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Friday, September 2, 2011

It is NOW! Come to KarenG's Labor Day BBQ and Find New Followers

Come on over! Bring your food and your friends and join the fun-- It is time for the second annual KarenG's Labor Day Blog BBQ! Last year's party was a blast and I know this one will be even better!

Everybody likes to get new followers. We love to find and make new friends, it's why we are online, right? So are you ready to party?

Rules of the game:

1. Follow my blog. Because I like new followers too. *grins*

2. Leave a comment on this post telling a little about you and your blog, and what food you are bringing to the BBQ.

(P.S.If you're on Blogger, check your profile to make sure it includes the link to your blog) 

3. Come back often to meet the party-goers-- there will be new ones stopping in throughout the four day weekend-- and then go visit at least three new blogs.

Leave a comment as you visit, introduce yourself and add yourself as a follower. But only if you like their blog, because this is about making friends not following just to get something in return. If you can't relate to the blog, move on to the next.

You will get out of this what you put into it. The more you visit and follow, the more people will return to visit you. Be sure to leave a comment on the blogs. Sometimes it feels weird to comment in a new one place, it's easier just to stalk, but this gives everyone the opportunity to jump right in and be friendly!

4. Invite others to the party! Share and link to this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google + or wherever. Because the more participants we have, the more successful it will be.

 I'll check the comments all weekend, visit as many as I can, and follow if I'm not already.

The food I'm bringing is Sweet Turkey Sandwiches.  I oven roasted a turkey, and after it cooled, I pulled the meat off the bones in shreds and covered it with Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce. It refrigerated overnight. I have it heating up in my crock pot, and will be serving it on home made rolls, with your choice of dill or sweet pickles. Enjoy!

What are you bringing? I really wanted to say y'all right there but I'm not a Southerner so I didn't feel qualified, but if I were a Southerner I would have written What are y'all bringin'?


  1. I have Pork Souvla for the spit. It is coated with oregano and sea salt. Ribs in home made tangy sauce. A large green salad. Home made village bread. Honeydew and water melons straight off the field. Four litres of red village wine (good for the heart). Now I will pour a glass and sit patiently waiting for you all to get out of bed! LOL

  2. Hi! I'm Suz and I'm an expat of the USA who's now living in England. At the moment I'm writing a paranormal YA novel. My favourite genres to read are paranormal YA, children's horror and supernatural Chick Lit. I'll try any books that have magic, time travel, adventure and explody things in them too!

    Hmmmm. I think I'll bring a traditional treat of treacle tart from the UK to this BBQ! :)

  3. Hi Karen and Happy Labor Day to everyone across the pond.

    I'm based in the UK and write children's books. I've also had a number of SF short stories published. Looking forward to meeting some new exciting bloggers :-)

    I'll bring some traditional Britsh pork sausages - and some vennison ones for anyone who doesn't like pork - and some organic sweetcorn for the vegetarians :-)

    The Scribbling SeaSerpent

  4. I was hoping I would catch this before I went away! I'll leave Tim-tams and marmite: something Aussie to represent my new home and something English to represent my old one.

    All writers welcome to stop by mine, especially if they love YA and Fantasy.

  5. Happy Labor Day! I live in the UK too and write SF, fantasy and mainstream. Had a fair few short stories published, hoping to have a novel soon.

    I'm also a vegetarian so I'm bringing veggie sausages, plenty of wine and something large made from chocolate!

    See you around at the BBQ.

  6. Hi all,

    I'm an Irish blogger working on an urban fantasy novel involving fairies. My last novel was literary fiction. I also love to read YA, women's fiction and, well, almost anything :)

    I brought along something sweet to go with Simon's large chocolate item - snickerdoodles! A Labor Day BBQ should definitely have some American treats. I also brought Tayto crisps - an Irish brand that ruins other crisps for every Irish resident :) Hope you like them!

  7. Hi Karen .. the Europeans have got here first I see!! I'm bringing stuffed mushrooms with garlic herby cheese (Boursin is good - and I saw recently available in the States), or stuffed with pate .. a large platterful. Then I'll add a bowlful of fresh fruit salad .. always good at the end of a meal .. tuck in and share the vino -

    Looking forward to meeting many new bloggers ..

    I'm not an author - I started my blog to stimulate my brain and my mother's (after major strokes) as we talked about various subjects, which would then spin off into wherever our minds took us. It's certainly educated me and provides all sorts of snippets of information, to stimulate conversation at all levels. Enjoy!

