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Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Ready to Find a Bunch of Awesome New Followers?

It's time for the Blog Party BBQ to begin!

I've jazzed up my blog with some new color, how about you? Are you ready for a bunch of new visitors and followers? The original party invitation is here, but to recap here's how it works:

* Follow my blog and I'll follow yours cuz that's how it works yo

* Comment on this post telling what food you'll bring to the BBQ, and telling us something about yourself and your blog

* Find at least three new party-goers to visit, comment on their blogs and follow if you like

* Click on the twitter and/or facebook icons at the bottom of this post to invite more people to the party. That means more followers for everyone!

Quite a few left comments with their food *yum yum slurp* on the last post, so you can all go back and click to their blogs plus hopping to whoever comments on this post. And if you commented before, please feel free to do so again here. You might use another blog url if you have more than one, tell us more about yourself, or just check back in to make sure you don't miss any of the fun, food and drinks galore! Oh, and make sure that your profile page gives the link to your blog so people can find you.

This post will be up the entire 4-day Labor Day weekend, giving everyone plenty of time to find new friends and followers. And I plan on making a virtual pig of myself with tons of virtual food!  Mmm, a dream come true-- calorie-free deliciousness. And I'm bringing 6 dozen of my famous chocolate chip cookies!



  1. Oooh...cookies. Yum! Will go check out some party attendees now. :)

  2. Bringing Thai spring rolls - and if no one else wants them, I'll make the sacrifice and eat all of them.
    I blog about movies, music, books, writing, and tech stuff. This weekend I'm announcing a blogfest and participating in a week-long event with Elana and Jen about blogging.

  3. Karen,

    Thanks for the invite! I'm looking forward to mingling and getting to know the other partygoers. Happy Labor Day too. Does one even say that? Not sure as we don't have this in the UK. Anyway, I've decided to bring some veggie burgers along for the non-meat eaters among us ...

    Meanwhile I'm over at Spellmaking, where I blog about the trials and tribulations of being a writer. Do drop by and say hello. There's champagne on offer there as it's been a good week!

    Thanks for all the fun and games on your blog this summer too - it's all been very impressive.

  4. Alex--I'll eat some spring rolls!!
    Thanks, Karen! Going exploring now. :)

  5. I'm so excited about this! I've already found some great blogs to follow.

    Like just about everyone here, I'm a writer. I write short fiction for a British magazine, am querying my first novel, and started my second novel just this week. Come visit me at my blog where I'm blogging about the importance of how you end your chapters.

    And here's a plate of my Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Peach and Mint Salsa. Enjoy!

  6. I want Alex's spring rolls!

    Will they go with my chocolate torte and wine? Ack- doesn't matter! ;)

    I'm off to play and explore- My blog is hosting a haiku blogfest this weekend if anyone wants to play!

  7. Hooray for a blog party! Since it's a Friday - and I'm a SeaSerpent - I'm bringing fish - line caught sea bass.

    I blog about my writing at The Scribbling SeaSerpent

    Looking forward to finding loads of interesting new blogs!

  8. I'm still running around with the ice--was I supposed to leave my link? It's linked on my profile, but just in case That's Write

  9. Thanks for the invite Karen! I brought a birthday cake; there's so many people here, it's bound to be someone's birthday.

    My blog's a place where I post flash fiction stories every weekday (life permitting), and otherwise muse about writing and life and the point where the two meet.

    Looking forward to taking the opportunity to check out some new blogs. Have a good weekend people.

  10. Hi Karen, I think the party has already begun!
    I will bring a mixed berry and kiwi pavlova. Lots of fresh berries and cream. Light and delicious.

    I blog about whatever stikes my fancy. The keystone cop episodes in my life, writing and musings. Look forward to reading loads of great new blogs.

  11. Awesome idea! I'll bring my homemade mac-n-cheese. I'll post the recipe for it on Saturday, so if you're interested...

    I blog about writing, the muse, random stuff, and being a new mommy (my son's 3 months old today!)

    I look forward to meeting a lot of you this weekend!

  12. Hi,

    OMG, a cyber BBQ. :0

    Being terribly wicked here I've brought along a stack of flapjacks - the oats are cholestral busting so going to give the butter a hard time, and the syrup and brown sugar high sugar boost! Count in with that chocolate cake.

    And, what BBQ can go ahead without loads of finger rolls, hot-dog sausages and onions, plus saucy toppings!

    Have a great weekend!


  13. Hi Guys, and welcome. Just trying to wake up here. First I had to yell at my husband about the importance of bagging the contents of an office wastebasket before tossing it in the barrel *ahem* now I'm ready. Can't wait to get around and meet you all and visit new and old friends! There's a ton of comments on the invitation post-- over 80, some kind of record for my blog-- so don't miss anyone there. Wow, a new blogger could get like 75+ followers from getting involved in the party here!

    Oh, and Simon, we say "Have a good Labor Day." Interesting because I'd never thought of it until you asked the question. Or if it passed we say, "Hope you had a good Labor Day." (often with "weekend" tacked on)

  14. Since I'm in San Antonio, I'm bringing grilled jalapeno poppers. And, of course, fresh salsa and chips.

    Great idea, Karen!

  15. Karen, thanks for the invite! I'm bringing some Southern style pulled pork. Yum.

  16. Bring Carrot Cake, and I made chocolate chip meringues special for the BBQ!

    I blog about publishing in Ireland, and publishing in general - I've been in the industry two years and every day I still learn something new.

    I'm looking forward to all the fabulous blogs I may find today!

  17. Hey, Karen, your party's rocking! Have new Followers, up to 136, would looove to hit 145, have found super blogs to follow, and am slurpin' the ice crean!

  18. Oops. I forgot to tell you a bit about my blog.

    Skidding in Sideways describes my non-traditional entry into the publishing world. Trials and dumb mistakes included. I am attempting to prove to a major publisher that a market for Charlotte Collins, a continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that focuses on a minor character, by selling 1,000 copies of my self-published edition. Hilarity ensues.

  19. I was an early bird, but will post here to join the main party. ;) In my family I am entrusted with the dinner rolls (which shows how much my family loves my cooking) so I will stay true to tradition and bring those. But, since this is a party I will also bring a tasty frozen brandy delight!! I look foward to reading new blogs and getting to know some of you through your musings. :) LOVE THIS!!! Janelle

  20. Jennifer, I did the same thing... about my blog.. "In the Flow"... my journey as a writer with a dream of publication. Oh, has that been done already?? ;) Well, I do hope to offer support and inspiration to others, not just blab about myself all day long. I love all things life, universe, pscyhology, sociology, and mainly lean towards inspirational writings. Stop on by! :)

  21. I'm bringing my husband's butterscotch-glazed shortbread cookies (since I don't, yanno, cook :D)!

    My posts are musings about writing horror and dark fiction, things I learn from books I'm reading, and random stuff...pop culture, movies and YouTube vids :D

  22. The mingling has begun! I've already made a few friends. Thanks, Karen!
    I'm bringing New York Grilled Chicken to the BBQ, and you can find the recipe on my blog, along with my thoughts on being a new author, editing and writing tips, book reviews, and a little neurosis thrown in to keep it real.
    Looking forward to meeting you!

