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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to Get a LOT of New Blog Followers

Want more followers for your blog? Well listen up, because I'm having a PARTY! An American tradition is to have a barbecue on Labor Day weekend, to celebrate the workers of the world and the end of summer. So my end of summer celebration, the ALMOST to the END of the Lettuce be Writers Contest Countdown is going to be a BIG BBQ BLOG PARTY.

Some of you remember Nicola Morgan's birthday blog party at the beginning of the year. It will be patterned after that-- a chance for all of us to hang out and get to know each other better and visit each other's blogs. Nicola's was awesome, and I met some great blogger friends who are still my faves. And writers love to blog so  LETTUCE BLOG!!

 LETTUCE     WRITE  Top Three: Clarissa Draper, Jennie Bailey & Jennifer Soehnlin

 LETTUCE     READ    Congratulations to Jessica Bell for winning Like Bees to Honey.

 LETTUCE     BLOG    Join the Labor Day Weekend BBQ Blog Party

 LETTUCE     QUERY   Congratulations to winner Candace Ganger for the best query out of 30 entries.

    SHARE   Jemi won Farm Girl & Leah won Uncut Diamonds


 LETTUCE     BUY BOOKS  Congratulations to winner Susan Kaye Quinn: Life, Liberty and Pursuit

 LETTUCE     REVIEW BOOKS  Book Review of Freak Observer by Blythe Woolston

 LETTUCE     HOLD & ENTER CONTESTS  Name the Contest Winner: A.L. Sonrichsen from The Green Bathtub

Here's how it works. If you're a follower on my blog, (if not, join now!) you make a comment, say what food you're bringing to the BBQ, what you blog about, and invite people to come visit you. Then you go visit at least 3 new blogs, leave a comment and follow if you like it. Hopefully everyone will find a whole lot more than 3 they want to visit and follow. It's a fun way to find new blogs and get new followers. The more you comment & follow, the more commenters and followers you'll get. When I participated in Nicola's blog party, my follower count practically doubled in 24 hours. It's a great opportunity to expand for new bloggers. For those of us who have been around awhile and might even be getting a little bored with it, it can provide a new lease on our blogging life.

To prepare for the party, you might want to spiff things up, like focus on your platform, make sure your font is easy to read, that you have an interesting bio and post to attract comments and followers. I plan on doing a bit of remodeling on mine, actually looking forward to an excuse to change a few things. In fact, I already started by changing profile photos.

The BBQ Blog Party will begin this Friday and continue through Monday. Not that any Labor Day BBQ I've ever attended went longer than a day, but hey it's the internet, we make up our own rules here, right?

Again, here's how it works:

* Be a follower here

* Mention in your comment  what food you'll bring, what you blog about and any other pertinent info you'd like to share

* Go to at least 3 new blogs of commenters and say hi. Follow if you like it

* I'll check the comments all weekend, visit as many as I can, and follow if I'm not already.

Sound like fun? I think so! Okay, then, see you on Friday!

Oh, and please click the twitter or facebook icon at the end of this post to invite others to the party. The more we have, the more new followers everyone can find.


  1. I'm bringing roasted corn-on-the-cob (yum!) and I'll be talking about geeky ways to use Wordle to improve your MS (beyond frequent words!).

    Are you going to have a Mr. Linky to make the blog-hopping easy?

    Great idea!!

  2. What a wonderful idea!

    To start the sweet round, I shall bring carrot cake.
    I will be prattling on about Publishing and all the new tidbits I've been picking up.

    Do we do this now, or at the party?

  3. Fun!
    Bringing my mom's famous NY style marinated chicken for the grill.
    I'll be posting on the experience of being a new author, book reviews, and a little neurosis thrown in!

    Thanks, Karen. Hope the weather's nice!

  4. Susan, mmm corn on the cob is my favorite! No Mr. Linky, but when someone clicks on your name, it goes to Blogger profile, so everyone will need to check to make sure their BLOG is listed on your profile page. Otherwise you'll get a lot of profile views, but no blog visitors. How sad would that be :(

    Zoe, I love your blog. I'm so glad you're coming to the party so others can find your wonderful tidbits about publishing. Come back at some point during the long weekend and make another comment, because that post will be the one that everyone should glean for new blogs to follow.

    Krista, looking forward to seeing you there with that wonderful, will the recipe be on your blog too?

  5. Fun! What a delightful idea. :)

    I'll bring my favorite spinach dip in a bread bowl.

