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Thursday, May 17, 2012

FABRIC by Jessica Bell

Today I'm celebrating the
release of Jessica Bell's new poetry collection, Fabric ... Wait! Please don't close the tab at
the the mention of poetry! Trust me, just read a little note from the author herself before
deciding to disappear ...

Jessica says:

My poetry will not baffle you with phrasing that scholars award for academic genius and that can only be understood by those who wrote it. My poetry is for the everyday reader. In fact, it is even for those who don’t like to read poetry at all. Because it is real, stark and simple.

The poems in Fabric are no different. They explore specific moments in different people’s lives that are significant to whom they have become, the choices they’ve made. It’s about how they perceive the world around them, and how each and every one of their thoughts and actions contributes to the fabric of society. Perhaps you will even learn something new about yourself.

So, even if you do not usually read poetry, I urge you to give this one a go. Not because I want sales (though, they are fun!), but because I want more people to understand that not all poetry is scary and complex. Not all poetry is going to take you back to high school English, and not all poetry is going make you feel “stupid”.

You can still say to people that you don’t read poetry … I really don’t mind. Because if you read Fabric, you’re not reading poetry, you’re reading about people. And that’s what reading is about, yes? Living the lives of others?
Are you still here? I hope so!
Please support the life of poetry today by spreading the news about Fabric. Hey, perhaps you might even like to purchase a copy for yourself? The e-book is only $1.99 and the paperback $5.50.

Here are the links:
Amazon UK

Let's keep poetry alive! Because not all poetry
is "dead" boring ...
About Jessica Bell:

If Jessica Bell could choose only one creative mentor, she’d give the role to Euterpe, the Greek muse of music and lyrics. And not because she currently lives in Greece, either. The Australian-native author, poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist has her roots firmly planted in music, and admits inspiration often stems from lyrics she’s written.

She is the Co-Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and co-hosts the Homeric Writers' Retreat & Workshop on the Greek Isle of Ithaca, with Chuck Sambuchino of Writer’s Digest.
For more information about Jessica Bell, please visit:
String Bridge (a novel)


  1. Wonderful cover, brilliant poetry! Congratulations, Jessica, on the release of Fabric. Wishing you much success, dear one!

  2. All the best to the super talented Jessica!!! Take care

  3. Although I think poetry is best shared with group readings, I think I will check this out. Thanks for sharing

  4. I'll check it out - I love everyday sort of poems.

  5. I love her first paragraph and I'm going to go buy the ebook now. What she describes is EXACTLY why people don't like poetry - it sounds like the writer has a secret they don't want you to get, hidden behind words that only really smart people -far more intelligent than you or I - will understand. So pretentious!! I LOVE poetry that is straightforward enough that you feel you can actually understand it - or at least can bring YOUR meaning to it. Understandable poetry, like David Whyte's, can also be moving and beautiful. Hooray for Jessica.

  6. Wonderful cover! Let's keep poetry alive!!! Love that thought.

  7. That is one great cover, and I love that she's trying to make poetry accessible. I admit, when I read poetry it's to sharpen my writing abilities, and because of school, often feels like a chore. I think with Jessica being a musician, there's a flow to her work that takes it to another level.

  8. Jess's talent on so many levels never ceases to awe.

  9. Great links! And you are a sweetie for posting this for Jessica.

  10. You probably know I am a big fan of poetry. Good on you for helping Jessica and her book. I wish her all the luck and it goes without saying that I bought her book :)

  11. I love poetry, but I have to say it's been years since I went through a book of poems looking for poems I like.

  12. Thanks Karen! I went, I looked, I bought...

  13. Thanks so much, everyone for reading! :)

  14. I love poetry but a recent poetry anthology I bought was mainly about death and loss. It was so depressing that I've discarded it. Jessica's poetry sounds like it might be more my thing!