  23. I'm bringing roasted corn-on-the-cob (yum!) and I'll be talking about geeky ways to use Wordle to improve your MS (beyond frequent words!).

    My blog is Ink Spells, and I talk about writing and reading Middle Grade books for advanced readers.

    Great idea!!

  24. Karen, I'm so excited about this! What a fun idea! I'll bring frog eye salad, because let's be honest. What picnic is complete without it!

  25. Sign me up for North Carolina pit cooked BBQ with vinegar sauce, red slaw and hushpuppies.

    My blog is Catch of the Day and I share the little details I uncover as storycatcher for the Pilot Mountain Schoolhouse project.

  26. Just wanted to say that Labor Day is a three-day weekend in my nake of the woods, It'll officially start tomorrow when the kid is out of school and the husband is off the clock.

  27. Blogger must be hungry too - it just ate my comment!

    Yay! It's Friday, past five here in London and officially party time! Thanks Karen!

    I'm bringing banoffee pie, fairy cakes, blueberry grunt and red twizzlers. YUM! Oh yes, and wine. And coffee.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Hey everybody! I'm still on board for yummy chunky pasta salad. And how about a nice strawberry shortcake too?

    Come visit me! Today I've got a post about goal-setting. But later this evening I'll be putting up a post about making book trailers!

    :) Laura

  30. Hi everyone! Here's some e-flowers for you Karen, gracious hostess. And here's some e-Southwest Corn Dip for everyone else! (Easy and delicious recipe at my blog. ;))

    At Not-So-Deep-Thoughts I blog about the 1980s and writing and writing about the 1980s, and sometimes I just goof off. Looking forward to meeting y'all!


  31. Realized I really didn't say what my blog is about, just said I would bring steaks and cutlery earlier so...

    My blog randomly has bits about writing, history, the briefest of reviews for books I read, humous pics, and bits of inspiration in my daily retinue.

    Thanks Karen

  32. THis is such a great idea! I'll be bringing brownies!
    I blog about outdoor adventure and the adventure of working with a publisher on my debut middle grade novel DOGSLED DREAMS.

  33. I've brought Paula Deen's sweet chicken bacon wraps - two plates full!

    I'm so glad your party is just in time for my *100 followers contest*, Karen. Thanks for hosting this BBQ.

    I'm an aspiring author who likes to connect with others in the same boat. I post Memoir Monday, Tuesday Teaser, and Writing A-Z, weekly on my blog. If you become a follower and leave me a comment, I'll enter you in the drawing!

    michelleteacress dot blogspot dot com

    Have a great weekend everyone. :)

  34. I'm here, I'm here, with my moms baked beans (containing a cup of brown sugar and giant chunks of sausage). Better late than never, I guess. I've made writing my serious passion for the past five years. I write science fiction thrillers with an emphasis on thriller. Character-driven is the way to go for me, whether reading or writing. Come on over and check out my blog.

    I promise, you won't be sorry. Okay off to browse the comments and find new friends.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. OOHH YUMMMY!!!!!!!!!!! I am bringing a fab fruit tart dessert - trust me, it's not to be missed!

    Going blog hunting now!

  37. Hey again! I posted to the original invite, but thought I'd drop by again with some more virtual beer and fruit salad.

    I'd love it if you stopped by my blog and said hello. I'll reciprocate! And hey ... if you want to give me a follow, even better!

    I blog about books, my journey toward publication, cheerleading and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy. Have a great weekend!

  38. Ooops that should have said:


    was so excited and proud I mispelf it :P

  39. OH and I'm also on Twitter @valkyrie1008 if you want to see how truly viking mad I am :P promise I won't kill you and honour your death to Odin hehehe.

  40. hehe COOL! I'm bringing fairy bread because I even wrote a post about it today! Great BBQ, Karen, you're quite the hostess! ;o)

  41. Whoops, forgot to say something about myself ... Um, women's fiction/literary aspiring novelist. Published English text book writer. My blog is a mix of creative writing, wit, poetry, and the everyday philosophical business of existing on this crazy planet :o) Oh yeah, and I love alliterating ...

  42. I think the "Follow" function isn't working right now, but will follow you when I can!

  43. Yay Karen! I'm off to go party hopping right now. This is such a fun idea! *slurps margarita*

  44. This has been so fun Karen! Great bbq! =)

  45. Think I'll bring some Grilled Margarita Shrimp and Spicy Cajun Barbeque and Creole Jambalaya! And maybe a batch of my famous Cajun Bloody Mary's. My blog is all about the Cajun culture; the food, the music, the festivals, the people, complete with videos of all the fun and dancing. Great party, btw!

  46. Karen's quiet writing from life blog crashing the party of Karen's noisy gets-all-the-attention blog saying "Hey, I want followers too! I only have 53!" And since I'm the quiet, responsible one, I'll bring the ice :)

  47. I did post on the last blog, but I'll mingle here too. I have two blogs:

    I write about life in Corporate America at When Fridays Were Fridays:

    And I write about allergen-free food solutions at Learning to Eat Allergy Free:

    Karen, thanks for inspiring me to spruce up my blog and go to the new template designer.

    To the party I am bringing allergen-free brownies and allergen-free spicy cole slaw.

  48. Congratulations on the 400! I've been a follower for a while. I kept seeing all these comments about the BBQ and had to check it out--what a clever idea.
    So I'll bring Carne Asada to throw on the grill. That's what I usually fix here at home and everybody always loves it.

    For those unfamiliar with my blog it's an eclectic place where I do all kinds of things with many topics. I post seven days a week. I'll try anything, just like I'll be willing to try anything anyone brings to the BBQ.

    Have fun everyone and hope you all add more followers. Be sure to drop by and give me a hello.

    Tossing It Out

  49. I'll bring guacamole and a homemade salsa that will cause mass fire-breathing to ensue!

    I recently left a career in tv to become an aspiring freelance writer. I'm still just dipping my toes into everything, but its been great fun! My blog was only created this week, so it hasn't quite found a direction yet...right now my all of two entries are some general musings on life as I see it, and assorted rambling on trying to get started as a writer.

    I eventually hope to delve into the relationship between literature and psychology, specifically considering issues pertinent to the topics of anxiety and depression. (This has been a side interest of mine for a while, and was the focus of my BA thesis).

    Here's the link to my feeble little corner of the web: in case anyone is interested...

  50. Hi,

    Been out to cool off!

    Forgot to say anything about my blog. At the moment it's covered in blogfest posts, which BTW are great fun to participate in.

