized the situation and responded in a positive fashion. Bless you!

  5. I would've sent Allie a thank you e-mail but everything I read says not to do that. But I guess this is different because it's a contest. I'll do it now.

    Thanks for the mention. It's nice to know what's positive about my chapters.

  6. Yay!! Well done to the honourable mentions (good for you Theresa Milstein!!) and congrats to everyone who entered and those who won - you are all super duper stars!!

    Thank you KarenG and Allie! The lettuce be writers events were such fun!

    Take care

  7. Old Kitty, Yes the Lettuce events were fun at the time but can I say that I am SO glad they're over. In fact so glad that I can hardly write the word L-E-T-T-U-C-E. And I haven't eaten a salad since June.

    Theresa, I think generally that's the case with editors when you're submitting normally. Like how lame is it to write "thank you for that nice form rejection."

    Kittie, I've never been in that situation myself, altho my daughter in law is now. Her husband (my son) has been gone for 3 months. Maybe that's why it made me see things that normally I wouldn't have noticed. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. WOw, that's great! I know a lot of people on the list and I love their blogs. I'm sure their work is just as entertaining.


  9. Congratulations to all the Honorable Mentions. What wonderful opportunities for all who participated. Well done to you Karen for your generosity.

  10. I love this post! Congrats to all the fab writers!

  11. Thanks for posting this! Allie did mention she wished she had the synopsis - which made me feel good. I drowned my sorrows that she didn't request in chocolate icing ;)

  12. Steena, Oh yes your last name is Holmes!!! Sorry we couldn't remember it! I figured you'd recognize the chocolate lover :)

  13. Definitely thanks for the update.


  14. Congratulations to all the Honorable Mentions and esp to my blogger friend, Theresa.

    Great to follow up with the feedback, Karen, I am sure it is really appreciated by all the writers.

  15. My fingers are crossed that there will be another opportunity like this when I am ready...

  16. Congrats to the writers! I hope I can get in on something like this next time!

  17. So Allie just called me and edited this post LOL. She said the last paragraph made no sense and needed work. And I said, most people read blog posts really fast anyway just to get the gist of it, not to read carefully for content. And she said, "Well, then what's the point? And you call yourself a writer!"

    So I said, "Well, I'll go in and change it then."

    And she said, "Never mind, you have 16 comments already."

    LOL just had to share. Allie, you crack me up!

  18. This is such great news for those writers! A big thanks to Allie for what she's doing, and a big thanks to you, Karen. As usual, you are a true friend to writers.

  19. Any feedback is appreciated by writers! Good luck to all those who entered and sent submissions!

  20. Wow! That's great! I'm on the moon with happiness . . .

  21. Wanted to add a nice, Thank you!

  22. Jennifer Lane just commented on my blog and said that you tweeted about me. Thank you, Karen! That's so nice! That totally made my week! :)

  23. I was away when I received the critique, and also wanted time to think about it. But I will definitely reply to those two extremely helpful paragraphs. Thank you, Karen and Allie!

  24. Karen,
    I wanted to tell you thank you for your comment on my post.I didn't realize you were in a similar situation as we are. I'm sorry you've gone through this too for so long--it takes its toll and I know for me it has opened my eyes to how God is the only one to rely on. Blessing to you!

  25. Allie gave some really useful comments on my script, and I'm grateful!