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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some sweet, sunshiney, prolific, awesomesauce blogs to crow about!

Time to pass out a few awards I've been hoarding and to share links of some amazing bloggers! Okay, now I can't remember specifically who gave me what when, as I said I've been hoarding these babies, but what I'll do is pass them out and list awardees after and hopefully this covers everything. First is the sweet little bear And this goes to some sweet bloggers who I hope you will check out and follow if you're not already:

Sweet Glynis is taking time off from her blog to spend more time with her very ill friend.
Faith Hough is so sweet she helped her writer husband set up his blog.
Ann at Inkpots and Quills always seems to write with a smile!

Now for the sunshine award:

Old Kitty always brings sunshine into my life with her posts and her comments.

Melissa J. Cunningham
is the sunniest, happiest person ever!

Suz Korb is sunny AND funny!

Alex Fleetwood brightens my day with updates on the goings on in Hampshire. She's another British blogger I love to visit!

Now here's the award I keep getting, cuz maybe I'm a little wordy and over the top in my blog posting lol?

So check out these prolific bloggers because they are so cool!

Jen at unedited blogs a lot AND writes a lot! Full of energy is this girl! Her blog is so fun.

The Alliterative Allomorph has been writing daily A - Z posts that are insightful, interesting and intense (how's that alliteration?) AND she lives in Greece!

Theresa Millstein
writes daily about teaching, writing, and so many fascinating topics and always has fantastic quotable quotes to boot.

Fran's posts are fresh, hilarious and did you know she went on vacation to Tenby?

All of you are awesomesauce but I had to force myself to pick and choose, oh so hard to do!

If you haven't checked out Plain Jane's blog yet you must! Because she is a nonwriter (she says) who loves to follow writer blogs. She posts about ordinary things in a funny cute way.

Kimberly Franklin
is funny and energetic and funny and cute. And did I say funny?

Mary McDonald's blog
is one of my new discoveries and I love it for her refreshing honesty. She even admits to not caring much about shoes!! You gotta respect that!

Barbara Scully's awesomesauce kitchen table is one of my favorite stops in Dublin!

Now for the writer blogs who I think seriously are going to have something to crow about some day because they are incredible writers!! Actually all of you can take this one and crow your heads off because you are amazing, but these are the ones I picked today:

Crystal Cook

Susan Fields

Jayne at A Novice Novelist

Brigid at sort of writing

Amy Saia, and her post on tornadoes is here, if you missed it.

If I missed passing out any awards that were bestowed on me, I apologize. And I apologize for not giving the links of those who gave me the awards, but I get easily confused in my dotage and so thought it would be best to simplify. Go check out these blogs, they are all fantastic!!


  1. Thanks, Karen! I'm glad to see I'm in good blog company and I'll check out the blogs I don't know.

  2. Congrats on all your lovely awards!

    I've been hoarding them too. Must work on that... :)

  3. Congratulations on all the awards! :D

  4. I'm impressed with your dedication to keeping up with the award hand-outs. I'm not very good at that...

    Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Congrats to all your awards :o))) well deserved

  6. Thank you so much for the award! I love that! It makes me feel so good. I think my kids may disagree with you thought! LOL

  7. Thank you, Karen! I am very honored, and I've never received that award before. Thanks also for the links, and congrats on all your awards! :)

  8. Funny? Me? Ha-ha... never. ;)

    Thank you so much, Karen!! And congrats on all of your awards, they are well deserved!!

  9. Wow, so many cool blogs, so little time! Congrats to all you award winners!

  10. Congratulations on your awards and congrats to all your award recipients.


  11. Thanks Karen! I've been hoarding too. Argh! When this challenge is finished I think I'm going to have to dedicate a day to awards ... *hugs*

  12. Oo! Thank you so much for the sunny award! Am I funny too? *laughs at self* oh you're right, I am! Funny looking that is ;)

    And I will be sure to start following the other bloggers you've given awards to as I love blogs me.

    Cheers, mate! :)

  13. Hi Karen, Aww thanks, I am ridiculously delighted to be in your list, what will I be like if I ever get a book published ? , thanks and will check out all the other lovely blogs you mention. Bx

  14. Congratulations on all your beautiful awards - they are all so so sweet and pretty and utterly fabulous - just like you and your great blogs!


    Awwwwww thank you so much for my lovely Sunshine Award!!!

    Take care

  15. Congratulations on all your awards, Karen, and thanks for all the great links! There's some excellent blogs up there!

  16. Thanks for the award Karen you are so sweet!!!

    I like you know I probably missed a few awards but I get them all racked up sometimes and can't get them all out! Thanks again!

  17. Congrats on all the awards! You're so spoiled:)

  18. Congratulations! And I loved how you handled all. Well done!

  19. Congrats to all the winners! I've got some cool blogs to go check out!

  20. Thanks for the award Karen. And I am glad to have a list of blogs to check out. More writers and more writers and more writers....I love it!

  21. Congrats on the awards. And thanks for pointing out some new blogs for me to check out.

  22. Hi Karen! I've been meaning to wander over to this blog since we chatted at the LUW Spring Workshop in Roy. Very cool! I'll add you to my blog reader.

    Margot Hovley

  23. So many awards KarenG. Well deserved and Congratulations. Thank you so very much for the cutie bear award. I am thrilled. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  24. Thank you, Karen! ;) I feel like it's Valentine's day. :)

  25. Ooh thank you Karen - I'll try to live up to it and actually post something optimistic on the blog this week for once! :)

  26. Thank you so much. Just in time for my birthday! Really sweet of you.

  27. Congratulations to the awardees. =)

  28. OK...I can tell I need to add more blogging visit time to my daily schedule!)

  29. OK, I can tell I need to add more blogging visit time to my schedule!)

  30. Congrats on these awards, and congrats to the great bloggers that were awarded! :)

  31. Hi Karen: Just popping in to say I got your books today... woot! My DD nabbed them right away and said she wanted to read them first LOL. I will have to wait, but looking forward to the reading!

  32. So many awards - well done you! And thank you for my saucy award!!!! I am honoured¬!

  33. How super that you received all these fun awards -- and thanks so much for giving us so many great links. I love checking out new blogs.

  34. Congratulations on receiving the award, you deserve it. You have a fun, friendly blog.Thank you so much for giving me the award. It is really appreciated. I need some cheer at the moment.