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"Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it."
~Jesse Stuart

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Friday, January 20, 2012

We Need More Book Review Blogs

Mason Canyon is a book reviewer who blogs at Thoughts in Progress. She also likes to support authors through guest posts and interviews when they have a book coming out, and she is supportive of the small press as well. We need more blogger book reviewers like Mason. If I wasn't so caught up in everything I'm doing right now, I'd love to start a book review blog.

Today Mason's guest is Ann Carbine Best, author of In the Mirror: A Memoir of Shattered Secrets, which is currently in the top ten on Kindle's list of thousands and thousands of memoirs.

Ann's book is also available on, which does not have thousands and thousands of memoirs. We wish it did. If you have published a memoir, please join Celery Tree and submit it so Ann's book isn't so lonely.

But first, head over to Thoughts in Progress and say hi to Mason Canyon and Ann Best.


  1. That's funny because I just posted two reviews on my blog. I do read Mason's review blog everyday. She writes great reviews.

  2. You know, I actually don't normally base whether or not I will buy a book off a review. Taste are so different for people, someone might hate book that I will love (and vice versa). So, when I go to buy a book, I read the blurb and an excerpt. That has to sell for me. ;-)


  3. Just got back from Mason's blog and loved it. Ann sent me over there :) Reviews don't make me decide but sometimes reading a blog review is the first time I've heard about the book and I like that.

  4. I'm crap at reviews - either I like or I don't like and am most pained to elucidate further! LOL!!

    Awww but just got back from Mason's blog and read lovely Ann's post!! take care

  5. I saw Mason's blog this morning.
    Some genres have lots of review sites. Since my series was YA, I still have a list of hundreds of YA book bloggers.

  6. I'd love to be able to review books, but there is not enough time in the day.
    Ann is wonderful. I read her memoir, and it's great she is part of Celery Tree :-) I've written a memoir, but the editor/publisher who read it wants me to start all over again. will be awhile before it is even close to be published (much less rewritten).
    Happy Friday.

  7. Bear does not have a "Book Review Blog," but occasionally reviews books on his blogs.

    Hmmmm. What's the difference from your perspective, Karen?

  8. I love to read reviews! I will be sure to check it out~ Thanks for pointing out this path :D

  9. OK, I'll go there. But first, let me say that I am so happy that Ann Best's memoir is doing so well. I read it and was very touched by her life.

  10. Karen, thanks for the kind words about Thoughts in Progress. I'm thrilled to be a part of Celery Tree's blog tour.

    Just wanted to add I agree with Justine about reviews. I don't base my purchases on reviews either even though I write reviews. I think I write reviews more to bring the book to people's attention than anything.

    Wishing Celery Tree much success.

    Thoughts in Progress

  11. If I read a book, I try to get a review posted on my blog, and at the book's purchasing site, if it has a spot for reviews.

    Celery Tree is such a good idea :)

    I've read Mason's reviews in the past. She really is good at the art of review.


  12. Mason writes great reviews, I enjoy reading them.

    I am hit and miss with writing reviews on my blog. Sometimes I feel I cannot do justice to some I have read.