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~Jesse Stuart

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Kicking off with a little help from my friends

Monday begins the Big Blog Tour for Celery Tree, the website I've been involved with for over a year. I really believe in this project, and am excited about sharing it with other writers and those who love books. came about because I know how hard it is to market and sell books. One day in 2010, this idea came to me: Why not build a website where authors support one another by agreeing to buy a modest amount of books from other authors each year.

If enough people join up, it can grow geometrically and make a real difference. 100 members buying 6 books a year is 600 books purchased from those 100 members. 1000 members buying 6 books a year is 6000 books purchased from 1000 members. 10,000 members is 60,000 books purchased from 10,000 members. You get the idea, right?

The more members we get the more books our members will sell, yet each member only has to ever buy 6 books a year, although most will buy more than 6. The more members sign on, the larger the pool of books and book buyers will be.

Some fantastic people are helping me get the word out. I am grateful and humbled by the response. The event involves a dozen bloggers over the next three weeks, beginning Jan. 9 and ending Jan. 27.

I'll be posting information daily, including the links to who is guest posting and where. Meanwhile, you can follow the Celery Tree blog for up to date information about the website. Thank you!

You can go here to get the Celery Tree button for your sidebar to help promote. Yes, thank you!

And follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Thank you again!

(Direct questions about Celery Tree to me at


  1. This is a fantastic idea! I'll definitely be checking out the site.

  2. I can't wait to support you next week and hopefully become a part of this with my own books!!

  3. I love this idea. I think I'll definitely have to sign up this year, in plenty of time for my release!

  4. So glad Celery Tree is rocking it! I'm sure it only continue to grow.

  5. Karen, you rock! The idea is incredible and you have pulled it off with a lot of hard work. I'm happy to be one of the early members and am exciting to do whatever I can to help make this fly.

  6. this is a great, simple and elegant idea! I'm heading over...

  7. Putting it on my sidebar right now Karen! What a great idea. ;)

  8. I will let some blogger friends know, in case they don't already know about this great site. All the best with this and the new year. Loved Farmgirl! It reminded me of my grandfather, sitting in his favorite chair, telling stories from life in Stockholm in the late 1800s.

  9. Congrats, Karen! Is it for print books or ebooks, too?

  10. I am so joining this site! What a wonderful idea. Am adding the button now.

  11. Diane, To answer your question, it is for both print books and ebooks. Altho the ebookstore will be impacted by Amazon's new KDP Select program, as I discuss in my latest Celery Tree blog post.

  12. Interesting idea. I hope each reader also reviews the books s/he have read - to get the word out to others.

  13. Karen, this is such a fabulous idea. Leave it to YOU to create something so beneficial for writers.

  14. Hi Karen .. it's a great idea .. and as you imply - it will grow ... I'll be there with a book in due time?!

    It'd be great if you could revert to a pop up comment box .. pretty please?! I have to change to an IE browser .. and hit various buttons on the way to posting ..

    If pos - much appreciated .. cheers Hilary