    See you all soon .. Hilary

  8. Hi Karen and everyone! I brought pasta salad and a blueberry pie.

    I love to read and write MG and YA. I've been blogging for a little over a year and would love to meet more writers and readers.

    Thanks for hosting such a fun party, Karen. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

  9. I'll bring tuna pasta bake because I can't cook and it's easy but yummy.

    My blog is called Mama J Hearts Chick Lit, which pretty much speaks for itself. I love chick lit and all its other incarnations, both reading and writing it. I'm unpublished but I like to think I've started the journey.

  10. I'm bringing chocolat chip gooey butter cookies, I even included the recipe on my blog.

    I blog over at about writing, Fangirl interviews, and book reviews. I'm on the journey to being published, which I hope comes soon!

    Thanks again Karen for hosting this!

  11. I was so looking forward to this, and I'm glad the event has started. I'll bring grilled marinated chicken, along with grilled veggies. Probably a mix of zucchini, sweet bell peppers, and red onions.

    I'm Claire, and my "Claire's Writing Log" I blog about my writing, writing in general, and other things that interest me. My cats do pop in from time to time as well. My most recent novel drafts have been science fiction and fantasy. I also like to write mainstream. Heck, I just like to be creative and writing is but one way to do so.

    (Yes, There is more than one blog on my profile, my writing blog is my main one. I do also have my beading blog, and I joined a walking group blog ages ago).

  12. You guys have fun! I had a guest scheduled for the weekend, although from a comment Old Kitty left this morning, she might have some recipes for zombies.

  13. Hi all!

    I'm Julie and my writing blog is What Else is Possible? (I also have a second blog in my profile, The Pet Parent Diaries, which is dedicated to my love of animals.) I'm just getting off the ground with my writing, and am working on my first novel.

    I'm the world's worst cook (if you knew me you'd know this isn't an exaggeration in the least) so I'm bringing chips and salsa to the BBQ, along with my favorite summer drink, Mojitos.

    Thanks Karen for this great BBQ, and I can't wait to meet all the other partiers! Happy Weekend to all! :)

  14. I'm Liza and I use my blog, Middle Passages as a vehicle to improve my writing skills. I cover an eclectic mix of topics pertaining to my world on the coast of New England. When possible, I include photos.

    I am looking forward to this BBQ! I'll offer up sweet watermelon salad...tossed with red onions, feta cheese and arugula, drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction.

  15. Hello!

    I'm L.G Smith (Luanne). My blog is Bards and Prophets. I'm currently writing speculative fiction/post apocalyptic type novels. And I make great chips and guacamole. Goes best with a cold margarita. :)

    Thanks for hosting the BBQ Karen!

  16. Hi Karen, thanks for the invite. Being from New England I slowed baked Boston Baked Beans. The good old-fshioned way, not out of a can.

    For those of you who don't know me, I'm Anne Gallagher from the Piedmont Writer blog. I write historical and contemporary romance as well as dabble in women's fiction.

    This is going to be a great party weekend!

  17. Hey Karen and guests! Yes I said, "hey" being a hillbilly it fits. And being a hillbilly I thought this year I'd bring some mountain spirits, peach moonshine. Do not leave your drink unattended, I like to secretly share.

    My blog... it just does not have a category. If so inclined pop over and see. Are you going to finish that barbecue? :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  18. Wandered over from Suzie F's blog. Greetings!

  19. Hi Karen and everyone else,
    I'm Karen and I am a memoir writer soon to be novel writer. The food sounds absolutely scrumptious. I will bring an asian cabbage salad and my guitar so we can sing some songs together.

  20. Hello all! *waves enthusiastically*

    I bring beer to the BBQ (with lemonade to make cool refreshing pints of shandy) as well as some bottles of soft drinks from the UK – Tizer (‘Tizer the Appetizer’ was the slogan in 1924) and Irn Bru from Scotland - made from girders. ;-)

    I blog over at A Novice Novelist – this is where you’ll find posts on writing, whimsy, wonder, waffle and warm-hearted whatnot.

    Now I’m off to sample some of this fantastic food and say hello to the hostess!

  21. I can't compete with the food here. Gee whiz! Well, I'm falling back on an old favorite that everyone seems to like. Portuguese Stew, my mom's recipe. Potatoes, cabbage, kielbasa, onion, carrots. It's divine.