    Who knows what I'll be posting about... I just wing it. I have yet to bank/schedule a single post.

    Happy Sept. 1st!

  6. Great idea, Karen. I'm a bit bummed my Follower count doesn't really jump, pluse there are quite a few blogs I follow/who follow me that rarely post or have bloggers have just let them be. I know my Louisiana stories are regional, but, hey, I like to feel the love, too!

    So I'll bring a bowl of potato salad (light mayo).

    I'd already planned to pass on a couple of awards, so this works nicely.

  7. This Blog BBQ is a great idea! I'm bringing a red-skinned potato salad. [If you're interested, the recipe is at]

    My biweekly blog is about writing and writers, reading and readers, and the publishing journey, with a focus on gifted kids, vintage fiction, and book suggestions for different ages.

    Drop on by — I'll visit you, too.

    P.S. If you want to comment with the recipes for what you're bringing to the party, I won't stop you. :)

  8. layinda, Oo great idea, sharing recipes! I'm addicted to recipes. Ok let's face it I'm addicted to food.

    Kitty, I love your Louisiana stories! Hope more people can discover your fun blog.

    Lola, now I know the party will be fun with you and your shoes in attendance!

  9. Great idea Karen. I too participated in Nicola's party. It was such fun. That is where I met you too!

    I will bring a mixed berry and kiwi pavlova. Lots of fresh berries and cream. Light and delicious.

    I have no clue what I will be blogging about a day in life as it happens I suppose is the best way to describe my blog posts.

  10. Great idea, Karen. I'll be thinking about what to bring.

  11. Awesome idea, Karen.

    It is festival season in India, so I will bring some sinfully fattening Indian sweets- you can't stop at just one, but virtual calories don't count, do they?

    And I blog about my kids, India, education, and random this and that. Oh, and I will be bringing my camera along too.

    Coffee Rings Everywhere

  12. I'll bring the watermelon!

    I blog about my writing journey and my quest to find an agent.

    My blog was just overhauled last night so it looks all purty for you all! :)

  13. How fun!!

    I'm bringing chicken wings!! (that my hubby marinated and grilled) :)

  14. Hooray for another blog party!

    I'm bringing garlic. I know that sounds weird, but when it's put on the BBQ wrapped in aluminum foil, the garlic softens up and you can spread it on everything. So good!

    I blog about the quest to become published, substitute teaching, and life. Right now, I have a contest to win a signed copy of Mockingjay.

  15. Fun! I have two days to figure out what I'm bringing and what to blog about. If I'm gonna have company, I ought to punch up Friday's post a bit...the scheduled one is okay, but I can do better!

  16. Great idea, Karen!

    I'll bring some drinks and mango-peach salsa!!

    Who knows what I'll blog about. Probably about getting licked by kittens when falling asleep...

  17. Oh ho! I'm a little computer illiterate and this is the first time I've completely understood how to participate in a one of these. (Yay for no Mr. Linky - sorry Susan).

    I'll be back on Friday with Paula Deen's sweet chicken bacon wraps and a new comment about what I blog.

    Thanks for the fun idea!

  18. This is a great idea! I'm excited to participate! I'll meet you here on Friday!

  19. What a GREAT idea Karen! I'll bring CUPCAKES and banoffee pie. And Red Twizzlers. YUM! Can't wait!

  20. I'm bringing bacon/ranch potatoes and fresh-squeezed lemonaide!!!

    I always, always, always blather on about my offspring, the stupid things my husband says and everything New Medicine, because they all contribute to the kind of writer I am (zany)!

  21. I'm getting hungry reading what everybody's bringing!

    I think I'll contribute lemon bars. They're sweet and creamy and just say summer to me :)

    I blog about books I read, the writing process and life in the small town of Solvang.

  22. Kewl. I'm bringing the food of the gods, potato salad. And I'm doing a whole series about blogging next week with two other "seasoned" bloggers. Should be fun!

  23. I'll spice it up and bring some pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris! While we're sipping on some summertime beverages, I'll tell you about the up's and down's of dating and my quest to find the roadmap out of Singledom. Check it out at

    Can't wait to follow some more great bloggers!

  24. Crap! Let me plan out some blog posts and I'll get back to you. (Because at this point, I have no idea what I'm even blogging about tomorrow.)

  25. Alex, you have til Friday to figure it out and why worry? All your posts are good. You could talk about what you watched on TV last weekend and make it interesting.

