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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Okay, so I admit it! I'm desperate for fame. And I like Cheetos and cupcakes."

Today on my blog I am doing a guest interview with author, L.A. DeVaul, aka, Liesel DeVaul, who also just happens to be celebrating her birthday today! Can you think of a better birthday present than to have the release of your debut novel???

 Roxanne in La La Land was just released by WiDo Publishing. You can buy it now as an ebook or pre-order a print copy from the publisher's website (links below). So Liesel, can you tell me a little bit about your new book?

Roxanne (waving): Hi, I’m Roxanne, the main character of Roxanne in La La Land. Nice to meet you, Karen. Liesel couldn’t make it, so I came instead.

Karen: This is a pleasant surprise. It’s not everyday that I interview a character on my blog.

Roxanne: I know. I’m really good at this kind of thing too. Liesel’s not as good, so it’s probably best that she’s not here. So what did you want to ask? Lay it on me. I have all the dirt on Liesel if you want it. Can I have a cupcake?

Liesel (breathless): Hi, so sorry I’m late. I won’t name any names, but someone let the air out of my tires this morning.

Roxanne: Why are you looking at me like that?

Liesel: Because you are guilty.

Roxanne: Maybe you ran over a screw.

Liesel: Doubtful, since my tires were fine before breakfast, and when I went to leave, one of them was as flat as week old soda. I put air in it and it was fine all the way here.

Roxanne: Sounds fishy.

Liesel: I have a pretty good idea of what happened. And look, here you are trying to horn in on my interview.

Roxanne: Interview? I was just hanging out, eating Cheetos and cupcakes. I had no idea there was an interview going on.

Liesel: You really are desperate to become famous, aren’t you?

Roxanne: Maybe a little bit.

Karen: Well, this is great, now I can interview both of you. So Roxanne, where did you come from? What was your inspiration?

Roxanne: I don’t know. I was created by her.

Liesel: I didn’t create her. She just shows up one morning and tells me her story, then she won’t leave me alone until it’s written and published.

Roxanne: Well I can’t write my own story.

Liesel: If you can let the air out of my tires, I’m sure you can find a way to write your own story.

Roxanne: I did find a way. I found you. You know what, Karen? She acts annoyed by me, but deep down she really loves me. Don’t you, Liesel? Don’t you? She’s ignoring me, but she’s always listening. That’s how I know she loves me. She listens to all of us stories. Stories aren’t made up. All of you writers know that, right? We already exist. We just need to find someone who will listen and write down what we tell them. Liesel, do you remember when you were eight and you wrote Pet Semetary?

Karen: Pet Sematary? By Stephen King? What is this?

Roxanne: She did! She wrote Pet Semetary when she was…I don’t know, in the second grade or something. She wrote a page and a half about this dog who was hit by a car and came back to life and tried killing his owners. Do you remember that, Liesel?

Liesel: Yeah. I remember.

Roxanne: Don’t fool yourself that you are half as good as Stephen King, but that story was floating around, and both you and Stephen King heard it and wrote it down. I mean, just because you hear a story and write it down doesn’t make you a good writer. Don’t get a big head that you are the next Stephen King or anything. Even now that you are older and more experienced, Stephen King is still miles and miles more talented than you. You really don’t have a chance of being as successful as he is.

I tried getting him to write my story, but he named me Carrie and twisted everything around until it wasn’t my story at all. So then I tried getting other authors to write my story, but everyone was too busy writing other stuff. You were actually my last pick.

Liesel: All right, I get the point, shut up already. Eat your cupcake, why don't you?

Roxanne: But now that it’s written, I’m happy with the way it turned out. You have my approval.

Liesel: Oh, thank you so much. Now that I have your approval my life can go on.

Roxanne: I’m only being honest. You don’t have to be so sarcastic. Don’t they say, a good friend is the most honest?

Liesel: Sure, whatever.

Karen: Well, we are about out of time here. That was Roxanne Donnaly, main character of Roxanne in La La Land, and L.A. DeVaul, the author of Roxanne’s –er—story. You can find more about Liesel and Roxanne at her website, L.A. DeVaul.

Roxanne in La La Land is now available on the Kindle and the Nook for $3.99. The print copy sells for $14.95 and can be pre-ordered at the publisher's website. Get yours today!

And don't forget to take your cupcake!!



  1. Brilliant interview! You really had me La-La-Laughing! :)

  2. What is it with cupcakes? They're basically just muffins, trying to act all special because they have frosting.

    Seriously though? Great interview. Thanks, ladies!

  3. This is really hilarious, Karen, Liesel and Roxanne. Great interview, ladies.

  4. Too funny! Well done! I love a good belly laugh in the morning.

  5. Very funny! What a great laugh. I hope the book is as funny!

  6. Awwwww Roxanne!!! Have another cupcake!!


    GOOD LUCK Liesel and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Take care

  7. Very good and entertaining. The cupcake sure looks good.

  8. Thanks for all your comments! And yes the book is very funny. Liesel has a quirky style of writing. Stop by her website for more, and to get a free download of sample chapters and a copy of the prequel to Roxanne in La La Land.

  9. LOL! What a fun way to do the interview. This book sounds super. Roxanne's got a great voice, and I like her theory on story writing... :o)

    Hope Liesel got her tire fixed~ ;p

  10. I love it! So fun. Happy birthday Liesel and congratulations!!!

  11. Hi! Roxanne here. I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments and birthday wishes for my friend, Liesel, who's tires are in perfect shape, thank you very much.

    And I also wanted to announce to all you bloggers out there that I am available to do interviews at any bat-time and any bat-place. You don't have to include Liesel, but if you really want to, she is available too.

    Thanks again, and Karen I love your giraffe.

  12. What a fun interview! Nice way to show the character!

  13. That was amazing. You and Liesel know how to write an interview. Or story. Or did Liesel write it all?
    Much too complex for a Bear. But it was fun!

  14. LOL! Happy birthday Liesel, and great interview! I really want a cupcake now. : )

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  17. What a fabulous interview! Very funny, and I'm also dying for cupcakes now. Thanks for the great read, ladies. :)

  18. ...loved it! Great interview, Karen. Congrats Liesel on the release, and good luck keeping Roxanne in line ;)


  19. Such fun Karen. Happy Birthday Liesel, and good luck with your book!

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  23. Happy Birthday Liesal! Roxanne is a trip and can't wait to read her story. I'm afraid she would slash my tires if I didn't, lol.

  24. Now this was fun! What a unique to be introduced to a book and character ... Thanks Karen, Liesel and Roxanne too.

    And Happy Birthday Liesel, best wishes :)

  25. Love it! What an entertaining interview :D

    Happy Birthday, Liesel, and Congrats on publication!!

  26. Oh no, I hope you will accept my belated happy birthday. What a way to celebrate. Congratulations! And how nice for Roxanne that she finally got someone to tell her story the right way. ;)

    P.S. To Karen--I saw at Alex's that you caved in for the 99 cent eBook. Haha and YAY!

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    Tossing It Out

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    And how interesting about "Pet Cemetery." What a coincidence! Or not . . . :)

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