    My blog is a place for my casual writing about thoughts on life, kids, family, somewhere to write when I don't want to worry about drafts and revisions and critiques.

    It's mostly me just splashing around in the pool.

  22. Hi everyone! I'm Talli in London, I love wine and Twizzlers and wine and... well, you get the point. My favourite word is 'yay!' and I write chick lit or however the heck you want to label it.

    I'm going to bring some Pimms (perfect for BBQs), some kumquat marmalade, and sausage rolls. Yay!

  23. Welcome to all you early-risers who are here with yummy food and contagious enthusiasm! I look forward to doing some major blog-hopping this weekend!

  24. I'm bringing my vegetarian hotdogs. Yes they so exist even for zombies - who aren't really fussy!! LOL!

    Love KarenG!!!! She's fab! Happy Labor Day!!!

    My blog is very feline and very silly and very very very eclectic. :-)

    Enjoy the BBQ! Take care

  25. Woohoo! Happy Labor Day! I'm totally bringing cookies. Mmmm.

  26. I am bringing Couscous Salad. A big hit at the BBQ I had for family the day after my son's wedding last June. Hope you all enjoy it.

    I an Irish writer who spends 9 months of the year in the US and the rest at home in Ireland. My blog is usually about the how usually easy tasks become very complicated when I am added to the mix.

    Have a lovely Long/Bank holiday weekend!

  27. For my BBQ offering, I am bringing a local salmon stuffed with lemon, garlic, and fresh basil leaves.
    I'm in Vancouver way over on the West Coast and I have a blog with lots of variety. I write about life and the things I do with my life. There's a lot of knitting goes on around here.
    Looking forward to the party.

  28. Food?! I am so joining this bloghop.

    Although not traditionally considered BBQ food, I'm bringing chocolate and raspberry scones. I'll post a recipe for the scones on my blog tomorrow.

    By the way, I live in the desert and write books.

  29. Hi ya'll! I'm bringing my Cajun Grilled Rib Eyes and Bourbon Glazed Shrimp Skewers, and a batch of Frozen Cajun Margaritas. My blog is all about Cajun cuisine, music, and fun, and my upcoming cookbook is chocked full of Cajun delights. Thanks so much for hosting, Karen! Cheers!

  30. Oh! I'm here with loads of vegies (think of me like the big mama bear) along with Iced Tea ;)

    Lets kick off our sandals and watch the summer turn to fall ;)

    Thanks so much, Karen..for hosting this wonderful party!!!!! Hope you guys drop by sometime into my blog. I'll try to do the same today and over the weekend too..

    Enjoying it here so far!!!

  31. Hi everyone!
    What a great party, I'm so glad I came across this blog, it sounds like a lot of fun! Speaking of food, I really don't like cooking but absolutely love baking so I'm bringing some chocolate cake.
    I'll be back this weekend to visit some of the blogs here and leave a comment or two. You're all welcome to my humble home on the web - I post mainly book reviews and a few other bits and pieces.

  32. Got my post ready for tomorrow!
    I'm a professional speaker and author, and my blog focuses on publishing & promoting tips. Although weekends, it's all about the LOL Cats!

  33. And for those who aren't sure what Labor Day is, it's a 4 day weekend to honor the workers of America, kind of like the Bank holiday in the UK. I believe Canada has a Labor Day too but on a different weekend. In the US it's always the first weekend of September.

    As for barbecue, it originated in the Southern United States, because in the summer months of miserable heat and humidity, before air conditioning, eating outdoors became the norm.

    Now it's a widespread tradition in the US to throw barbecues during the Labor Day weekend, and pretty much any weekend throughout the summer months.

    The food that is showing up here is amazing! Some of it is things I've never heard of but sure would like to try! *slurp*

  34. Hello, everyone!

    I'm bringing grilled chicken with mixed vegetables, with sesame ginger sauce.

    I am a teenage girl from the USA, who blogs about a range of topics, from books to science (and is currently hosting Terry Pratchett Month, for those interested). I'm a writer, dancer, musician, and I love to learn.

  35. Hi all my name is Scott and my contribution would be my speciality spicy Mac and cheese made with pepperjack and 5 alarm cheddar.

    I run a review blog specializing in indie and small pub authors. I also highlight free books or host a giveaway almost every Monday and do guest spots on Saturdays. I just started a Goodreads book club to accompany the blog.
    Stop by and say hi

  36. I've brought homemade blackberry marshmallows, and put my recipe up on my site if anyone wants to give their hand at making them. The instructions probably look harder than they are.

