Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

Sunday, July 9, 2017

My Good Old-Fashioned Blogging Style

In many areas, I've tried to move with the times. Like my mother before me, I want to keep on learning, growing in interest and curiousity about the world and what's going on there. But I think where this blog is concerned, nothing significant will change. I really don't want it to.

When my husband and I owned a home with lawn and gardens, I'd go outdoors to pull weeds, plant flowers, shrubs or trees, water, tend to my vegetables. These close to the earth activities would calm my soul as I connected with the natural cycle of life.

But now we live in an apartment and my only garden is a pot of basil on the patio. I'm okay with that. Neither of us want the responsibility of home ownership right now. We relish the freedom of knowing we can leave the country for years if we want, without worrying about a house. Or maybe just leave for a long weekend, with no weeds taking over while we're gone.

I rather enjoy the fact that blogging the way I do has become a relic of sorts. All the rage, the big new thing a decade or so ago, many were started then abandoned for the ease of other social media. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram-- they're fast and easy but not as comforting as the good 'ol blog. It's like my big untended garden.

 I'll come back to it when I feel like things are moving too fast and furious everywhere else. And the old-fashioned blog awaits. Here I can ramble on and putter around and say hello to the neighbors who pass by.

I'm not at all interested in adding links or ads or "making money with my blog!!!" or getting listed anywhere up and coming or being relevant. I don't plan on changing a thing. I quite prefer my out-dated, go nowhere blogging style, thank you very much.

And thanks for stopping by, neighbor. I made cookies, help yourself!