Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

“Reading and writing are acts of empathy and faith. Guard that trust carefully — in this rapidly changing business, it’s the only sure thing.” ~Erin Keane
"Never give up. And most importantly, be true to yourself. Write from your heart, in your own voice, and about what you believe in." ~ Louise Brown

"Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it."
~Jesse Stuart

"A writer's job is to take one thing and make it stand for twenty." ~ Virginia Woolf

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Paddling On to More Adventures in 2015

This doesn't look much like the Decembers I'm used to but I'm enjoying it anyway. Despite feeling as tipsy as I look, my first time on a "stand-up" paddle board.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my blogging friends... wherever life takes you!