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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Second day of the week, second post about the new online bookstore Today I address the question: Why start something like this anyway?

Because. . . .

Not everybody is doing awesome on Amazon and kicking butt on Kindle.

Not everybody can blog and get a thousand followers to promote for them and buy their books.

Not everybody has a moneybags publisher behind them to get their books on front tables at Barnes and Noble. Yes that costs money, B & N charges for the privilege.

Not everybody has the confidence and chutzpah to get their face and their book covers out there on all the blogs.

Not everybody has a personality that translates well through social media.

Not everybody has the time to spend hours a day online making those crucial connections.

But. . . . everybody who publishes a book wants readers, wants to sell books, wants to write more books, wants to make just a little money through the practice of their craft.

And this is why Celerytree. Because it's time for another option.  
 Click on the JOIN button at and get started!


  1. A personality that translates well through social media - is that like a face for radio?

  2. Alex, Maybe a face that only a mother can love?

  3. So long as you brush your teeth and comb your hair, is what my mum says (sorry, reading the comments!).

    Take care

  4. Oh man this is the worst post ever. Did I imply that unsuccessful, unattractive people with a face only a mother could love will join Celerytree? Because you know that's not what I meant!

  5. I didn't take the post that way, rather that some people are more marketable than others and some people are fortunate enough to have $ backing them. Celery Tree sounds like a great alternative or addition to the other options out there.

  6. I'm off to visit the site. :)

    And I didn't get that impression from your post--I agree with what mshatch said.

  7. I think there's always room for more places to promote books:-)

  8. Karen, I need to look into Celery Tree.

    And I hope I'm not unattractive - LOL! (Just reading the comments.)

  9. Good luck with your enterprising Celery Tree project, Karen! I was very struck by your happy Christmas spent knitting ALL the presents - someone who has the bent and the dedication to do that will make any new initiative on which she sets her heart a success, and a joyful one.

  10. Hi Karen!

    Now I know why I've always been attracted by CeleryTree lol. I've poked around a bit for awhile. You'll see I've now joined and will buy 6 books in 365 days, squee, any excuse! Oh, and I know you're going to get this, but I had to hunt for awhile to see where my genre of novel would fit. Some authors hate Women's Fiction as a genre title, as Jodi Picoult says, 42% of her readers are men. She prefers Mainstream Fiction but I suppose that's a bit broad. Just a point, worth as much as my face, lol!


  11. Awesome reasons. :) I'm at work right now and just came over for a peek. But when I get home I'm going to log-in at Celery Tree, try my hand at updating my profile (if it needs it) and will get spreading the word.

  12. This sounds like a great idea, Karen, and I like how you introduce it. It's very enticing.

  13. Hi Karen .. I just thought - what a great idea .. you'll have like minded people there, who are doing their utmost to get themselves out there - so that they can plaster their face over FB and their books, and tweet to their hearts content ...

    ... for now I'd rather find readers I can trust - with some memorable books for us to read ..

    Strikes me to be a great idea .. have a good weekend .. Hilary