    I write contemporary romance, though my first love is paranormal. As my voice is more irreverent than dark, until they start making paranormal romantic comedy, contemporary is where I'm at. My blog oscillates between topics on writing and random idiotic things that occur to me... That part is a public service, so everyone else in the world can be certain there is someone out there squirrelier than they are :)

  37. It's already off to a bang, Karen :D - woke up to lots of lovely comments and new followers.

    *tops up the food and drink*

  38. Hello all
    I have a platter of Koeksisters and tiny Malva puddings that I made this morning. These are traditional South African desserts that I felt would be appropriate finger food to bring along to the BBQ - or as we call it, the Braaivleis (pronounced Bry-flace) A Koeksister ('cooksister')is a sweet plaited pastry deep fried & then dipped into ice cold syrup whilst I bake my mini Malva puddings in muffin pans and as they come out of the oven they have a hot creamy caramel sauce poured INTO them.

    My blog is what it says it is...meanderings of my mind. I was encouraged to start it by a friend who is a great writer but I tend to read more than I write and I am by no means a writer! I am generally always in awe and more than slightly humbled by all of you who manage to post such compelling words every day - I might just finish the alphabet challenge by Christmas!

    Did I hear Pimms were being served?

  39. Gosh, is it that time already! This past year has flown.

    On my blog I write about this and that and I'm always open to suggestions.

    I think I'll bring a huge vat of Tom ka kai--a Thai chicken coconut soup. I've been craving this stuff like crazy lately. I'll have them add plenty of chili peppers to spice up the weekend (yeah, I'll get it from a restaurant cause I'm not going to try to make it myself.

    Tossing It Out

  40. Wow, what ever happened to the ld fashioned Labor Day BBQ with hamburgers and hot dogs? LOL Y'all are super fancy. And yes, I live in the American South (though I'm not from here originally). I like Jayne for bringing beer. :) I will bring pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad.

    I am a nonfiction writer, and I write about my successes and struggles trying to get published, as well as being a mom to a toddler. Looking forward to getting to know some great new people. Thanks for hosting, Karen!

  41. Hi Happy Labor Day! I will be bringing deviled eggs simple yet delicious. I will first boil them then peel and cut in half. Then its to scooping the yolk out into a bowel. In the bowel I will add some miracle whip, mustard some cutup pickles and salt. Then its to feeling the whites and sprinkling a dash of paprika on top. Everyone has such great dishes it is going to be an excellent BBQ. I look forward to meeting all of you!!

  42. Hi Karen, Thank you for inviting me to your annual BBQ. I hope this year my comment does not end up in your spam folder like no less than four attempts somehow did last year. Hello folks, I just love BBQs. I am Eddie and my blog is "Clouds and Silvery Linings". I write mostly humorous posts because I love making people laugh, but I can be a serious chap as well and have been known to write very sad posts which make people cry. Someone once said within the space of ten munutes I made them cry and then made them belly laugh. I am an ex-ambulance man and prior to that I ran my own business for 15 years and have some amusing tales to tell - all are most welcome on my blog and I have loads of coffee and tea if you prefer. I am looking to make new blogging pals. Now by my own admission I am not blessed with many culinary skills. However this year I am not serving spam, spam, spam and spam on toast but I am attempting to serve up a well done sirloin steak for all my blogging pals. I hope you all say, "Well done, Eddie!" but I suspect the steaks will turn out too well done and I therefore think I should supply you all with a hammer and chisel! LOL

    Karen, I will do the humorous Brit recipe cookbook one day I promise!! LOL

  43. Bingo, my comment posted and did not go into cyberspace to be read by little green men LOL

  44. I'm Betsy Dornbusch and I write science fiction, fantasy and erotica. My last book just came out in July from Whiskey Creek Press. Thought I should mention I have a contest on the blog to win a copy right now.

    I also edit the magazine Electric Spec, so I lurve hanging out in the writing community. I'm still blogging after 7 years and I'm looking forward to making some new friends! Can't wait to start hitting links and exploring.

  45. And crap, I forgot to say what I'm bringing. Um... beer. A keg. How does that sound for everyone? Nah, make it two!

  46. Eddie, Even your comments are funny! So glad to see you back here and NOT bringing spam sandwiches LOL.

    Note to participants: NOTICE #1 RULE, which is to follow my blog. I am doing this to introduce people to each other but please consider the fact that it's a party for my followers. So if you don't follow me already, I'd appreciate if you take care of that little detail first.