    That said I do cover serious stuff too: historical research for historical novels, and other stuff. I do a publisher profile post every so often, though these are generally deleted after a week and only the link remains in publisher listing! I've been published before and now getting back into it after a serious riding accident, hence all the blogfesting that I've been doing. Participating is good exercise in meeting deadlines!

    So there you have it, a romance writer getting back into the swing of writing!


  51. Didn't I already post this in the original post? I hope I did...but just in case I was supposed to put it here:

    I'm bringing the spinach dip in a bread bowl...and root beer floats.

    I mostly talk about writing and writing inspiration.

    I write literary fiction (and some edgy commercial fiction). And I have a YA book idea niggling at me....if I decide to write it, it will be literary.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend! (this is such a fun idea, Karen)

  52. I'm your 401st follower! There's hardly any room left at this party, so I'm just going to bring a jar of jellybeans for the kids. Oh, and a donut maker of course.

    I'm a children's writer and illustrator so I blog about that, with sketches, cartoons, book give aways and some nudity. My debut novel is out in January 2012.

  53. Popping by for a break from my own party!

    Musings of a Penniless Writer

    It is exhausting being a hostess with the mostest, especially when one is in heels!

  54. I brought some chocolate and leftover birthday cake (I turned 26 yesterday). Hopefully it'll go quick and won't melt in the heat.

    Be sure to stop by my blog: I'm running a contest so don't forget to sign up for it!

  55. i'll bring my famous Mississippi Mud Cakes. to. die. for.

    thanks for the awesomeness. i'm going to socalize with the other partiers now!

  56. So glad I'm running this 4 days! Since we all have lives off the internet, right? Right?

  57. Well, hi everyone! What a fun party. I'm bringing the fiery habenero doritos, because they are just yummy! My blog is Notes From the Writing Chair, where I talk about whatever writing-related topic comes to mind. You can also read my published short stories there. Can't wait to get to know some more of you!

  58. I'm bringing prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with a balsamic vinegar reduction, because I'm fancy like that.

    Sup, party-goers! This is great, Karen :)

    About my blog... eh. I'm an aspiring YA author who writes a lot about science fiction, teen lit, the writing life, and random technology/video game/science-y stuff. Plus I'm hosting a wicked cool blogfest, just saaaaaayiiiing... :D

  59. Hmm.... I'll bring Seven Layer Dip and Ham Rolls. I like this idea, this is the coolest idea I've seen in awhile. Way to go with the post.

    My blog: I am a High Fantasy author, working towards querying my first book. I like to just kick back and talk about lots of things and occasionally I will toss out the odd snippet. I have done National Novel Writing Month the past two years and hopefully will keep continuing to do so. This year will be a paranormal, not fantasy, because, hey... I like to be diverse. :D

  60. Hullo there all - lovely to meet you. I've popped over via the deliciously gorgeous and uber talented Donna Hosie's
    and you can find me at

    I hope you like chocolate cornflake buns!

    I write allsorts (short stories, poetry, novels and most recently screenplay)so I'm sure there'll be something to interest you all.

    Thanks - very cool party!

  61. I've SO enjoyed the blog hopping and eatin' all over the globe. Just thought I'd drop off an industrial size vat of Tums for all your voracious visitors! :D

    Speaking of good eats...come by and see what dat crazy Cajun Boudreaux is up to now. Him done got hired to work for BP! Can any good come of dat?

  62. I'm in I'm in - a bit late but phew - here are the promised tofu burgers and veggie sausages!!!!

    Of I go exploring!!! hello everyone!!!! Hello KarenG - you are just AWESOME!! What a great BBQ!

    take care

  63. Peach Custard Pie.

    I write for children and teenagers. Sometimes Highlights Magazine buys and publishes my poetry.

  64. HOLY MOLY! Look at this list! I'm bringing homemade ice cream (YUM) and homemade hot fudge sauce (double yum)

    Looking forward to visiting everyone!

  65. What fun, barbeque and friends! How can I ever pass this up:) I'm bringing a delicious pan pot of bubbling chili beans, it goes heavenly with brisket.

    Nice to meet you Karen!

  66. I'll be bringing (and enjoying)adult beverages--basically anything that requires one of those pretty little umbrellas.

    I'll be talking about favorite comfort foods.

    Great idea, Karen!

  67. Karen, this has been so much FUN! Speaking of FUN, that's what my blog is all about. Whether we're making writing fun or sharing funny stories, the idea is to laugh and get through it all together.

    I'm bringing vegan BBQ ribs and a vegan peach cobbler. No, they aren't less fattening than the real thing. Unfortunately. :-)

  68. Miaou! Good to see you again and thankyou for the invitation to the BBQ. The tuna is purrfect!
    Yes, I know I am late with my own blog post this morning but I am enjoying myself over here!

  69. Meant to add that I am the one bringing the tuna - and Karen has cooked it on the BBQ!

  70. Chocolate covered strawberries are a specialty of mine. Great idea! Can't wait to make some new bloggy pals!!! :O)

  71. Hi Karen G! Thanks for the BBQ. Great way to celebrate end of summer/start of spring, depending on your hemisphere.

    I'm bringing veggie burgers, coleslaw and a pavlova.

    I'm a Melbourne writer/reader. I blog about writing - what I love about it, the mechanics of it and what I learn as I go.

  72. How fun is this? I am bringing a fabulous Blueberry-Lime Tiramisu. Recipe and picture on my blog
    Thinking about all of that food is just as good as eating it!
    I'm having a 100 follower giveaway on my blog-you are all invited!

  73. Well I was going to skip dinner but now I'm hungry guess I'll bring some Parmesan Cheese and walnut crisps, maybe some southern Cole slaw and oh, I have to go check the pig I put in the pit.

    My blog is about healing the soul by helping others. I tell stories, try to find humor and just get through a recession. A southern, mountain girl, who is a free thinker.

    Ya`ll come by now, ya hear!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  74. Wow - the blog ate my comment too! Fooey.
    OK - now I've had several virtual margharitas so might be a bit forgetful but I think I brought the peach pie with the boozy fruit glaze.
    I have two blogs - one for my writing life - Crazy Jane where there is the usual Friday Challenge going on and the other is just for everything else and it is called Living the Complicated Simple Life...
    come on by and see how I'm getting ready for the hurricane.
    Jan Morrison

  75. I've posted my recipe for No Whimps Allowed Sausage Chile Con Queso over at my blog. I'll bring along some Coronas with lime. Can't wait to stop by and hang out at everyone's virtual BBQ.

  76. Bringing my homemade Philly cheesecake :D! I may only be a high schooler, but with those sliced frozen grapes it is pretty delish.

    I blog several times a month with stuff like why you shouldn't defenestrate your novel (with graphs! science!), Starbucks shenanigans, and posts crammed with resources and links on pitching and YA voices.

