Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Writing Life

Today my Writer's Creed post for the month is on my author website. I hadn't updated it since January and figured it was about time. The link is here if you want to know--

1. What writing books I'm currently using

2. What inspirational quote is keeping me going

3. How the move to a third world country has inspired my creative life

4. What this is and how I'm using it--


  1. Love your idea book! It is creative in the front. Glad to hear about the writing-I went to your other site and read what you wrote:)

  2. oh fooey - they lost my comment. Went to your other site and realized I'd not been in ages and had forgotten you had two. Duh.
    Love your idea book - I went on a walk with Bella today and thought I might be eaten by a bear and I'd forgotten to write down two ideas that I want out there! ha.

  3. Had to come back here to tell you how much I LOVE the image at the top of this blog. I shall keep itin my brain as my "happy place" all day.

  4. This idea book sounds amazing!

  5. What a wonderful post! And that's a gorgeous book. I'm glad you're still blogging--I love to read everything I can about expat life.

  6. Your journal is adorable. What a great place to keep ideas. Seems better than a file on a computer. Happy writing!

  7. Great idea on the idea book. I need a waterproof one for the shower. :-)