Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wall Art of Comitan

Comitan is a great walking city. There are wide sidewalks stretching off into interesting places, and often hordes of other people around strolling, shopping, visiting. My husband and I have been all over town and not once felt anything but safe. He takes his camera when he goes and especially enjoys taking pictures of the wall art that's everywhere.

I thought I'd post a few of my favorites. This leopard is the winner, followed by the snake. The leopard is regal and majestic, the snake just cute and friendly.

It's amazing to me how an artist can paint on such a large canvas as a wall, with great detail that one has to move far away to appreciate. How do they do it? And when do they do it? I've never seen anyone painting the walls, then one day it's done.

I'm glad the authorities don't go around arresting or fining anyone, or painting over their work. The artists don't get anything for their creations except the joy of doing it for public display. For the joy it gives them and gives those who see it as they go around town.

The scene below is painted on a wall in a children's park. It's so sweet and charming, illustrating the culture of an earlier time.

Ending with another depiction of an earlier era, the Aztec culture. We lived among the Mayan culture in Guatemala. Mexico is land of the Aztecs. They are much friendlier these days, thank goodness. And the food is amazing.


  1. The snake cracks me up. I'm now singing, "Trust in meeeeeee" a la Jungle Book.

  2. I love the wall art and I am always in awe of the creativity of some people... it shows how much talent these artists have xox

  3. Those are beautiful. I too am always amazed at how something so beautiful can be created on so much empty space. Fascinating.

  4. I love street art. Here in the UK some people dismiss it as graffiti, but maybe they've just never seen anything as wonderful on walls as this!

  5. They're done well, so let them I say. Better than an ugly wall.

  6. Hi Karen - those are amazing ... and I'd happily sit and look at these incredible paintings ...

    It's great you're enjoying Comitan .. looks lovely .. cheers Hilary

  7. Those paintings are beautiful, and I think it's nice that no one spray-painted over them; that shows that people there have respect for art. I'm jealous that you got to be in a walk-friendly city; I miss that.

  8. Hi Karen,
    I don't get how they can paint something meant to be appreciated from afar, while they are SO CLOSE to it. Very nice!
    Glad to hear that you are enjoying it there.

  9. Hi Karen! Thanks to your husband's pics and your words, this is a very interesting post. I love wall art, street art, graffiti or whatever you call it. Especially the one on the children's park wall. Gorgeous and other-worldly. Unfortunately in Brisbane the council hates it and even fines world-renowned street artists and makes them do community service after cleaning up their art off the walls. Grr... Art is much better than blank cement. :-)

  10. This wall art is absolutely amazing....I especially love the snake :)

  11. Everyone is right. This artwork is truly amazing. I always wished I could paint. One of my daughters can. Thanks for sharing this with your followers, Karen.

  12. Those are so cool! We have some art on our walls downtown, but nothing that amazing!