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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sort of Maybe Awards! Yay!!

Only guess what? Blogger won't load my images, I can't remember who awarded me what, but I am so thankful when someone gives me and my giraffe an award. Since I'm afraid I'll forget someone, I'm going to give links to some awesome people who may or may not have given me an award in the recent or more distant past.

Madeleine at Scribble and Edit  (This was recent so I remember it was the Versatile Award). Madeline makes the funniest comments on posts! You should go visit her blog and follow. She lives in the UK.

Paige picked me as a Flashlight Follower which means my mug is at the top of her blog. So go over to Paige's blog, see my picture and then look at her gruesome funeral pictures. Did I say that Paige is a riot? Very funny girl!

Julie Musil might have given me an award, or maybe not. But if not she should, because I never miss her posts! She is smart, nice and helpful. Everyone should follow Julie.

Ellie at Ella's Edge is another one who might have given me the versatile blogger award, or maybe not, but it doesn't matter because she's a really versatile blogger herself who writes on all kinds of things, and shows enticing pictures of the bees in her yard, and flowers, food-- whatever it's always fascinating!

Carol Kilgore gave me something. A cupcake, or a teddy bear, or maybe it was the vesatile blogger, I've been getting that one a lot lately. Never mind, go to Under the Tiki Hut, especially on Friday's because her ten for Friday is HILARIOUS. I never miss it.

Michelle Gregory at Beautiful Chaos gets my award for being super-nice, because she gave me an award plus the BEST compliment EVER. And how can you not want to follow a blog called beautiful chaos, with two giraffes at the top??!!

Mason Canyon the awesomest book reviewer ever, gave me the Literacy Award! You should all be following Mason (not her real name LOL) at Thoughts in Progress, because she is super-advocate for books and authors. Who gives away new books! And on that subject my 18 year old son is ashamed of me for using LOL. He said, "Mom, you say you are for literacy then you are LOLing all over your blog. That isn't literacy. Why don't you take the time to think of better ways to express yourself?" Haha, chastised by my son LOL.....ooops.

Okay, if I missed anyone please forgive me. I'm not posting awards on my sidebar anymore because they add to the loading time, but really I do love to get them!

Now to list some pretty amazing people who are worth checking out--You guys can take my so-called awards and pass them on or whatever you want. Hopefully you don't have a lame blogger deal that prevents you from posting images. The following are ones whose posts I always read!

Jackee at Winded Words 

Marguerite at Cajun Delights 

Susan Kaye Quinn at Inkspells

Old Kitty at Ten Lives Second Chances 

Melissa Cunningham at A Writer's Reality

Terry Tiffany at Terry Tiffany Inspirational Writer

Christine at Inwardly Digesting 

Ann Best at Long Journey Home

Pat Tillett at Patrick Tillett

Jane Finchwood at Plain Jane

Bess Weatherby at It's the world, dear 

Jayne at A Novice Novelist 

Suz Korb at Bang Out the Prose 

Neurotic Workaholic at Obsessions of a Workaholic

I know this is a lot of links but it was a lot of awards, and I have even more I should list but it's almost ten and my husband is ready for bed. These are all awesome people, go check them out!


  1. Congratulations! Very well-deserved!

  2. Congrats on all of your well deserved awards! And thanks so much for the mention and kind words and for passing the awards along to me. It was such a nice surprise and I am honored to be on your "always read" list! You are the best! Cheers!

  3. congratulations Karen and tell ur son we moms will use LOL till the adolescents say its lame and stop using it. LOL

  4. Oh, thank you so much. How kind! I have trouble with images too but can still load them. Some pics take ages to creep down and your giraffe is one of those - could be the long neck :-) Thanks for all these super links; some of the blogs are new to me so I'll go visiting...

  5. Congratulations on the awards and thanks for the links. I'm looking forward to checking them out.

  6. why, thank you dear. i love my chaotic blog with its 2 giraffes, too. now i see more blogs to check out in my spare time.

  7. Congratulations Karen!
    I truly appreciate the mention and promise to check all the other sites. If you like them, then I'm sure they are very good.
    thanks again!

  8. Thanks for the plug! And now I have new cool links to check out ... :)

  9. Fortunately I've managed to pass out awards quickly so I don't forget.

  10. Congratulations on your awards, they're all well deserved. I love that your son got on to you for using LOL. That's priceless. Thanks for all the great new links to check out too and for your kind words.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. Wow! Thank you for thinking of me! You are awesome!

  12. Congrats on the awards. and thanks for all these links, I'll do my best to get to them all.

  13. Congrats, Karen! A very deserved award. And thank you for mentioning my little old blog! :)

  14. Oh wow - so many many lovely awards!! Congratulations!!!! And thanks for nominating me - thank you!! And look at all these fab links!! Yay!!!!!

    Blogger has been so naughty these past days!! Tut tut Blogger!! Have a great weekend! Take

  15. Love that quote from Stephen King about reading and writing four hours a day. If only I could freeze time and burrow on my couch to do just that!

  16. Congrats on your awards, Karen!


  17. I see a lot of new people. I'll go and meet them. Always fun to meet new people in the world of Blogdom.

    Stephen Tremp

  18. Congrats on all the awards, to you and the recipients!

  19. You always make me smile!! :)

    Congrats on the awards! :)

  20. Hope you're having a very restful vacation!!!

  21. Congrats to all! Hope you're having a great weekend, Karen!

  22. Congrats, Karen, to you and all the awardees. About Blogger, I asked the Geek, also a blogger, the same question. He said, "Hard to say." He then went on to talk about how upgrades from Blogger and so on create 'talking issues'. Have you run the manager cleaner? Go to start or to blank to left when you hit start and type in cleanmgr and run. Good luck!

  23. Karen, you crack me up! Thanks for the mention. You totally deserve ALL these awards.

    I lol'd when I read about your son chastising you. Hilarious!

  24. Congrats on all those awards, you certainly deserve every single one of them.

    Look forward to checking out some new blogs from the links you posted.

  25. LOL! You are too funny, my friend. :o) Thank you so much for passing an award on to me. I may or may not deserve it (like you of course do!) but it made my day. Thanks again!