  47. not sure where my previous post went (different thread?) so i'll leave another!

    i'm actually going to a bbq right now, for my friend's stag.... and bringing steak, chicken, potato salad and jack daniels..... so ill do the same for this one!!

    my blog is:

    im an author so i write about writing, but i try to keep it funny/interesting with a celebrity/current event spin!

  48. Hi, Karen and Everyone! Happy Labor Day!

    Thanks for the invite, Karen. Can't wait to dive into all this yummy food! Since I'm from Louisiana, I'm bringing pecan pies - my grandmother's recipe - the real thing, not that store-bought stuff!

    I write stories about growing up on a farm in South Central Louisiana. This year was a big step for me - wrote a Christmas story, "Remy Broussard's Christmas," that I'll self-publish on Amazon very soon. The trailer's at the top right of my blog's sidebar. If it weren't for all the nice people I've met blogging, I'm not sure I would've written that story. So I'm very grateful!

  49. Hey there! Thanks, Karen, for hosting this again; I remember last year's was a hit! I'm bringing the ice cream this year. :)

    I'm Shelley Sly and my blog is Stories In The Ordinary. I blog about writing (I'm a middle grade writer) as well as day-to-day things that inspire me, like people-watching and interactions with strangers. :D

  50. I love this Karen! My name is Tracy & my blog is my soul on virtual paper. I am practicing to write a book one day.

    Let's see....I will bring those pickle thingys, wrapped in ham with cream cheese. Super nummy!

    Thank you for the party!!


  51. Yay, another barbeque! I'm so glad I got here in time to join the party.

    I think I brought chocolate brownie trifle last year and it was a big hit, so I'll bring it again. One can never have too much virtual chocolate.

    I'm a writer, a mom, a dish washer and laundry-doer, and I like to blog when I'm procrastinating. I just shared some good news on my blog, so I hope you'll stop by and share the joy!


  52. Would you believe this is my FIRST BBQ this year. It's been a cool summer in the UK. Happy Labour Day to all you in the US and I'm bringing salmon with a masala topping (from my new Curry Easy Recipe Book!) Yum! The food round here smells wonderful. Cheers! *clinks glass*

  53. Hi, y'all. Since I'm originally from Maryland, I believe I'll bring a huge pot of steamed crabs. And a chocolate rum cake for dessert.

    I'm Susan, an optimistic grandma with a young heart and a (sometimes) off-the-wall sense of humor. I've sold a couple articles to magazines, and hope to have a novel published while I'm still breathing. I blog at "I Think, Therefore, I Yam" and would love to have you stop by for a visit. I'll go put on a pot of tea . . .

  54. Hi everyone! I'll bring a huge tray of espresso brownies to keep the party nice and awake :) Okay, and some pumpkin bread since it's getting on toward Fall, my favorite season. And maybe some butterbeer.

    I'm a stay-at-home mom in Colorado, with a 2, 13, and 16-year-old to make lunches for. I can't believe my stepkids are already teenagers, but they have been great inspiration to write middle grade novels and dabble in young adult fiction.

    My blog is Falling Leaflets, and it has all sorts of links on the side to make your life easier when deconstructing the query process and honing your craft :)

    Hope to see you around!

    (Thanks Karen!)

  55. Hi Karen - I'm bringing Johnsonville brats to the BBQ, afterall, what's a BBQ without good old Wisconsin brats, complete with buns, brown mustard, ketchup and sourkraut?

    I love this idea - I'm pretty new to blogging, and am trying to learn! Thank you for hosting!

  56. Hi Karen! Sorry, I feel I'm running late tonight. I've been to the river with the fam, but wanted to stop by before I head off to dreamland, so I guess I'll bring a bottle of wine.
    I blog about writing, raising TCKs, and living in Taiwan. I like to write MG and YA, but trying my hand at some nonfiction.
    Thanks so much for the party, it seems to be going really well.

  57. In between cleaning house and clearing out flower beds *ugh* I am clicking over to visit all of you lovely people. It may take the entire weekend but I'll get to everyone!

    Welcome especially to those who are new to my blog, I'll get by and say hi as soon as I can, (looking forward to following some new blogs)!

    Meanwhile, enjoy the food (some have even posted recipes) and enjoy meeting new friends!

  58. YaY for another BBQ! I'm bringing Asian sesame noodles.

    My blog is called "Substitute Teacher's Saga", but it's mostly about writing. Besides, I'm no longer a substitute teacher as of 2 days ago. (Maybe I should change the name?)

