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~Jesse Stuart

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Wanted: Authors with Books to Sell launched in November, had a tryout during the holidays, and is now ready to go after it big time. Go after what you ask? Authors!  Published authors with books to sell. Preferably print books, because although we have an ebookstore, Amazon's new KDP Select program is going to take a toll on it and all other online ebookstores everywhere. I post about that new development here.

But never mind, because is an online village bookstore where you can purchase print books too, and support authors while doing so. Celery Tree gives 90% of sales to the author or publisher rather than taking the huge cut that some other online stores *cough Amazon cough* take.

If you want to learn more about Celery Tree during our Big Blog Tour, stop by these blogs and get in on the action! I'll be linking to each one daily as we go, and giving tidbits of information along the way. Also, I'll be standing by at during the Blog Tour to respond to any questions you may have as you navigate the site.

The list of events

Mon, Jan. 9: Kick Off Coming Down the Mountain and Celery Tree blog

Tues, Jan. 10: Promo post Melissa Sarno

Wed, Jan. 11: Interview with L.A. DeVaul (Part One) on Melissa Goodwin

Thurs, Jan. 12: Interview with L.A. DeVaul (Part Two) on Melissa Goodwin

Thurs, Jan. 12: Jessica Bell guest posts on Coming Down the Mountain

Fri, Jan. 13: Nicki Elson guest posts on Theresa Milstein

Mon, Jan. 16: Karen Walker guest posts on Tossing It Out

Tues, Jan. 17
: Nicki Elson guest posts on SA Larsen

Wed, Jan. 18: L.A. DeVaul guest posts on Unedited

Thurs, Jan. 19: Promo Post Clarissa Draper

Fri, Jan. 20: Ann Best guest posts on Thoughts in Progress

Mon, Jan. 23: Promo Post Ann Carbine Best

Tues, Jan. 24: Promo Post Karen Walker

Wed, Jan. 25: Promo Post Nicki Elson

Thurs, Jan. 26
: Promo post The Alliterative Allomorph

Fri, Jan. 27
: Wrap Up Coming Down the Mountain and Celery Tree blog


  1. Good luck with the tour! I'll be visiting most of those stops. And I plugged Celery Tree for you today.

  2. Wow, how cool is that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This sounds great! I will make sure I visit the other blogs along the tour. Off to tweet this, as well.

  4. I have let one author friend of mine know about I will let the diabetes nurse/educator who runs our support group here know as well when I see her later this month. She writes and has published mysteries and I think spiritual or Christian books when she is not helping all of us diabetics in town.

  5. Good luck with the tour and congratulations!

  6. Many thanks to all of you who are helping to get the word out! I really appreciate it. I also am so grateful for those bloggers whose names you see on this list of events, because I can't imagine how dull it would be if it was me doing all the talking about Celery Tree!

  7. Yay!! A great justification to by print books again. I went into a bookstore on Saturday for the first time in ages and realized how much I missed it. I wanted to buy every print book in there.

  8. I'd love to help put with my print books, but I haven't been able to get around the issue with my publisher... sigh. But I'll be watching and wishing everyone involved the best of luck!

  9. Very exciting stuff ! And thanks again Karen for Uncut Diamonds. I am rereading as I am studying dialog and best methods. I meant to read just a page or two of talk between the sisters and there I was 20 pages in a book I had already read!

  10. GOOD LUCK with the Celery Tree!!!! You authors with books to sell are in safe and wonderful hands with the amazing KarenG!! Take care

  11. Much success to you and all the writers :-)

  12. Wishing you BIG success with this. Sounds like a great idea.

  13. I'd be more than happy to provide you with some of my books ... as soon as I finish fiddling with the darn thing ... and get it published! (Um, better not hold your breath!)

    Your whole celerytree idea sounds amazing. I wish you much success with it.

  14. Good luck! I don't have any books. Yet.

  15. Some fine authors you have on the tour. Hope Celery Tree is a big success for you.

  16. This is such a great project. A lot of work, too. I wish you super success. I'll be stopping by.

  17. I'm excited to be part of the tour. What a great idea!

  18. Wow, looks like you've got a great tour planned! Lots of bloggers I know and love. :) Best of luck with this! I only wish I had a book to submit. :)

  19. I like your description of it as a "village." Look forward to hosting this week.

  20. This sounds like an awesome blog tour. I hope it sells truckloads of books.


  21. Well Karen, you certainly have the cream of the crop. I know and LOVE all the bloggers involved in this tour... SO I will be watching!

  22. Hi Karen .. great line up - this will be an interesting read and tour .. cheers Hilary

  23. Wow, your vision is finally up and running! Congratulations and best of luck!