  26. Oh wait, not even til Friday, this is going all weekend, folks, so you can chime in on Sunday or Monday and still get in on the fun. (and the followers!)

  27. Oh no! I'm going to have to be the lame relative who has a "previous engagement": I'm spending the long weekend (plus two days) at the beach. I'll be thinking of you all, though!

  28. Awesome! I'm also planning to host a blog party this weekend - if I can get my arse in gear! - and so I'll link to yours as well, Karen.

    Twice the fun, twice the virtual food!

  29. Okay, I'll take care of the vegetarians in the group and bring some veggie burgers and veggie dogs. So hmmm... What is my blog about? Honestly, it my way to distract myself from writing by posting random thoughts on just about anything except writing. See you Friday!

  30. I don't know if anyone is bring coleslaw but I love the stuff so I'll bring that.

    What do I blog about? Writing, reading, forensics, body language, revising... and everything else.


  31. Thanks for hosting such a fun party Karen. Put me down for shish kabobs.

    I'm still considering what I want to post about. I'll take a day and get back to you.

  32. Ooooh BBQ and blog party! I'll bring the erm.... tofu sausages and nut burgers !Hooorah I hear you cry! LOL!

    I blog about my cat Charlie. Sorry!

    take care

  33. ...a barbecue isn't a barbecue without the beverage. Hard iced-tea and a case or three of Michelob is on order!

  34. Can't wait for this BBQ--how fun. I'm bringing a vinaigrette pasta salad made with shell pasta and big chunky onion, tomatoes, and green peppers.

    I blog on the journey toward becoming a published author, and everything that entails. By Friday, I'll be blogging on my experiences making my first book trailer.

  35. Apparently I have to bring the meat.

    Big red juicy steaks, marinated for the last three days.

    And I bring the cutlery for using such.

  36. Karen, finally! a "lettuce" event that was made for me! And yes, I remember Nicola's party, which was where I first met you, and you sure have done a fabulous job with your blog since then!

    Okay, I'm bringing allergen-free coleslaw.

    Can I participate with more than one blog?

  37. This sounds like a great idea. I'll bring a fresh fruit salad; watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and pineapple. Though mac-n-cheese with bacon and onions sound good, so I'll bring that to :)

    I'll participate with my writing blog (Claire's Writing Log - I have more than one blog on my account). I usually blog about various writing craft related topics, with occasional posts about how my novels are coming along. I also have my character conflict series I keep meaning to get started.

  38. Colette, sure why not do two blogs? I still remember everyone I met through Nicola's party. That was when I went from my timid nothing blog to a brave new world LOL, thanks to all those like yourself who were so friendly and welcoming.

  39. Count me in! I'm bring Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Peach and Mint Salsa (because I'm in San Antonio, where tacos fit every occasion!).

    And I'll be writing a shiny new post between now and then. Great idea Karen!

  40. What a great idea! I'll bring some, hmm, anyone want some borek? It's the Turkish version of spanakopita. Cheese or spinach or meat filled, yum yum!
    I blog about writing, the ups and downs and inspirations, post snips, host contests... I've also got a knitting blog!

  41. A boot load of ranch-raised bison burgers--no buns though. We can eat them wrapped in lettuce leaves with big slabs of September tomatoes. Maybe some peaches on the grill, too, with homemade vanilla ice cream.

    I'll participate on (aka daydreams and squat all)

  42. I didn't notice anyone bringing meat! I'll bring marinated London Broil for the grill. I write about (and photograph) life in coastal New England, and my mid-life reinvention as a freelance business writer after a corporate downsizing.

  43. Oh my gosh! Great Idea! I'll bring the cookies. Now I have to figure out what to write about! Maybe keeping a positive attitude. =)

  44. Hey, Karen! What fun! I'll bring the ice because you never have enough ice--even if someone else is bringing some...

    I'm hosting a debut novelist on my blog, so folks check out her interview and happy holiday! :o)

  45. So many yummy dishes already I hope you have room for a little taste of the Caribbean. I'm
    bringing a Rumberry pie I blog about food and family.

  46. Party! Party! Love this idea. I'll bringmargaritas for all!

  47. Um, that was supposed to be "bring margaritas for all." No, I haven't had any yet.

  48. Fantabulous idea! I'll bring my famous flourless chocolate torte and some red wine to wash it down (maybe not traditional BBQ food, but it's soooo yummy!).

    I'll be posting the haiku for my Haiku Blogfest!