    I write MG and YA. I have 1 short story published and 2 more coming out this Fall. I'm looking for an agent and/or publisher. I live in Cambridge, MA with my husband and two kids.

  59. Hi Karen! You know how I love a party and even though I am living in Norway now I can still travel cyber space to join your labor day week-end festivities! To the picket I decided to bring a Scandinavian treat called Lefse. It is a potato pancake that is folded and filled with cinnamon and sugar. I have plenty with me so I hope everyone enjoys!

  60. Last year I brought fajita fixings, but this year I'm having a no-labor Labor Day. I'm bringing bottled drinks!

  61. Oh, I love Carol's idea for bottled drinks. Since everything I am making these days is for my upcoming cookbook (and doesn't get to be eaten until it has been photographed) I think I will also bring drinks. How about some red wine?

    I'd love it if you all visit me at:

  62. I'm already a long time follower. I blog how tos and cutting-edge stuff about the publishing industry. I'm now sharing the blog with NYT bestselling author Ruth Harris. For some reason, we've lost three followers this week. Kind of disconcerting. No idea why. We just announced that crime fiction superstar Lawrence Block is guest blogging in November.

    I write comic mysteries. Two of them, Food of Love, and The Best Revenge--first published in the UK--are coming out in the US in paper (and e-book all over the world) in October and December with Popcorn Press. And I have negotiations going on for three more with an international e-publishing company.

    And I have more rewrites than you could possibly imagine, plus galleys to proof this weekend, so I don't have much party time.

    But I can bring some beans. Oh, and maybe some chocolate cupcakes. Every party needs chocolate, right?

  63. Hi Karen G ~ Eddie has sent me over to meet good people and eat good food. How could I refuse? I live in the USA, have 4 sons, and try to look on the bright side while living under somewhat difficult circumstances.

    So great to meet all of you and I'll be around to visit over the weekend.

    Chocolate cake anyone? :) Now let me have a plate of that bbq.....

  64. Hi Karen G!

    What a neat idea! My name is Terry Daniel and I'll bring the jello shots, BBQ meatballs and the music!

    I am a voice-over artist from Minneapolis who blogs about business related topics as well as jottings on soul searching missions!

    Glad to be here!

  65. I think you can totally pull off the y'all Karen! :)

    Okey-dokey. My blog is Just Jemi. I'm an aspiring writer - working on romantic suspense novels at the moment. I'm prone to dabble in YA steampunk as well.

    So, now to the important stuff --- I'm bringing a lasagna, some bbq-ed cauliflower (you really have to try it - SO good!) and of course some raspberry cheesecake. Looking forward to some great music and meeting new friends - and chatting with the old ones :)

    You're the best hostess, Karen!

  66. Already a follower Karen; so if you don't get by this weekend don't worry about it. Cleaning up after a party can be exhausting :)

    I see a lot of friends here that I'm already following, and so new people that look interesting. I brought the only dish I'm sure will turn out every time (I hate to cook, and baking is foreign territory) which is a potato salad. No onions in or on it, in case you are like me and allergic to those.

    I write in a couple genre's; women's fiction, fantasy (I'm focusing on two twisted fairy tales currently), some sci-fi and thrillers. I've published one short story, and will have another out this fall.

    I blog about lots of things that catch my interest, but I have no set posting schedule. I post author interviews and reviews for my blogger/author friends, shout outs to bloggers that inspired me, participate in blogfests.

    Enjoy the bbq everyone. this food is making me hungry . .


  67. Mmm I love BBQ's Here in NZ I always bring my dutch potato salad to the BBQ so I will bring it here as well.
    I mostly blog about New Zealand with a dip of quotes and poetry

  68. I am bringing a gourmet's delight, Escargot. We have been hit with so much rain in August, topped off with Irene, my gardens are crawling with snails. You say you don't care for snails, my, my, don't worry. I will drown them in lots of white wine and you won't even notice as they slither down your throat. Will Anthony Bourdain be there?

    I am a recently retired lady from Pennsylvania who likes to look at the humorous side of life. When things go wrong, which sometimes happens, I know I will always have a good story.

  69. Is anyone else noticing the glitch in Blogger's follower icon? I've gone to a number of new blogs this weekend and can't find the follower icon, just the place where it SHOULD be. I know, since it says FOLLOW but there's no icon or place to follow. Anyway, one way to get around this is to scroll up to the top of the page and on the far left it says Follow. If you click on that, a pop up will appear that gives you the option to follow the blog.