  77. Great idea - looks like lots of fun! Since hubby is a chef from Texas I will bring some spicy salsa and chips. (I don't cook)

    I blog about a New Englander living in the southern Appalachian Mountains - hiking, gardening, food and lots more.

  78. Thanks to the Caledonia Lass I found you all. This is fun, I'm already planning a virtual Halloween party based on this one. I hope you don't mind.

    I am bringing fresh vegetables and ranch dip and watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. I love that stuff and the store will put it together for me.

    I write fantasy. I have an epic or high fantasy that is complete and will be published by the end of the year I hope. I am also developing a short story series featuring a Phoenix. Both are series.

    I bog about writing, publishing, weight loss, Renaissance Festivals and my stories of course. Just this week I started a Hump Day Improvisation series that is fun and I ask everyone to participate. Hump Day is Wednesday and will continue.

    Come on by.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  79. Here I am at the party, greeting the kind hostess and bearing 10 bottles of Bombay Sapphire Gin. I'm ready to admire everyone's sofas...

  80. Hope I'm not too late! But then, it's never too late for a warm slice of homemade blackberry pie (pinch of cinnamon!) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream....

    I blog about whatever the hell I want, but it mostly ends up being a poetry/cooking/slice-of-life-slice-of-pie kind of thing. My home is in Seattle, but my second home (and my heart) resides in the West of Ireland. I love company!

  81. Karen, in case you haven't noticed...this idea of yours was a hit!

    Passing around the beverages. No need to shove...I've brought plenty:)

  82. Congrats on all the followers and thanks for the party! lol I think I'll bring a cake, because, after all, I am a cake decorator. Chocolate cake, with fudge icing and...raspberry filling. =)

  83. There's a platter of Cajun chicken wings on the table! What a fun party this is. I began with 125 Followers who'd hung in there with me during a 7-week absence. Emma Michael's blog hop got me to 131. Thanks to this wild party I'm at 145, my first goal and wow wow wow! But 150 tugs...yep, I love to dream!!

  84. Nice to meet you Karen. What a great BBQ! I'll bring an extra pasta salad. I'm interested in MG and YA and have been writing for about 2 years. I just started my own blog recently. It's a little about writing, books, and juggling my crazy life. Congrats on reaching the 400 mark!

  85. Thanks for the invite, I'll bring stuffed mushrooms with fresh thyme and a dash of parmesean cheese on top, I can take the tray around to each of those at the BBQ and meeting them via their blogs how fun. I started my blog Blue Starr Gallery as a way to learn and talk about my ceramics but along the way I learned I like to write and read other's blogs and my blog has evolved into more than just ceramics. The best part is I have met so many great folks around the world through blogging. Well I'm off to pass out some mushrooms. Thanks for a great post.

  86. Hi Karen, sorry I'm late... Sets plate of shish kabobs on the picnic table. Thanks for inviting me to such a wonderful barbeque. I am ready to fill my belly with lots of virtual goodies. It looks like you've got a house full of people, I'm pretty psyched about getting to know them all.

    For anyone who is interested, I will be hosting an anti-procrastination challenge for writers. I posted a thread about it on my blog today, but another will follow next week. The winner will receive a "how to" book and a box of chocolates.

  87. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the invite and I'm going to bring good old fashion New England Clam Chowder! Yummy!!
    I am from Amazing Animal Lovers Blog and I have a couple of other blogs too!
    Have a great weekend and I look forward to following your blog!

  88. I found the <a href=">Mac-n-Cheese with bacon recipe</a> I was thinking of in my comment on the previous post. We've made a similar version at home, using the boxed stuff. If anyone does want to try this, cutting the bacon with cooking sheers before cooking it works really well. It can be snipped right into the pan.

  89. Hi Karen,
    I'm your lucky 427! I just came from Suzie and Donna's party. I'm a loyal Donna fellow blogger ;) So to thank you for your invite I brought you Crème brûlée from Montreal ;)
    I hope some of your visitors come up north to visit my blog.
    Thank you and enjoy blog hopping!

  90. Claudia, Donna's wearing heels, tho, and I'm going super casual as usual :) Thanks for stopping by and being my lucky #427. I never in the world thought I'd get that high when I started blogging. I'll visit you today!

    Claire, thanks for the link cuz that mac & cheese sounds delish, and my boys will love it! mmm bacon..

    Deborah, Susie F. & Linda Starr, thanks for joining and following!! I'll be stopping by to visit your blogs today. I'm just glad this is going thru a long weekend. Already I've found so many wonderful new blogs to follow.

    Kitty, I'm pretty sure you can hit 150 soon. The more blogs you visit the more visit you back. Good luck! (Visit Kitty's blog! She tells great Louisiana stories!)

    Mise, You're awesome. Glad you're here because you have one of the most original clever blogs out there. My sofa is crap, please don't look at it.

    N.R. Williams, I don't mind at all as long as you invite me :) Another one of these at Halloween would put us all over the top of our following goals! I'll be ready to find more awesome blogs by then.

    Elliot, Now if only Oprah will call....

    T. Clear & Baby Doll, more eclectic blogs to discover, awesome! I'll be stopping by, thanks for joining the party!

  91. I joined the party all day yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I met some great new friends/bloggers. Thanks, Karen, for bringing this wonderful community together!

    I'm coming over to the BBQ again today, and bringing, again, a bowl of delicious fruit.

    I blog about writing, my soon to be published novel, my life as a caregiver to my disabled daughter, my other children and grandchildren, and how we're all in this incredible journey together.

    I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah but now live in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I love traveling about the country and the world through blogging!!!

  92. Hi Hi everybody am just getting to the party hope am not too late, am bringing frozen chocolate chip and marshmallow cookies to the party you have to heat them up to enjoy em'
    i am an aspiring writer who just started blogging last month, I just got a request for a partial (my bragging rights) so am super excited. My blog is supposed to be about my experiences as a writer but my imagination makes me digress I would love to get more followers and am super excited about finding other bloggers out there.

  93. I hope it's not too late... I have brought water bottles, should anyone be thirsty. I came from MT's blog. Seems like we're having a lot of fun!


  94. What a fab party, Karen! Oodles of food - yum! - and loads of lovely new people to meet.

    I'm dropping by from The Nut Press - - where I blog about books, chocolate, writing and life with my difficult squirrel muse, Squizzey, who has his own SquizzBlog -

    Hope no one's got a nut allergy as we've brought along a Nut Roast, Coffee and Walnut cake and some batches of Peanut cookies.

    Okay, I'm off to go mingle. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone in the US!

  95. Hi Karen! I'm way late to the party but I'll bring my favorite Trader Joe's wine, Chariot by Gypsy. But at this late time, nobody cares how the wine tastes, right?

  96. What a fun, festive idea! Okay, I will bring one of those cookie cakes with fruit and frosting on top. Yum...

    Can't wait to chat with other BBQ guests!