  49. Sounds great! Shame we don't have Labo(u)r Day over here in the UK, although our Mayday holiday is similar. ANyway, looking forward to it. I've been lurking throughout your incredibly active summer of blogging. It will be lovely to get involved.

    Can I just bring drinks?

  50. Oh what a great idea. I so miss Labour Day celebrations now that I've moved to England. Ok I'll bring pumpkin pie and green tomato marmalade (yes really) and will mostly be talking about autism and my writing.

  51. Too bad we can't do this in person. Sounds like we'd have a lot of great food to share!

  52. Colette, yes that's just what I was thinking! And I have such a big house and a huge back yard, now I'm really sad that this isn't a real party where we can all meet each other and taste all the delicious food and drink!! This way there's no calories LOL.

    DJ, And how about some of that chutney you've been making?

    Simon, Glad you're going to get involved :)

  53. Just found this blog through Maybe Genius, and love the idea of the potluck. I may have to try it someday.

    As tbe crazy Sicilian that thinks she's a southern belle I would make prailines...lots of them. Okay, so I actually have three batches in my freezer and thought they would be useful!

    Cheers and happy following!

  54. This sounds interesting, and fun. I'll drop in over the weekend. I love meeting new people. I'll bring a bowl filled with fresh fruit--strawberries, kiwi, melons, etc.

  55. What a fun idea!! Since I don't have a picnic to go to, I'll come and bring coleslaw:))
    My blog is about writing and that fun road to getting a book published:)

  56. What a cute idea!!! I'd love to bring potato salad, a nice hot day with something nice and cold!!!

    My blog is about writing and the road to publishing :)

  57. I make a mean Sangria.. I blog about writing my very first novel: Rebel in Remission. I talk about awesome writing advice I get from around the web, sources of inspiration and how they play into my writing, and I post excerpts from my WIP

  58. I like your idea.
    And now that I read the posts, I'm hungry!

    I'm bringing grilled veggies (a new family recipe)and to balance the good with the sinful, I'll bring mint chocolate brownies.

    My blog is about my writing journey, book reviews and other book/writing related misc.

  59. Great idea. I'll bring my world famous spaghetti and garlic bread.

    I blog about the latest and greatest in the world of theoretical physics and discoveries manking may be on the cusp of discovering. I also blog about writing, publishing, promoting, and selling your books as well as latest developments in the publishing world.

    Okay, so I'm off to mingle and meet new blogging friends. Hope to see many f you stop by my blog too. Have a great holidat weekend.

    Stephen Tremp

  60. I'll bring the lemonade ... and the even better sweet tea vodka lemonade. Summer may be ending, but the drink of summer can still reign for one more weekend.

    I blog about life, pop culture, the writing process, my cats, and occasionally the MFA scene though I'm trying to move away from that.

    This weekend, my blog "Speak Coffee to Me" will run an Ad of the Week--a Saturday staple--and some commentary on a writing how-to book I've been reading and an online article of the same nature.

    Recently, the blog has featured funny and snarky posts on pet peeves, jeggings, funny videos, talk about urban fantasy novels, and the writing process.

  61. I can't wait to visit everyone's blogs, it's been awhile since I had a lot of time to read & comment, so I'm really looking forward to the opportunity. Good thing Labor Day is a four day weekend! I know there are some of my followers that I haven't visited their blogs or followed back. Hopefully I can remedy that. Please add your comment this weekend and join the party! Now I'm going into blogger design and spiff up the place, another thing I haven't done in a while. Exciting! Thank to everyone for joining the Blog Party BBQ!

  62. Sounds awesome! I'll be bringing Tiger Prawns wrapped in Prosciutto and grilled with BBQ sauce. I mostly blog about writing and querying but I also throw some silly personal stuff in from time to time.

    When does this start again?

  63. Matthew, Starts tomorrow, but I'll link back to this post for all those eager beavers who gave their pitches here LOL.

  64. You all are making me hungry! Somehow, the fish sticks I was planning for dinner doesn't sound so good now. (not that it ever did, but hey, it's easy!). lol.

