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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank you for stopping by, (but not that spammer)

Sometimes I worry that I promote too much on my blog.

There's the books, there's the new release blog tour, there's the novel I'm working on that will be another new release, there's Celery Tree. There's the five-day Kindle promotion of House of Diamonds (ends tonight at midnight, and here's the link because my bloggie friends who want a copy should get it while it's free).

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for visiting even when my blog's in the middle of another promotional thingy.

But Mr. Anonymous from Russia or Turkey or wherever that script is from, you can just take a hike. Thank you, Blogger, for keeping spam in the spam section where it belongs and off the public view.


  1. The spam filter on Blogger is amazing! I do go in the folder and check for comments from legit sources but it's rare.

  2. I absolutely love the spam filter on blogger. Not one single piece of rubbish gets through, it's why I don't bother with the authenticate thingy (can't think of it's name) you just don't need it.

  3. Booo to spammers!!! Hoorah for your book!!

    Take care

  4. I've had so many internal struggles with blogging lately. It started when Blogger let through a troll on my blog.

    Also, I noticed my writerly blog was getting too promotional, so I've now created separate blogs for each genre I write in. Now my writing blog is just the place where I vent and generally thank supportive writers.

  5. i hate the spammers too, i find that i am the best place to stop by and offer me watches, man pills, back link offers and to meet that someone special. so i keep the approval from me only always up, i let it down and some of those spammers slithered in...

    oh, by the way i do digital design work and have special offers for bloggers... maybe you are interested? wink. wait i do have stuff to offer...

    have a great day!

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  6. Thanks for the free download, Karen. Of course I took advantage. :))

    But I should probably read Uncut Diamonds first, yes? Back to the Kindle!

    And boo to spammers.

  7. L.G., I'm glad you took advantage. And it's not a real sequel in the true sense of the word, that you need to read the first one first, because although they have the same characters, the stories are so much different and totally unrelated. Each one stands on its own.

    Jeremy, Sounds like you enjoy reading spam comments LOL. This latest Anonymous commenter on my blog is writing in a foreign language. I have no idea what he's selling.

    Suzanne, I haven't been to your blog in a while, I must come by and see what you're up to now! It's funny because we set up these blogs as writers to promote ourselves and our books, then start feeling self-conscious about promoting ourselves and our books.

  8. Luckily, I haven't had any spammers leak through. *knocks wood desk*

    Don't worry about promoting too much. That's part of the job, right? Your blog always has a nice balance between promotion, spotlighting other writers, and other writing topics. I love visiting (especially when you include pics of your cookies).

    Good luck with House of Diamonds!

  9. I don't mind your promotions - I look forward to when there is more to promote on my site and I don't feel like I have to partake in any fashion, unless I please. And as soon as we get our ereader, I'll be pleasing!

  10. No worries on the promotions. It's good reading whatever you're sharing.

  11. The spam filter on blogger is amazing. It gets them all! And don't worry - this is your blog, to promote as you please! Good luck with the novel. :)

  12. Promoting if part of what we need to do as author of TODAY, so don't apologize.

    Besides we all LOVE to know what's going on in the BLOGOSPHERE....

  13. You are a very busy woman! That's for sure. Keep up the good work. I'm happy Blogger keeps the spam in the spam, too. I have to clean it out daily.

  14. Yeah, I don't have word verification either and I don't think I've ever gotten a spam comment.

    ps don't forget I owe you :)

  15. Hi Karen .. I put word verification back on because I was getting spammers ... I still get the odd person and then have to delete that comment .. so they must use the word verify. Frustrating to put it mildly ..

    Thanks for putting back the pop-up comment box - such a pleasure being able to comment easily ...

    No worries re the promotion .. or promoting Celery Tree .. cheers Hilary

  16. Hilary, I'm not sure how long I can keep the pop up comment feature because sometimes I can't get it to show and can't comment myself. I wish I knew why some people have troubles with pop up (me) and others have trouble with embedded (you).

    Mshatch, I'm so glad to see people getting rid of word verif! I'll have to refresh my memory, I can't remember what it is you owe me for.

    Miranda, I had daily spam get caught in my filter too then there was nothing for a long time, now this same guy keeps showing up numerous times a day. So glad he's not getting through!

  17. Blogger's spam catcher truly is great because I get a LOT of spam.

  18. Congratulations on your book, Karen! I've got my copy and can't wait to read it. Best of luck with the book and keeping those spammers away! :)

  19. Spammers are so annoying! I'm glad blogspot catches most of them.

  20. When I look at My Traffic sources and see 5 or 10 from a strange address and then see the same number of page views from Russia or Romania, I become concerned. I have been getting quite a bit of spam on my e-mail address, using names of familar companies that I possibly may be interested in opening, but I don't. I can see it is spam or possibly worse. I guess these are the things you have to deal with when you have a blog available for everyone. I have every protective program on my computer, and have it updated daily, but I still have to be aware of those that want to invade my space.

    Congrats on your book. I am sure all your efforts will pay off.

  21. Considering all the things you are doing, Karen, I find it hard to understand how you have time to blog. Unless you're doing it on "company time." Regardless, you are one very busy woman.

    About your promotions. I know what you're doing. If that, and the possibility of promotion, worried me, I wouldn't show up at your blog.

    I might not be around for a while, because I'm hibernating. That is something that we Bears do every year. Please do not mistake my absence for lack of interest.

  22. I only get the occasional spammer, but they usually make me chuckle if they've written in English. I like how they try to make it seem like it's a real message with, "You have a good idea here. You should try our new wonder weight loss drug..."

    Because I write a lot about wonder weight loss drugs, you know. ;)

  23. I have little spam, although the guy from the US who clearly hates women is always good for a laugh!!!

  24. Keep on sharing, Karen. It will never offend me!

    I like how Blogger take my spam and filter it for me.