  97. Jennifer, way late? We're just getting started, this goes thru Monday! Because, you know, I overdo everything. Just ask my family. In fact, I'm holding myself back from going to the store for all the ingredients and ACTUALLY MAKING all this food. However, I will be fixing Krista's bbq chicken for Monday. And maybe Claire's mac & cheese with bacon. And maybe the cheese & onion dip, who's recipe was that? Mmm it looked so good.

  98. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my blog at is about being newly published (my romantic suspense novel With Good Behavior was released this summer). I discuss navigating two jobs as a psychologist and author, explore the writing process, and review books on my blog.

  99. I was lost at NC BBQ & hush puppies!! What to bring - hmmm. Homemade Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Because it's the only thing I know how to make well. Never a recipe as I make it different every time, so here's hoping it comes out alright.

    I am a romance writer somewhere between writing a new novel & querying. I am always up for learning something new, spewing it out & laughing a lot.

    My brain takes long walks on And, I'm drinking pina-coladas at pstruble on the Twitterverse.

    Thanks Karen for doing this. What a fun way to hang for the weekend.

    Happy Writing Labor To All & To All a Great Weekend.

  100. Hello, Hello! Bringing buffalo chicken dip and peach daquiri's. I am an author of steampunk romance, paranormal romance and erotic romance novels, stop by my blog to read articles on the craft, get the down low on e-publishing and some great contests and author interviews!

  101. Woohoo! Over 100 guests at the BBQ. Luckily I have brought a few beers (catch) and some bottles of pink fizz. Mind that cork!

    My blog is about my novel-to-be - research, writing, editing, sighing, crying, editing, cheering - and some odds and sods that strike me as funny along the way.

    Be a pleasure to meet new blog buddies! My blog is: A Novice Novelist

  102. I don't know about you, Karen, but being the hostess with the mostest is exhausting!

    A lot of fun though!

  103. Hi! I'm bringing a veggie omlet. Before you get carried away--it's in honor of my 33rd anniversary. To find out why go to my blog at
    I write fiction, poetry, and devotions. Currently, my newest book is out and selling well.

  104. This was such a fantastic idea!! I've already gotten 10 new followers! I brought sangria, as promised : )

    On my blog "A Novel... Hypothetically Speaking." My post Friday was a segment of my WIP called "13 at 2 am", it's a flash back to my 21 year old characters very rebellious past, seen through the eyes of her friend Lilly.

  105. I'm bringing Anzac biscuits!! Nom nom nom :) My blog is about my attempt to get my novel BirthRight Book 1 The Arrival published. I have an awesome competition at the moment for the first 500 followers so come join!! Find out my Secret! Looking forward to meeting you all :)

  106. I'm bringing twice-baked potatoes and a huge chocolate cake.
    The potatoes are for everyone else, the cake is for me!!!!!!
    My blog is about different bits of an ordinary life, but include aromatherapy, knitting, travel, kids.

  107. Hey, Karen. Nice to "meet" you. I've brought my famous dreamsicle pie to this shindig. Just glad I got here before everyone got drunk and disorderly.

    I am a single Mom of a teen and tween, living in the Midwest and I blog at about writing, reading and the things I find fascinating in life.

    Again, thanks for the invite!

  108. Yay, Karen! What a fabulous idea. I'm so excited to make some new friends.

    Reading about all this food makes me hungry. I think I'll bring my *famous* (ha ha) pasta salad with mozarella balls, fresh basil, pine nuts and avacado.

    I'm an aspiring YA writer. My blog is mostly about writing, but I also blog about my family (I have four, going on five, little kids and a dashingly handsome sidekick husband) and about avoiding housework as much as possible. My blog is called The Green Bathtub because I don't get around to cleaning the bathtub much. *grin* I'm kind of an internationally-flavored person because I grew up in Hong Kong, and just moved back to the US after eight years living in China. These details sneak into the blog from time to time, too.

    When do we start eating, Karen?


  109. Hi Karen, thanks for popping by. I was editing my post as you were commenting! Have put in a note about this wonderful party, and link to here.
    Now I need to dance off some of the food I've been eating! See you later!

  110. Karen, I had to tell you how much fun this is. We're all popping around saying we're from Karen's bbq, and everyone knows what that is! Awesome stuff, thanks.

  111. Julie, I think Labor Day weekend was the perfect time to do it. Kids have been back to school, we're all thinking about getting back to our routines after the summer of sloth. I don't know about anyone else, but it's given me a new enthusiasm for blogging, which I must admit had waned a bit in July and August.

    Mimi, I'll be back to your blog. It's delightful.

    Amy, I always wondered where the Green Bathtub came from. I never once guessed it had to do with cleanliness issues LOL. I should call my blog the Green Bathtub and Shower Stall.

    Lisa, I'm not drunk and disorderly but definitely tired and irritable. Just ask my husband. I'm about ready to sign out for the night. I'll catch you all tomorrow. I still have a lot of new followers to visit. Like you :)

  112. Wow! So many wonderful people and blogs to choose from. Since I am from the south, I'm in for biscuits.

    I only just started my blog this year and have been reporting on the writing process. I enjoy reading what others have to say, getting great advice. I have also just started posting some of my photos, since I love taking nature pictures.

    Now, I am off to visit some new people!

  113. Hi guys--I've got my promised "Book Trailer How-Tos and Resources" post up. Come on over and check it out! I still got some nummies on the barbie too! Thanks to all the new followers!

    Thinking about making a book trailer? Wondering how to keep your costs down and where to find images/footage/music? I've just blogged about my experience making my first book trailer, and compiled all my how-to knowledge and a massive resource list. Come see!

    Laura Kaye
    FOREVER FREED and HEARTS IN DARKNESS--Forthcoming this winter from The Wild Rose Press

  114. Hi Karen, I'm late to the party but I've brought chocolate cake and brownies. This is a great event for the Labor Day holiday. Congratulations on passing the 400 followers mark.

    I enjoy reading and reviewing books. I host authors and review books on my blog Thoughts in Progress.

    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful event.

    Thoughts in Progress

  115. This has been so much fun Karen! I am going to bring more food because it looks like you have so many people to feed. :) How about another recipe from my book blog? Hmm, let's eat some Fairy Touched Calico Brownies.

  116. Thanks Karen, this is some party! Strawberries and champagne?

  117. 'Lettuce us be writers' really tickled me!
    I started my own blog last month
    and it's a new world to me like a smorgasbord of delights visiting and following others writerly musings.
    I've got a novel and a short story on the go at the mo'. Madeleine x

  118. I posted on the other one, but I'll post here too. And this time I'll add that I'm bringing peanut butter brownies. Mmm. Though, I'm not a good baker so I may stop at the store and buy them:/

    Stop over at my blog! I talk about writing, motherhood, and that magical thing called sanity (I've yet to find)...

  119. A great BBQ, a real feast! But don't see any crawfish on the table. Back in a sec with a platter. And, I've reached 150 Followers, cooking away in the kitchen, hoping to reach 160.

