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Friday, November 28, 2014

The post-Thanksgiving Food Coma

Ever eaten so much at Thanksgiving dinner you feel like you're in a food coma? Aww, come on you can admit it! And why is it the day after all we want is hot dogs or pizza? I used to work at the Costco food court and I think we sold more pizza on the Friday after Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. With all those great leftovers at home too!

Then there's the different kind of coma, the one I imagine in my recently published novel Afraid of Everything. Ever wondered what it's like? I did, and it inspired me to write about how it might be from the point of view of the coma victim.

Mason Canyon at Thoughts in Progress features and reviews Afraid of Everything on her blog. Thanks, Mason!

To experience a different kind of coma than the post Thanksgiving food coma, download Afraid of Everything for your Kindle, now just $2.99.

Helena Carr is afraid of everything. After a crisis at work, she quits her job and feels lost. It’s time for a serious change, to beat the extreme anxiety that has plagued her since childhood. Something different, unplanned and radical. Sell her house, move to a foreign location, turn her life upside down in an effort to end the emotionally paralyzing fear. 

Before Helena can act on her options, however, she has a terrible accident on a Southern California freeway. Instead of going on an exotic vacation, she is in a hospital, in a coma, traveling to strange worlds of another dimension, meeting people who seem to know more about her than she knows about herself.

As Helena explores this intriguing new world, she realizes the truth about her past and the purpose of her future. And she is no longer afraid. Helena is at last ready to live. But first, she must wake up from the coma.


  1. I have heard about this book and it sounds so interesting! I actually have read where people look like they are in a coma but they are awake and can hear and feel everything which must be scary. In fact a few patients went for operations and were given the anesthesia (I can't spell that word worth a damm). The problem is they looked like they were out but they were awake and could feel everything! Talk about horrifying! On to something nicer-I have been in food comas and i wonder why i do that to myself but at that moment the food is just sooooo good

  2. Your new book sounds good. I'm trying to make it around to everyone over the weekend.

  3. Hi Karen - I think you steered clear of a Thanksgiving food coma down in your Guatemalan paradise ...

    Your book does sounds amazing and I love the ideas you've developed ... interesting ... and I'm sure I'll get to read it sometime - must settle and read a few others first ... by TBR list or more likely WTBRGD is rather large .. I suppose the advantage of a Kindle is they don't do the GD bit .. gathering dust! (Waiting to be read gathering dust!) ... cheers Hilary

  4. Hilary, I have a long list of books waiting for me on the kindle as well, since it's now my only source for getting books. Funny, I never made the connection before about dust but you are so right. When books wait on a pile or on shelves the dust collection gets nearly as big as the book collection. And I never have to dust my Kindle!

  5. And I thought you would just eat fish and tropical fruits for your Thanksgiving down there in your paradise.

  6. I love that over-stuffed food-coma feeling! I think it's great that you decided to use a coma in your novel rather than just dream sequences. I think the coma premise is unique and fascinating. Wishing you much success.

  7. Ooh, Karen, what a really cool concept for your book. That cover is so beautiful too.

  8. It's amazing that we can stuff ourselves silly and vow to never eat again, yet next day we're at it again, but to a lesser extent. I think I've said before that I love your cover and the concept of your book. I will check it out. :)

  9. The eating part of thanksgiving, lasts about a week for me. It's all about the gravy. Your book sounds interesting. I'm going to get it as a gift and then borrow it, from the person I bought it for.


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