    Hope you're all enjoying the BBQ so far and meeting new people! It goes through Monday, so be sure and invite others. There's still plenty of time to participate!

  70. Hi Karen
    Blooger infuriates frequently and sometimes it is almost as inept as my cooking! LOL I have noticed on my blog the followers sometimes vanish inexplicably. I have found one way to get them back is to log out of my blog and then log back in. In some cases they return en mass to give me a standing ovation for rescueing them. A very nice lady blogging friend only last evening noticed the very same thing and asked me to look at her blog to see if they were there and hey presto, they were. We blog in a very imperfect BlogLand, particularly when we use "Blogger", which often tests our nerves, patience, frustrations, seething, nail biting, ranting and cussing to the limits. LOL. Hope your followers have returned - try bribing them with my well done sirloin steaks. That will keep them chewing for ages LOL. Glad the BBQ is going well - pity I am not really there to savour all those goodies. Hope zillions more show up - I am press ganging as many as I can for you LOL. Cheers ~ Eddie

  71. Since I am from the South, I'm bringin' the tater salad ;-)

    I'm Colby. I write thrillers and women's fiction, but my blog is a little bit of everything. I mostly use it as a humor blog, because when a gal writes "serious" fiction too much, she needs a place to cut up every now and then!

    Thanks so much for the BBQ! :-)

  72. Can't believe I almost missed this! I'm madly editing my historical romance at the moment, which takes place in the 15th Century Mediterranean, so me and my characters will bring drinks from then - sherbet and horchata and something they've just discovered, called coffee [g]

  73. Karen you are such a generous,gifted hostess! My blog is Ella's Edge, I write poetry, love photography, and have written a few technique articles for art magazines. I write about anything from childhood reflections to a cure for Zombies.
    Me, I am bringing, Chinese chicken salad, with a sesame oil dressing, Whoopie pies and a bottle of wine. Nice to meet all of you; I look forward to getting to know all of you better! Thanks for inviting me~

  74. I love these BBQs. I shall bring my famous chocolate cake. It's good cake. Hopefully no one will fill up too much before they get to the cake ;)

  75. Hi Karen, thanks for throwing the BBQ! I write Middle Grade, and have an exciting announcement to make on that front very soon!

    I'm from the Pacific Northwest, so bringing Wild Salmon to throw on the grill, and a basket of blackberries.

    I love meeting fellow MG and YA authors and talking books, so stop by and introduce yourself everyone :)

    Thanks again, Karen!

  76. Deviled eggs from me. From what I hear, all you need to do is pop out the yellow bits and replace them with any old thing you can mash up. That's how I write, too: snortworthy posts twice a week at Murrmurrs and two books in the works, including one called Trousering Your Weasel. I'm kidding about the eggs. I'm totally a bag-of-chips kind of guest. It's folks like me who make the cooks look so good.

  77. What an awesome BBQ! Here's some Malaysian satay to add to the barbie: tender strips of chicken, beef, pork or tofu (for the vegetarians!) marinated with spices like lemongrass, cumin, turmeric, galangal, fennel and coriander, served with a spicy peanut sauce! :)

    And if you want extras, pop by my blog to pick some up! :)

  78. MMM..... Everything sounds delicious! So glad I came!
    Hi I'm PK and I blog over at PK HREZO about fiction writing, reading, etc. Nice to meet everyone! Stop by anytime!
    I've brought lemonade and frosted cupcakes with sprinkles. Hey, it was no sweat! ANd good news, they'er all calorie-free, so be sure to indulge. ;)

  79. i went back and mixed up some more Masala topping for my salmon. *gasps for breath* I'm back now. Anyone for seconds of salmon? A glass of Pimms? Don't mind if I do. thanks. *clink* Happy Labor Day :-)

  80. Can I still join in? I've brought borekas. Happy Labor Day (whatever that is...).

  81. Thanks for stopping by Karen. I would love to be added to your book reviewer blogroll!

  82. what a neat idea! I'm Katie Mills- author of YA contemporary, paranormal and urban fantasy. My quest for agents has turned me into a total creepy query girl and I love the blogging community for their support during this difficult quest.

