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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FAQs about

Following are the most frequently asked questions about Can you guess which is the most frequently asked question?

My print books are POD and must be ordered direct from the printer. I don't have stock on hand. How does this work if I get orders for print books from
We will email the order to you so that you or your publisher can order from your POD company and have them ship the books directly to the customer. The price of the books plus shipping is paid to by the customer and is deposited into your designated bank account each month. 

I live outside the United States. Can I still join
Absolutely, as long as your books are in English and priced in U.S. dollars. International shipping costs will apply, set for $10 per book, paid by the customer.  

How do I edit my Author Page?
Log in and then go to your author page. Click the blue "Edit" button that appears next to your name. It may take a day or two for the changes to show on the site. 

Why do ebooks appear multiple times in the ebookstore?
We are using a Virtue Mart store and at this point, we need to fit our products (books) into their system. And their system doesn't currently allow for multiple versions of the same product. To allow ebooks to be sold in the 3 major formats of PDF, MOBI and EPUB, this is how they have to be listed. When we get bigger and richer, we can do things OUR way. bwa ha ha *evil laugh* 

How can I get my book to show up in the sidebar feature?
This is done on a recurring basis by the administrators with no particular order or reason, just picking a variety of cool-looking covers. Yours will show up there, don't worry. 

How can I get more sales from this site?
First, make sure your author page looks good, that you have an appealing, professional-looking photo people can see and a bio that's interesting, that makes a visitor want to click on your name and learn more about you and what you've written. Review your book descriptions. Are they free of cliched words and phrases? Are they clear, succinct, using active verbs not passive ones? If you're not sure, browse the site and find author bios and book descriptions that are well-done and intriguing to give you ideas.

When you are pleased with how you and your book present on, then send out links and invites to your target audience to drive them to come and buy your books from! 

Do people have to join in order to buy a book?
No, anyone over 18 can purchase books. Authors with books to sell are required to join before they can list their books and benefit from the privileges of membership. 

How much should I price my books?
For ebooks, keep in mind that whatever price you set, Amazon will match it. For example, if you set your ebook at .99 here, but it sells for 2.99 on the Kindle, Amazon will drop the Kindle price to .99. When you or your publisher sign Amazon's Terms and Conditions for publishing Digital Books on the Kindle, you agree to allow them to match a price anywhere else on the internet. Just something to think about when you set your ebook price on 

I don't see the genre category that my book fits in. Will you still take it?
Submit your book for approval and choose the genre that most closely fits. Eventually we may add more genre categories, but give us time for our designer to revamp his cool category boxes. 

Why does it say Contact Us for Pricing next to my book?
That is because you have not yet submitted your book's listing price to Celery Tree. Log in, go to Tips and Tools and click on Edit Your Title. Fill in the field for price and submit.

Any more questions, shout out in the comments and I'll do my best to answer. Also, if you guess right about the most commonly asked one, you win a cookie. (Just stop by my house to pick it up hehe).


  1. Oh WOW Karen... I have been so lost in my own little world for the past few months; I am only now catching up on your doings. How exciting..and where do you find the time and/or energy! I stand in awe. I will be investigating this for sure! WOW again!

  2. Ann, Thanks for noticing LOL, but I have had a LOT of help putting this website together. There's no way it would have happened otherwise.

  3. Excellent! I'm brain dead today, but I'll be replying to your email soon, hopefully tomorrow.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  4. Sounds like a fabulous project! Best of luck with it, Karen!

  5. Wow, I'm totally out of the loop. This is great!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Karen. I'll always have a hug for you - it was your bar-b-que that got me rolling and opened up so many new worlds. But, to be honest, a year ago I would have read about CeleryTree with interest, left a nice comment, and moved on. But I've grown through blogging and slammed on the brakes when I read this post, then scrolled down to previous posts. You've got a great idea that works. I'm seriously interested and will be back later - hub just returned, relatives/friends are in/out - need some consistent free time to shake loose. Ahhhhh!

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  8. Thank Karen. Congratulations. I really enjoyed browsing it. It is a great idea and I will be happy to spread the word!

  9. And I meant to write "thanks". Sorry for the typo.