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Monday, January 18, 2010

What tickles your writing bone?

Most writers I know also love to read. Reading, along with a few other sedentary activities, tickles my writing bone, and then I have to shut out the world and go work on my wip.

Here's my list of most motivational writing tools:

1. Reading a poorly-written book. I can do better than that, I say, let me at it!

2. Reading a well-written book. It teaches me by example and I want to have a go.

3. Reading the biography or memoir of an author. I want to be just like them.

4. Movies about authors, books and writing. Just seeing a writer in action makes me want to write!

5. Pretty much any Woody Allen movie, because the dialogue is so stimulating.

I wish I could say taking a long walk in the woods, or running 20 minutes on the treadmill, or cleaning house inspired me. That would help my fitness level.

What is it that most inspires your writing? Do you have a list of your own?


  1. Your list, minus Woody Allen movies, inspires me to go on. Being with other writers who are excited about their writing, sharing and exchanging ideas always gets my writing bone itch to write. I'm a romance writer so RWA and the writing chapters are filled with inspiration and advice. We won't let each other fail... or talk ourselves into failure.

  2. Hi

    Ohhhh, I like lists. Here's mine.

    1) My cat (oh that was such a given)

    2) My memories (very subjective of course!)

    3) Films too many to mention that leave me wanting to expand on that character's lives or have alternate/alternative endings

    4) Listening to people and their conversations (hey if you ain't gonna turn your voice down while you gab on your mobile phone then your life is mine too!).

    5) A song that enhances my emotions/pushes me to react

    6) Nature

    7) Wildlife

    8) Watching people - I make stories of their lives when I see an interesting scenario unravelliing infront of me.

    9) People in all their many multi-faceted fabulousness whether on the internet or in the flesh.

    10) Love

    11) Passion


    If I think of some more may I add later? It's past midnight here now and I need to go to bed.


    Take care

  3. Hello Kitty, what an awesome list! Yours is clearly the list of a person who embraces life. Mine is from a person who hides from life. (thus the reclusive writer tag!)

  4. Christine, associating with other writers inspires me as well. How did I forget that one? Probably since I've had NO luck finding real live writing groups in my current area, and so I blog to get that writing community I crave.

    I've only been blogging for about 6 months, but I've made some wonderful supportive friends this way. And the exciting thing about an online group is that they can be from all over the world. I love that aspect of it.

  5. I love your list, Karen! It looks a lot like mine, except for #5, I watch Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn movies.
    The internet IS great for finding a support group!

  6. I don't know what inspires me. music, often. Movies are great. Sometimes I feel all writed-out, and I have to sit down and read for a long time.

  7. Just a few specifics...I felt really artsy after watching Duplicity with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. And the band, Muse, always gets me in the mood. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a rockin' story too.

  8. Karen, I don't know your genre, but if there is an RWA chapter near you, I'd join it regardless of how much romance you write. The classes and support are amazing. We have everyone from women's fiction to YA to Romance in my chapters.

    The blog world is a great connection! I have made so many friends on line and can't wait to meet them at the next national convention!

  9. Tamara & Mary, I'm glad you mentioned music. Not something I forgot on my list, I need absolute quiet to write, but it's a big item to so many writers aka Stephen King (you're in good company lol)

    Christine, actually one of the groups I tried originally was an RWA chapter. I liked it, the people were nice, but there were dues, hard to get to, yadayadayada. More excuses!

  10. Two things:
    Being miserable (but that writing is never very good)
    And being regular (with my writing that is)
    Oh yeah, and reading Henry James

    And being really good at math. And exercising. And cleaning my house. And shopping at Neiman Marcus with my best friend Gigi using our rich husbands limitless credit cards.

    Wow, once I start lying they just keep coming.

  11. Hi
    Just me passing through! I always meant to say this and never do - I love your "writing tip of the day"! Esp today's (1/20/2010).


    Take care



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