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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From newspaper interview to fun discovery

The other day I had a phone interview with a reporter from my long ago past. I lived in Chillicothe, Illinois eons ago, graduated from the high school, then moved on never to look back. Somehow this reporter heard about my two published books and wanted to do an article for the local paper. I sent her copies of Farm Girl and Uncut Diamonds, which she read and enjoyed. I liked hearing her refer to my old hometown as "Chilli." (Hadn't heard that in years, but it sure took me back!)

Eager to see if the interview was posted online yet, I googled myself this morning. Hadn't done that for awhile, not expecting anything new really, except maybe the interview. Couldn't find the interview, (since I really need to allow her to write it first lol!) but I did find this:

A man calling himself The Curmudgeonly Professor had photographed the books he had recently purchased with a $50 Amazon gift certificate. And there's Farm Girl front and center! (Well, sort of front and slightly to the left actually.)

I was so tickled by this that I emailed him straightaway and asked his permission to use the photo on my blog, which he graciously gave.

This brings to mind the whole what-happens-when-you-google-yourself scenario. I've had thrilling little surprises like this one, and I've stumbled across mean-spirited reviews. The whole gamut, really. You never know what you'll run into when you google yourself or one of your books. Be prepared to have your day ruined, or to get a happy lift. Thanks to Dwight Blood, the curmudgeonly professor and his Amazon gift certificate, my day got a happy start to it.

How about it? Have you googled yourself lately?


  1. What a pleasant surprise. I've never googled myself. I wouldn't expect to find anything. Well maybe a blog now that I have one.

  2. Oddly enough I did Google myself today (something I rarely do)-- don't remember what prompted my doing so, but I just did. I was surprised at the number of times my name came up in blog comments. That cool I guess.

  3. Ooh, I love Googling myself! Very narcissistic, I know, but it's so much fun to see what pops up...

  4. Hi!!

    Yay!!! Also - what a lovely name "The Curmudgeonly Professor".

    Brilliant find and good for you!


    Take care

  5. What a wonderful surprise for you. A feel good day and a new friend. Very cool.

  6. Funny you should ask -- I just did that earlier today, ans was surprised how many times my name came up (the real me that is) in the first seven pages.

  7. oo, what a delightful surprise! I haven't bothered googling myself at all. I doubt there's anything noteworthy yet.

  8. So keep good company - Ted Kennedy or the Pioneer Woman! Awesome ;)

  9. What a great surprise. Too bad we don't all have laser vision and can see through the book to see all the other awesome pics you have inside.

  10. It must be great to see a photo of your book. And it's next to Kennedy's - not too shabby.

    The last time I Googled myself, I found out someone had twittered my post "Raised Right". I don't know who it was (or exactly what effect that would have), but thought it was cool.

  11. How exciting to see your book in the photo. Never occurred to me to google myself. I think I might have a go!