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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming Up--an interview with an e-publisher

I am so excited about this! Victoria Wescott, a Canadian author, e-published her book A Guide to Teaching in London: A Survival Guide for Canadians. She did it in seven days. Okay, all you authors out there waiting six months to get a rejection note, or a year to get an acceptance letter, then 18 months in editing, and 6 months in typesetting and printing....SEVEN DAYS!!

And lest you think quality suffers with speed, Victoria along with her editor and designer did a fabulous job! I read much of it, and looked it over carefully. It is very clean, sharp and impressive imho. Extremely well-done.

Victoria and I are putting together an interview about her book and her e-publishing experience, which I will be posting soon. (tomorrow?) I was planning to do it Friday or Saturday, when I read about Nicola Morgan's huge blog party on Sunday. Well, that should be perfect! I can post the interview with Victoria and leave it up all weekend.

I don't know about you, but I am really intrigued with the whole concept of e-publishing. Whether it's the wave of the future or not, it's still a part of the publishing experience that writers should understand better. I'll get this up tomorrow and leave it through Sunday for Nicola's blog party--plenty of time for anyone to ask Victoria questions. And hopefully some broad exposure for her new book. See you tomorrow!


  1. This is something I wanted to consider but didn't know where to find good info. Thanks. I'll be reading.

  2. epublishing is becoming a big thing.Is Wido considering releasing ebooks when a book comes out?

  3. Tamara, I don't think it's in the works for anything this year. But I suppose that could always change.

  4. I am sorry to post this on your blog..but I am extremely astonished and dismayed that you have taken Douglas Bruton's accusations about Vanessa Gebbie being 'mad' as any sort of truth. She is not in any way mentally ill, as many of her writing colleagues will confirm. It is generally quite offensive to give this description to a writer you have never met or worked with in any capacity. She is a solid, talented and kind writer who has mentored many writers in the past. She continues to support writers and is passionate about what she does.

    Mr Bruton, in complete contrast, has a burgeoning reputation as a serial plagiarist. Last year it was confirmed that he had taken a whole story from a published and acclaimed author. The copied story had already been published. His story had won a prize in a competition and the organisers then withdrew the story. He has done this time and time again....the way he slants it is that he is persecuted and hounded for nothing more than picking up ideas. This is not the case; solicitors have been involved and in a great deal of the writing community, his name is mud. He even stole from an extremely famous author and the publishers of this author were really not amused.

    I would urge you not to share any work with Mr Bruton. Sadly he has no conscience and is constantly seeking new 'friends' simply because he has betrayed and stolen from his old ones. I wish you good luck and fortune with your own writing.

  5. This just demonstrates the influence of the woman. If you read my blog you will discover that what Anonymous writes here is just wrong. So much wrong: I did not copy an acclaimed author and nor did the story referred to win any prize. Nor has any story I have written been removed by any competition organiser. Solicitors were not involved to charge me with plagiarism, precisely because no plagiarism was involved. I call the woman in question mad only in respect of what she keeps saying about me on her blog - that I stole from her. This is clearly absurd and when we examine her 'borrowings' doubly absurd.

    I do have a conscience and good manners, which is why I have never named this 'mad' writer in my posts. She, on the other hand, does not have the same good grace.

    Sorry, Karen, that another of these women has dragged this onto your blog.


  6. Umm..I think Tania Hershman may well be able to clarify the plagiarism of her excellent story, which was published in The White Road.

    May I remind you that accusing someone of insanity, can be regarded as libel.

    You really are a deeply unpleasant man and fortunately, you are hanging yourself time and time again by your unpleasant comments and the relentless me me me of your blog. Other writers work happily in conjunction with colleagues and to some extent, ideas are shared. Everyone is very very tired of your constant denying of your plagiarism. You are a rather sad creature who puts ambition before honesty.

    Vanessa lives well, does well and is a forceful and dynamic person. I look forward to all her successes, which are never at the expense of another writer. She has astonishing individuality, never needing to 'copy' in a tired and dishonest way.

  7. It would be extremely discourteous to swear on someone else's I shall resort to an earlier, but still meaningful, form of profanity:

    I bite my thumb at are a disgrace....

  8. Hmmm, not sure what all THAT was about, but anyway....Thanks for visiting my blog?


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