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Friday, September 6, 2013

An Inside Look at WiDo Publishing

Today I'm over at Angela Jackson-Brown's blog, where she interviews me about my books, and a whole lot more about WiDo Publishing. WiDo is publishing Angela's debut novel Drinking from a Bitter Cup, scheduled to release January, 2014.

You'll find answers to this question:

Your son William Gowen, is the CEO of WiDo Publishing, and your husband Bruce is the business manager, while you are managing editor. What is it like to work with your family? 
And this one:
What are some of your dreams for the future of the publishing house?
And this one:
What sort of authors is WiDo seeking? 
So if you don't get enough of me here, dear people, or if you want to know more about WiDo Publishing, head on over to Angela's . I'll see you there!


  1. Hi Karen .. I'd better head on over .. WiDo is full of family isn't it! Cheers Hilary

  2. Dear Karen, I'll head on over! Peace.

  3. Always great to have a "family" business together - shall head over there - have a wonderful day.