    So, I'll bring lemon crunch cake. I blog about writing, share the ups and downs of my venture as an Indie author, do some book reviews, and gush about my favorite tv show. If you want to know what that is, you'll have to come see my blog. ;-)

  65. Hi! Well, in my family no one trusts me with anything other than the rolls, so I will bring the dinner rolls. :)

    My blog is new, as I just recently decided to take the writer in me seriously. I am blogging about my journey as a total newbie who has a lot to learn. I welcome feedback from those more seasoned me and I am very excited about offering support and encouragement to other writers! I love the world of writing, I love writers - it's great to be here! :) ~ Janelle ~

  66. I will bring bbq vegan ribs and a vegan peach cobbler! Because I always bring more than I'm asked to. It's a habit.

    Tomorrow is FUN Friday on my blog. I will have quotes from kids in the classroom this past week and I'll also have a $15 Starbucks giftcard giveaway. But you have to work for it. It will be some fun creative contest I haven't decided yet. It won't be hard - just fun. Bring your imagination!

  67. Random thought here, Jennie. Vegan peach cobbler just seem redundant. What do you do, leave out the butter? Oh, it doesn't matter. It's a virtual peach cobbler. You're going to leave ou everything. I'm just getting way too in to this.

  68.! I'm never gonna lose weight with all these food offerings! :D I'll be adding to the table with Coona$$ Turtle Burgers. (Yes, they'll clog your veins, but you'll die happy.)

    As an editor, author, and co-publisher of Rose & Thorn Journal, I blog about writing on Writerly Wednesdays; recipes on Tasty Tuesdays; and Friday Foibles are things that make ya grin.

    (Here's the link to the burgers: )

    Can't wait to go visiting!

  69. PS == Sure hope somebody's bringing bottled water, lemonade or a something cold & wet. My feet are already tired from the blog hoppin'...but I am determined to visit as many as possible!

  70. Angie, I think there's quite a few bringing drinks that are a lot stronger than bottled water! I'll try and visit everyone but especially new-to-me blogs like yours. Thanks for joining in!

  71. What a great idea for a blog party! And I love BBQs I'll bring the strawberries and champagne.

    My blog is about writing and social media. I offer tips and interesting thoughts on the subjects. Come visit me here:
    W.I.P. It: A Writer's Journey

  72. Am I late? I am bringing a tub of chocolate buttons and a tub of Flumps. These are marshmellow twists - perfect for scoffing, toasting, and melting in hot chocolate!

    My blog is about researching and writing my first novel, editing, pulling my hair out, editing some more, and then finally sending it out into the world - hoorah!

    It is here: A Novice Novelist Come say hello and I'll say hello back!

  73. Okay, technically there's a comment up above, but I didn't follow directions so here we go for real:

    I'm bringing homemade ice cream (mmmm) and I blog about all sorts of nonsense, but today it's "I'm Old and Probably Perverted" And because there's a zillion entries I'll be nice and pop a link in here:

  74. Hi Angie Gumbo Writer up there - thanks for inviting me to come see about the party *smiling*

    What a wonderful and fun idea! Now what will GMR prepare - what? me cook? When GMR is the "chef" round here? . . . he'll make some risotto and his famous "autumn cheesecake" made with North Carolina apples - me? well, I do make dang good cornbread.

    I'm the other half of the Co-Editor/Publisher of Rose & Thorn Journal, and the author of Tender Graces, Secret Graces, and the upcoming in November, Sweetie.

    I also went from "reclusive mountain woman" to published author who has to get out and join a party or two *laugh*

  75. HI Karen - I found this via Ann's Inkpots n'Quills blog - what a lovely idea! I am following you now and hope you reciprocate. I will bring some of my freshly home made Apple Jelly (from my back garden), some Blackberry Jam (from the hedgerows around Lismore) on fresh home-made Irish Soda Bread (brown yeast-free bread). I've just made a batch of each of the above. This blog party is a great idea to get more followers and see new blogs.
    My blog's about day to day events I enjoy, sometimes socio-political commentary when I need to vent, plenty of recipes of stuff I make, books I read as I'm in a bloggers' Book Club and a real one as well, and travel and local places of interest. I hope you enjoy it!
    All the best, Catherine.

  76. Okay, I've got my act together!
    Bringing Thai spring rolls. (Bet I'm the only one, too!) I blog about movies, music, books, writing, and tech stuff. My first book comes out in October, I play guitar, and I have a thing for Kate Beckinsale. This weekend I'm announcing a blogfest and Monday I'm joining with Elana and Jen for a week-long series on blogging.
    Um, I think that's it!

  77. So I'm bringing the plates and napkins because I suck at cooking...hee hee.

    I posted seven things about myself so you can all get to know me.

    Can't wait to make new blogging friends.