  120. I'll bring the Double Chocolate Zuchinni Cake, Tons of calories but when chocolate's involved, who cares!

    My blog is about my writings in several genres as well as things, people, etc that inspire and help me in my journey that may help you. Check out my latest comment about how an insect inspired a story revision.

  121. What an incredible party! Thank you so much Karen. I've found loads of wonderful blogs - and still a fair many to explore!

    My own blog has jumped to 95 followers in just 2 days - I'm going to have to start planning something for lucky 100!!

  122. We stopped back by to meet the late arrivals bringing blackened salmon for the grill. We came earlier as Carolina Mts but wanted to add our cat blog - for cat lovers extraordinaire!

    We cared for a colony of feral cats and took them all with us when we moved recently, building a shelter for them and taking the older ones indoors. Stop by to met them, learn about feral cats and holistic health tips.

  123. Here I am at last for a quick stop before I go visiting some new blogs! I made some delicious chutney so I'm adding that to my party food pack.

  124. I'm coming to the party via Mimi and Catherine in Ireland - even though I'm in Canada! Hope I'm not to late to get some of that great BBQ food. I'm bringing some fudgy brownies- for recipe scroll way down on my blog page at 'Hookin, Knittin, Livin'
    Off to schmooze!

  125. Hey,

    This is my first Labor Day party, virtual or otherwise. (I'm English, but am currently living in Scotland). To celebrate, I have bought cocktails!

    I blog about my writing, life, books, love and recently a little bit of interior design. I also tend to throw in the odd film review. Would love you to stop by!

    Now, anyone want one of those cocktails?

  126. A cyber barbecue! Love it. We'll bring black beans and rice and Cuban coffee.

    We're both published authors who blog about synchronicity, writing, books.

  127. fantastic party!

    i'm a louisiana girl transplanted to delaware for a few years - now headed back to the land of magnolias and bayous - so i'm bringing some steaming "hot water cornbread" [fried in cast iron, of course] and my own little recipe of butterscotch/chocolate fudge!

    check out all of my blogs - is a conglomeration of things and includes a lot of my own poetry - from there, you can click over to my poetry blog at the gypsy on words unspoken for a bigger taste of my work - then, jump over to the gypsy's travel journal for a touch of things metaphysical and be sure to visit the yaya tree, a major work in progress, which is my genealogical history -

    and by the way, i'm the #1 fan of trish and rob macgregor [comment above] both as bloggers and as authors - so you need to grab a bite and then run not walk over to their synchronicity blog! oh, and grab a drink to take as well, cause you'll be there a while! :)

  128. Cornbread? Anyone? You gonna eat your CORNBREAD?

    Follow my journey into the Published Land...
    and I'll follow yours.


  129. Okay, I have to take a break here and go make real food for a real BBQ tomorrow. This has been a blast. I met some great people. Karen, you are just so wonderful and so brilliant.

  130. what a great idea, a cyber-BBQ. perfect for me since it's hot here in AZ and who wants to picnic outside? i'll bring my sweet and sour beans - several kinds of beans soaked in a vinegar/brown sugar marinade/sauce type thing, with bits of bacon, all cooked for a few hours in a slow cooker. yum.

    i'm an indie fantasy author and i blog about writing, life, etc.

  131. Here I am, back on this lovely Sunday. Beating rain woke me up at 6. Now, the weather man says it's 55 out, but I know he's lying because I had to get a SWEATER!!!! It's chilly out there - bringing some chamomile tea to dispel the rain & soothe my shivers.

  132. HI!
    I am bringing a 7 layer taco dip with nachos... so yummy. My bglog is about art quilting. I would love you to drop by, and really love if you joined up to follow. I have some exciting stuff happening this fall.

  133. I just got in and want to say welcome to the new people here joining on the last 2 days of the BBQ. Wow you guys are bringing some fantastic food, I am salivating over my keyboard. Hopefully the rest of the gang isn't too worn out to visit what looks like some amazing blogs. I'll be by this evening, and tomorrow too! Welcome and I look forward to seeing you all at your blogs.

  134. Yo! I'd bring good Hawaii local food! Not fancy stuff, GOOD stuff like musubi wrapped in celophane, and rice noodles, and garlic chicken and kim chee fried rice, and mangoes and small bananaz (apple bananas) y'all aint never seen at the hotel. So I'm bloggin every day from Waikiki with plannny pics and stuff. My blog is called COMFORT SPIRAL; so come glide into your daily Hawaii vacation and become a FRIEND!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  135. Woohoo. I am going to bring my all time favorite food-chips and salsa.

  136. Oops, posted on the one before but I'll post it here too.

    Hello! I'm new to this and new here. Stopped on by from Confessions of a California Cheer Mom (new there, too! :))

    This sounds like so much fun! Can I bring something? How about shrimp stuffed with stuffing and wrapped with bacon to throw on the grill? So yummy!! :)

    So far, I just blog about my life. I know, sounds boring, but that's all I have. lol I'm fairly new to the whole blogging thing so I'm just getting started.

    Love your blog and great idea!

  137. Yay, Karen! This is such a good idea. I'm going to bring caribou shiskabobs and Italian sodas, because those are some things I've brought to block BBQs before. Also, because I'm a foodie (thing about me #1) and like to be different, because, hey!, I'm a writer and we usually are (thing #2).

    Now I'm off to meet new friends. (Thanks to my long-time friend Karen for such a great idea!)

  138. I'm a vegetarian, so I'll bring vegetarian 4 x 2 soup (dip)...It's awesome! meat substitute, minestrone soup, kidney beans, rotel, velvetta cheese served with corn chips. I hope everyone enjoys!

    Now I'm off to meet some new friends....

  139. hi miss karen! wow you got a ton of food for this party. im gonna eat til im soooo stuffed i could fall right over. ha ha. i got here from miss jackees blog. it was hard understanding her cause she was busy eating a bunch of stuff from off your blog. :) im lenny and im 10. im gonna be 11 in october. im a writer i mean im trying to be a good writer. i got lots of fun stuff on my blog. miss sharon right here on the posts and me are critique partners. :) i hope you could come visit me. oh im bringing some jerk chicken some fried plantain and a big jug of lemonade to the party. im bring some balloons and fireworks too. we can toss water balloons at each other if its a hot day. we could have blog teams.
    ...smiles from lenny

  140. This sounds like a great party! Since I'm Brazilian, I'm bringing some caipirinhas, that's for sure!
    I'm a women's fiction writer and avid reader. You can learn more on my blog, . And I'm also on twitter! @gabilessa

    Cheers to all!

  141. I did try to join in the other day, but my comment seems to have evaporated :-(

    I write about my self-publishing experience and life Downunder in Oz.

    I'll bring some seafood, probably some nice flathead fillets to chuck on the BBQ.