    I'd bring more corn on the cob:)

  83. Umm, am I late for the party? Apologies if I am . . .
    I'm in UK and my blog is bitty - bits of this, bits of that, whatever takes my fancy. There are children and grandchildren, dogs and cats, birds, bees, butterflies and flowers, some whimsy, some rants, some downright rubbish!
    I will offer for your delectation a summer salad of lettuce, nasturtium flowers, leaves and seeds,pansy and marigold flowers, thyme, oregano, rosemary, lavender and basil, baby spinach, wild rocket,cherry tomatoes and red watercress. Spicy, tasty and quite filling!
    Followed, tweeted and Facebooked . . .

  84. . . . and Happy Labor/Labour Day weekend to all you folks across the pond:-)

  85. Hello. I've popped over from Anne's blog. You have a smokin' party going on here!

  86. Hey, I remember this from last year! I'll bring my famous Trader Joe's cornbread -- "You gonna eat yo cornbread?

    I'm a junior high English teacher by day and a writer by night. Stop by my blog anytime. (Just click my name, and it will take you there.)

    Enjoy your day off, everybody!

  87. I've got a nice bottle of South African Pinotage--sort of like pinot noir--good for sipping later on when things wind down...
    I'm actually showing up on Anne Gallagher's shirttails...

    I blog about my writing projects and artwork, though these days I seem to be writing more than watercoloring. Still trying to figure out if I write YA, New Adult or just plain old cross-genre General/Literary/Commercial Fiction!

  88. OMIGOSH my stomach is grumbling at the sound of that delicious recipe!!! Adding Famous Daves BBQ was the icing on the cake! Delish! It's been to long since I stopped in but I'm glad I was free today! It's my first week querying and I've been distant for months! Just glad to have a little break!

  89. This comment has been removed by the author.

  90. I'm a bit late (last day and all), but I have yummy sweet sausage and peppers!

    I write paranormal romance and romantic suspense. I love combining the two of them.

  91. I just know this is an all weekender party hence the late arrival - had to fly in from Canada!

    It was a bit difficult clearing customs with all this food...but, when I told them I was heading to the Second Annual BBQ at KarenG's, well...that did the trick.

    I'm bringing: green bean salad (my mom's recipe), marinated ribs (my secret recipe) which I'll throw on the Bar-B as soon as I unpack. And...I brought a case of some great Canadian wines - mostly red!

    Okay...a snippet about me...I'm a bit of a talker, writer, dreamer, and laughter is my drug of choice.

    Here's were I hang out: PEARSON REPORT Drop by and say HI!

    Cheers, Jenny

  92. KarenG ~ Thank you for such an awesome party!! I really had a blast & enjoyed meeting some fantastic new folks. I look forward to next year! ~Tracy

  93. Oh man, I've been away. Did I miss this? I'm apparently the girl who stays too late at the party (because I consider myself there in spirit all this time). Last to leave.
    I am a writer and blogger (duh). I write for children's media and am also working on a young adult novel right now. I am bringing a lebanese couscous with scallions, feta, and tomato. Looking forward to visiting some new blogs!

  94. just wanted to say karen that this even was a blast!~ i think i doubled my follower list (not that i had many to begin with), but more than that, now i actually have a feel for who all those little faces are on the google connect button, and i hope to get to know them better! (so i guess this message is also for all those who participated!)

  95. Oh dear, I'm late to the party as usual but I'll post anyway because I love the invitation and yesterday I made the most fabulous short ribs and black beans and rice. It was just me and my hubby but he acted like I'd never made anything as fabulous. The ribs are quite something! My blog started out to be finding words for the challenges in my life. Guess it's still about that but also about what brings joy and how to stay awake on this walk through life. Writing helps with that so I'm hoping to post once a week. Love reading other's blogs and I'm very appreciative that there is so much great writing and so many great people out there. Thanks for the invite!

  96. Dang my hide, I missed it this year even though I thought I'd be doin git - even mentioned it on my blog and STILL missed it ... dang. And I would have brought some naner puddin or my not famous but they could be baked beans!

  97. Karen, I was out of town. I'm way too late for the party. Any leftovers? I remember last year I was number 100 so I guess I'm late every year.

  98. My blog, Soul Dipper, brings messages from my Guides as they pertain to the transformation required to turn our planet around so we can exist more lovingly and peacefully.

    I live on a tiny island off Vancouver Island. Yes, we had a 6.4 earthquake today. Thankfully it was offshore!

    I would have brought some raw food dishes for people to try. Bet they'll think the pate made out of avacado is a seafood pate. Oh the food is sooooo good!