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"Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it."
~Jesse Stuart

"A writer's job is to take one thing and make it stand for twenty." ~ Virginia Woolf

Monday, December 5, 2011

What could a YA paranormal writer possibly like about literary women's fiction?

Sometimes we writers can limit ourselves in thinking who our demographic might be. I never really thought those who enjoy and write in the YA paranormal genre would get my books.

But when Kerri Cuevas, paranormal author, offered to do a review for my blog tour, I thought sure, why not. If her review is critical, I can take it. I'm a professional, right?

Have you ever had second thoughts about allowing certain readers to review your ARC? And to participate in a blog tour? Any fear of "what if they don't like it?" 

If you want to know what Kerri thought about House of Diamonds, just click on her blog to find out.


  1. I was always torn between wanting YA reviewers and adult fiction reviewers read my book, because my series fell in between. Of course, now there is the 'new adult' genre. Wish that had been around when I started.

  2. don't you remember when there were no YA authors, just authors. I read Girl of the Limberlost and The Last Temptation of Christ and a James Bond all in the same year I was twelve. Go figure. Sure glad that genre other than sci-fi and mystery hadn't ruined my day. Yes is always better than no.

  3. We should all read widely, so YA or women's lit shouldn't matter. I write both, and I guess that's why I am unable to commit to full-out YA.

  4. I never realized how many readers outside of science fiction would like my book and many more than fans of that genre!

  5. I think Women's Fiction is a universal genre for women. What women wouldn't like it? I do think genre lines can be blurred, especially is the story is great (like yours!).

  6. I can see where you are coming from. Yes sometimes I'm not the best person to critique a man's writing because they have such a different style to novels I enjoy and write. I love Sci Fi TV/Films for example but as it is mainly written by men I rarely actually read it. It is however, better to read across genrea that way your own writing has more flavour.

  7. Oh wonderful review!! Yay!! Oh but where oh where is your giraffe!??!!

    Take care

  8. Headed over to see!

    Whenever people I 'know' read my novels, I always cringe because I don't want that awkward feeling of them having to think they NEED to like it, you know?

  9. Karen, it was so much fun being on your blog tour. Thanks for including me :)

    ps I think you should decorate the giraffe with a Santa hat and garland. It seems they have their own following LOL!

  10. Kerri, I thought about winterizing the giraffe but don't have the skills.

    Talli, So true! It can be awkward. But no worries for you because your books are all delightful.

    Kitty, LOL poor giraffe got retired! He was just too desert-y, summer-y looking for the season.

    Madeleine, Some men's writing I really like, if it's in my favorite genre anyway like memoir and realistic fiction. Fantasy, not so much.

    E.R., You are a doll and I want to put stars around your comment.

  11. I'm very much an omnivore when it comes to reading, so it surprises me when I run into people who don't read outside of their genre.

    I can understand your nervousness at handing your baby over for review. I suppose if you are published you have to be ready for any response, good or bad. Still a scary thought though!

  12. Yes, Karen. I know what you mean. I do get surprised when writers who write in a totally different genre care to critique the stories I share with the online writing group. I will read her review of House of Diamonds.

  13. Haven't had the second thoughts you describe since I'm not that far along. I have however wondered what possessed me to volunteer to read for someone out of genre. So far I've been pleasantly surprised each time.


  14. Where is the giraffe? :)

    I've done a fair amount of critiquing and beta reading for novels outside of the genre in which I write, strangely enough. I find it fascinating what other writers find compelling to write about, in addition to how the same themes translate across the genres. What a compliment to have someone give you such a nice review from outside the platform upon which you sit! :)

  15. I understand that placing a book in a certain genre is good, but at the same time can be bad. I think it does limit us if we only read one genre to never try something else. I think we can find that most books have more to offer than just romance, just mystery, just science fiction, just whatever genre they're labeled under.

    Thoughts in Progress

  16. Mason, Like Jan, I remember when I was young and just read "books" without all the labels of distinct genres. Writers especially need to move beyond the familiar and read widely.

    Heather, LOL, I wondered how many would miss him! Change is good.

  17. Heading over to read Kerri's thoughts.
    I like the Christmas theme here. Will the giraffe be coming back after the holidays?

    Coping with adoption
    Wrote By Rote

  18. Cool review. I like your Christmas banner :)

  19. Read, loved, commented, and bought a copy for my Kindle!

  20. She did a great review Karen. All the better since it is outside of her normal genre reading.

    I like to sometimes read outside my genre too; helps keep me real with my writing; but does give a different perspective on my reading too.


  21. I read so many different books that I don't really like saying that I write a specific kind of story - I've written poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, and even. . . romance. Growing up I read voraciously and the shelves in the "kids section" of my small town library were getting too small by the time I reached 10. My mom told me to read Charles Dickens, and I did, along with Agatha Christie, Louis L'Amour, Tolkein, and C.S. Lewis (finally). I read every genre then, and although I have a tendency to read and write more fantasy now, I still often read whatever I come across (my mom handed me three historical romances three days ago, and I only have one left to read).

  22. It's great to read all different genres. So many amazing authors doing different things! Just got back from Keri's blog. Her review was really good. And I learned more about you. I didn't know you're the mom of 10 kids. How in the *bleep* do you find time and energy to write????? You're my new hero. :)

  23. It is hard when people who don't normally read the genre review the book. However, I do like many genres and I'm not alone in that.

  24. Clarissa, Yes you never know! I lucked out with Kerri's review.

    Nicole, LOL, I never wrote novels when my kids were young, that's how.

    Mirka, I think the print copies ordered through WiDo are getting shipped out next week. I plan on autographing them to make up (a little) for the delay.

    Thank you to all who commented here and on Kerri's blog! Especially those who said they're buying my book or enjoyed my book hehehe. Music to an author's ears.

  25. Hmm, well I think a lot of people read in many different genres than they write in. Maybe not, but I certainly do! And as long as they can give a good review from the point of a reader and not from the point of different-genre writer I think it's wonderful to put out support for other genres. Going to read the review!

    Also, love your Christmas theme!

  26. No need to be nervous. That is a sensitive and well-written review. I think most writers would like reading outside their genre

  27. That was a great review. Her comments were very sincere and heartfelt.

    Congrats on the new book.

  28. I think it's great that people blur genre boundaries. Or scribble them out completely. Congrats on such a great review.