  142. Thank you to Kittie Howard for bringing me here! I'm bringing the beef and wine casserole from - it's absolutely delicious. I'll also bring a pavlova from Australia.

  143. I forgot to describe my blogs! I have many different ones. The most popular is the one about royalty and the aristocracy. I also write one about the Edwardian age. My book review blog is also great fun to write.

    I've been neglecting the last two, I'm afraid. One is about favourite things and opinions and the other is about eczema.

  144. Hi, I'm Eddie Bluelights.

    With all that partying going on at your cyber BBQ I think you need an ex ambulanceman (hence the Bluelights) with a huge sense of humour, and also someone to keep you all amused with some creative writing LOL.

    I'm a Brit and a great friend of that lovely southern Cajun gal, Marguerite, of Cajun Delights, a brilliant cook, writer and great bloggy friend, who has just emailed me to tell me all about you. "Eddie! contact my new friend KarenG immediately!" she said - so here I am. I could bring some fish and chips with lashings of ketchup because I doubt whether you will have any of that!! LOL. Failing that I would be pleased to bring roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, a fav in dear old England.

    Oh and I run an weekly interview column on my blog, Clouds and Silvery Linings, and I am looking for LOTS of new people for the feature.

    My very best wishes, Eddie

  145. My latest post is a smoked Brisket! with burnt end sandwiches. I am a food blogger, I used to specialize in just BBQ and grilling, but I recently spent 6 months in the US Virgin Isles, without a grill. So, bread and circuses for me.

  146. Hi Karen
    I think my last comment went into hyperspace. Must have pressed the wrong key.
    What a great idea a cyper BBQ and a great way to meet new friends.
    I am a Brit and an ex-ambulanceman.
    My blog is Clouds and Silvery Linings and I do a little humorous creative writing on my blog plus some real life events. I also host a weekly interview column.
    I am a bloggy friend of Marguerite who you 'met' recently.
    I think I will bring some cucumber sandwiches and anything else from England you would like.
    Hope to see you soon - Eddie

  147. Karen, what an awesome party! Thanks so much for hosting. I went from 48 followers to 70! woo-hoo! And thanks for your comments on my blog design.

    For you and your readers -- I did discover that if you change to the new blogger templates you lose your google analytics tracking. You have to go in and re-edit the template to add your tracking code. So I don't know how many visitors I got on Friday, but I'm guessing upwards of 100.

    I still have some party hopping to do -- and will be back to do that.

  148. Wow, what a great party!

    My name is gabi and I'm so excited to be here. I brought margaritas made from a super-secret, super-delicious recipe.

    As for my blog: I blog about all things related to writing. Right now I'm hosting a month-long blog project called DIY MFA (Do-It-Yourself MFA in creative writing).

    Feel free to drop by and join in the DIY MFA fun (the more the merrier!)

  149. I'm late to the party...but I'm bringing coleslaw! What BBQ is complete without colesalw! I was out of town for the weekend and learned about your party when one of your party-goers became my 49th state in my quest to join up with a blogger in every US state and country. Thank you so much for that!

    I hang out here:
    if you ever want to stop by and say hello. :)

  150. I have found so many AMAZING blogs I'd never seen before. This is the best idea Ive seen. Major kudos to you, Karen! And the cyber food is delicious. I haven't gained an ounce.

  151. This is incredible! I may be a little late, but that's not stopping me from clicking away at some of these blogs. Thanks for hosting this!

    Stories In The Ordinary

  152. Such a fun idea! Hope I'm not too late!

    Let's see, I'd bring my banana pudding cake (which you can find at my household-blog Miscellany Shortcuts. This blog is mostly recipes, but also has the rare product review and green cleaning recipe.

    My main blog is Cerebral Lunch Box. It's a combination of personal blog, book review, and writing journal.

    Hope you stop by! Thanks for the BBQ, such a great idea!

  153. I saw that the dessert table was getting low, so I just popped in to drop off a Chocolate-Praline Cheesecake, some Nanny's Strawberry Shortcake, and a big tray of my Pecan Pie Brownies! Enjoy!

    Merci beaucoup, Karen, for being such a fabulous hostess. I'm having an absolute blast! Cheers!

  154. How about some Ginger Ale to aid in digesting the amazing spread you've all brought to the virtual table? Okay, and some Espresso Brownies to keep the party going :)

    Thanks so much for hosting, Karen! I have a blog over at

    It's mainly a resource blog aimed at MG/YA writers, but has links to query tips, etc. that are applicable to anybody.

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

  155. Wow, what a great idea. Hmmm...Let's see, I'd have to bring my potato salad. It's good stuff. Not the most healthy thing to eat, but it's good for the soul.

    Lately I've been blogging alot about weight loss, but I also blog about political news and other general social faux pas. My blog is called Inappropriate Remarks and from time to time you'll find just that in the posts.

  156. Since we are all stuffed to the gills with everyone's offerenings, I think I'll make a decorative platter of multicolored rolaids to surround my homemade sangria (extra fruit, of course).

    My blog is and it's a personal blog that started after my divorce as I began searching for my missing self. Like the name suggests, I'm trying to find my bliss and writing has always been a large part of my happiness.

  157. Holy Cow Karen I have to say I'm in awe of you!!!! 155 comments? I think you should be the one to be part of the blog trifecta Elana, Alex and I have done this week!!!

    This was so much fun! What an awesome idea thank you again for such the opportunity of meeting new people.

  158. Oh yes I need to get over there and check out the blog trifecta. My internet keeps popping off. Very frustrating when I have all these new partiers to meet grrr! Right now I'm hooked up to a cord as the wireless isn't working. I'll get around to visit you all hopefully today. Thanks for all the yummy food everyone is bringing. Today I'm actually grilling Krista Jensen's bbq chicken. It's marinating as we speak.

  159. Oh my. See what you almost miss when you go away on vacation? So much good food and camaraderie!

    Hi Karen, I found your BBQ through Francine's blog, what a great idea! I'm a late arrival, so I brought delectable Reese's Peanut Butter pie drizzled with chocolate syrup. I once heard you could never have enough desert. :)

    My blog is That Rebel with a Blog. In it I share about the vagaries of writing and my life as a vagabond plus cat. I am currently working on a Southern Women's fiction set in the moonshining, chicken farming North Georgia mountains. I recently started a second novel, a Southern fantasy.

    I'll be venturing out to meet the rest of the partiers!

    Thanks so much, that rebel, Olivia

  160. Hi, Karen,

    The BBQ draws to a close. Girl, you threw one fantastic party. I want to thank you for coming up with the idea, all the work that went into making it a success, and most importantly, for having such a big heart. I've met some wonderful bloggers with super blogs, treasures all. And, thanks to the warmth out there, I met my goal. Now have 160 Followers, began with 131. Karen, thank you!

  161. Ditto what Kittie just said, Karen. I exceeded my goal. I was just hoping to reach 20 (up from 4) and I now have 22!!

  162. This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. Trying again to post a comment, Karen, after two attempts this morning disappeared into Hyperspace, perhaps to be intercepted by little green men.

    I love the idea of a cyber BBQ.
    I will bring anything I can lay my hands on from little olde England where I dwell. Yes I am a Brit! Anyone for fish and chips? How about roast beef and Yorkshire pudding? Bangers and Mash? Traditional English Breakfast with lashings of lovely collestrol? LOL

    I am a retired ambulanceman with a new hip joint! Almost back to normal after 6 months. How about that?

    I am a friend of Marguerite who I am sure will provide me with a good reference and can vouch for my good character as an English gentleman and one who always makes her laugh. What a wonderful cook is that gal!

    My blog is about humour and creative writing plus some real life stories and events.

    And . . . I host a popular weekly interview called The Sunday Roast.

    I am looking for zillions of new bloggy pals.
    My speciality is making people laugh!

    Hope third time is lucky to get this comment into its final resting place on your blog!

    I have signed onto your blog already.

    Best wishes
    Eddie at Clouds and Silvery Linings

  164. Trying again Karen after two attempts this morning disappeared into Hyperspace.

    I love the idea of a cyber BBQ.
    I will bring anything I can lay my hands on from little olde England where I dwell. Yes I am a Brit! Anyone for fish and chips? How about roast beef and Yorkshire pudding?

    I am a retired ambulanceman with a new hip joint! How about that?
    My blog is about humour and creative writing plus some real life stories and events.

    And . . . I host a weekly interview called The Sunday Roast.

    Hope third time is lucky!
    I have signed onto your blog.

    Best wishes
    Eddie at Clouds and Silvery Linings

  165. Oh, jeez, I'm late. Hopefully, not too late! I made my way here via the good graces of Marguerite at Cajun Delights, and also Angie at GUMBO WRITER, so its fitting that I would be bringing a big pot of gumbo!

    I have two blogs, Irish Gumbo (where I write fiction/creative non-fiction/essays/poetry) and Oncatography (where I take pictures of light and shadow and stuff).

    An architect by training, someday I will be the writer I think I always wanted to be. Oh, and a photographer.

    Very pleased to meet everyone! Quite a party!

    Irish Gumbo

  166. I'm barely making the cut-off! Just happened on this site from Linda Grimes' blog, and am getting hungry for second dinner reading all the comments!

    I'm definitely bringing wine. Lots and lots of crisp white :) And maybe throwing in my famous tacos, because I'm a good southern girl like that.

    In my blog, "It's the World, Dear" I give a glimpse of what it's really like to be a penniless, post-grad writer in New York City, getting by on nannying, freelancing and, okay, Franzia.

    Don't worry - the white wine I'm bringing to the BBQ costs a million dollars. Give or take.

  167. I just hopped over from Amy Sonnichsen's blog and am I afraid I might be too late for the party. I hope not! : )

    Since I'm so late, I plan on making us all mochas and lattes so we can stay up later and hang out. We'll need some dark chocolate and biscotti to truly enjoy the coffee.

    My blog is called "Everyday Becky" and is about not missing the joys of everyday life. I've just written a book about miscarriage and recently started blogging about my dreams of writing fiction.

    Thanks, Karen for a great party. Next time, I'll try to get here early enough to bring an appetizer.

  168. Wow, this is a fantastic BBQ! My blog is fairly new and about writing, reading, muses, and the occassional commercial critique - oh, and there will definitely be contests!

    I'm bringing grilled sweet peppers stuffed with cheese and other yummy stuff. (These are so awesome)

  169. I cannot finish a party like this without loads of watermelon. I think I have two dozen. The problem is that I think I have gained 10 pounds this weekend just reading about all this great food.

    I'm Karen G's husband and have enjoyed the food fun and all the great people who have dropped by. Sorry, I don't blog, but I do read some of yours.

  170. hello! i am a new author with a historical fiction novel being released by touchstone simon and schuster on feb 1, 2011. i live back and forth between hawaii and london and would absolutely bring coconuts to your bbq as i seem to have become a coconut junkie in the last few years.

    this is a wonderful idea and i am so glad i found you all!

  171. Hi there! I am bringing chocolate soup. You're going to love it! Only three fattening ingredients involved. :)

    Over at Writing from the Wrogan, I write about writing, but of course! I say all writers have a special organ, the wrogan, that gives us our hunger for words. I post quotes from books on writing, ways to apply their advice, my own struggles with my YA fantasy WIP, and some rants and raves about the writing life.

    Nice to meet you and thanks for all the great food everyone!

  172. Marquerite sent me. I'll bring a blueberry crisp.

    My blog is Midlife Jobhunter. Posts cover a host of topics regarding life in the middle. Come visit and thanks for the invite.

  173. Hi Again Karen

    Thank you for your comment and I am pleased we 'met'one another in Blogland and I am sure your hubby and I would be great friends as you say. Fancy him speaking like a Brit with a 'posh' voice. Is he good at it? I can speak like an American provided I am drinking Kentucky Bourbon. I'm not sure whether it is a Northern or Southern accent.

    Oh I made a mistake about my age! Don't tell the others but add 5 years !!

    I see my original efforts at trying to make cyberspace contact did not fail after all. Perhaps they were just trapped in a time warp or the little green men do not want to read my commments and forwarded them to your blog an totally incomprehensible LOL.

    I just love the idea of your BBQ and must contact a few people on your list.

    I run two blogs:
    Clouds and Silvery Linings as you have found.

    The other is called Plato's Procrastinations

    where I show amusing YouTubes of some of our well known British comedians and some nice music.

    On my Clouds blog I write about a number of topics such as:

    Why women say 20,000 words a day to a man's 7000.
    Why women can mulitask better than us.
    Why men can run faster than women.

    Oh and lots more:

    With all this talk about food I am inclined to write some posts about some of our Great British recipes including:

    Tripe and Onions - ugggh it's awful!
    Haggis - a Scottish favourite
    Faggots - pigs intestines, rather like Haggis.
    Lancashire Hotpot
    Irish Stew
    Cornish Pasties
    Welsh Rarebit

    All done the Eddie way, extemely well done, in fact usually ending up as a burnt offering!

    Anyway I hope this comment will attract a few more brave people into my den.

    Best wishes

  174. Wow, everyone's bringing really yummy dishes! I'm bringing the first meal I ever cooked for my husband: Grilled chicken with apple cider sauce, wild rice and steamed asparagus!

    I'm blogging about my writing process and the road to know what I mean. There's a summary and a rough draft of the first three pages of my manuscript.

    Like my Facebook page too!

  175. i'm actually going to a physical bbq this weekend for a friend's stag, so i'll bring what i'm bringing to that: steak, Jack Daniels, and beer!!

    my blog is:

    i'm an author, so i blog about writing, but i try to make it entertaining (like adding celebrity stuff) and use a lot of pics!


Comments are welcome!