  78. Wow! You guys are fast -- I've already had visitors!

    My two blogs -- the first is When Fridays Were Fridays, where I write about life in Corporate America:

    The second (which I use a different profile for because blogger doesn't let you change your about page on different blogs) is a service blog about food allergies - allergen-free recipes, reviews, and more. If you or anyone you know has food allergies, you are welcome to check that out as well:

    Oh, and I guess since I listed two blogs I should bring two food items -- so in addition to the allergen-free cole slaw I mentioned earlier, I'll bring some allergen-free brownies!

  79. Hey, everyone! Hope I'm not too late. I'm bringing the beer, woot! Oh, and a fruit salad, because really ... what's a bbq without some fruit salad?

    Hope you take a moment to check out my blog. I'm an author, and write paranormal romance along with romantic suspense. I'm also an avid reader and post book reviews as well.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  80. Hi everyone! I brought mountain dew- because i havn't had any in a week! and I blog about books, writing, funny stuff, my kids...what ever pleases my muse at the time...but I also blog daily. Sometimes just links or pics.

    have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to meeting ya'll

  81. Love this idea more than a deck chair and a cold one :D I'll be bringing my husband's butterscotch-glazed shortbread cookies (since I don't, yanno, cook :D)!

    I'm a horror and dark fiction writer, and my posts are musings about things I learn from books I'm reading, what I'm working on, random stuff...pop culture, movies and YouTube vids :D

  82. So you're really not Xena? LOL.

    This sounds like a funtastic idea. Have a great weekend time of it. Roland

  83. I'm bringing a marble-swirl cheesecake!

    My blog is "Home Is Where the Cat Is": It's mostly funny (at least I hope it's funny!) advice and anecdotes about living in NYC. And having 2 "children" -- AKA a dog and a cat.

    This is a great idea -- excited to be a part of it!

  84. Oh, wow. I hope we'll have enough food, Karen. LOL. I will bring my husband's famous and to-die-for meatballs. I kid you not - they are amazing! :-)

    I blog about writing and tend to be pretty up-beat and motivational. I guess I'm best-known for my quotes. Sometimes, I can't resist posting book reviews - who doesn't love a good book review?! :-)

  85. We'll bring some fried chicken and pop.

    We have our personal blog that we blog about our activities, our pets, our church, sports, general stuff--very eclectic.

    On our book blog (Grab a Book From Our Stack) we post book reviews of the books we've read.

    On "My Funny Dad, Harry" blog I post about memories of my dad, his cats, and the book I wrote in his memory.

  86. You did it Karen! You're at 400. Way to go! :)

  87. Sounds like a winner to me. I'm baking an apple cobbler as I type. It is melt in your mouth good, I'll bring that. I write children's stories and write a children's column for a regional magazine. I have signed a contract for a MG I have written.

  88. MT, really? *ahem* I hadn't noticed :)

    Janet, I'm on my way to visit your blog!

  89. Okay, I'm bringing sausage chile con queso(for you veggies I'll use tofu sausage) -- totally sinful. For some reason, the guys just devour it at my house. Have a great long weekend! :D

  90. What a fun idea!

    Okay - I'll bring some taco salad & blueberry cheesecake. Oh, and some butter tarts! :)

    As an aspiring writer I tend to blog about all things writing. I'm currently writing a YA steampunk mystery. Okay - now I'm off to check out some new blogs :)

  91. Sounds great!

    I'm bringing marinated rosemary and garlic chicken!

    I am writing Womens fiction. I muse about things in life that inspire me - Art, Love, Fashion, Travel, Movies - come visit at me at my blog!

  92. What a fabulous party. Hi, Karen, and thanks for the invite.
    I'll bring corn pudding, which goes with just about anything. I'm getting hungry just reading what everyone's cooking up.
    This weekend I'll be posting haiku as part of Stephanie's blogfest. I often pair haiku with my photographs. It's something I love. I also write fiction. Hope to meet some of you soon!

  93. Hi - sorry I'm late for the party but I had to batten down the hatches because big ole Earl the hurricane is coming to our house maybe...
    I'm bringing peach pie done in an open French tart sort of pastry (julia child) with a jam and boozy fruit glaze...yummy!
    Over at my blog I have my Friday Challenge going. I also have lots of pics of Cape Breton and so on in my thursday blog so have fun! When you're finished checking out Crazy Jane, my writing blog - go on over to Living the Complicated Simple Life - my everything else blog - party on!
    Jan Morrison

  94. Oh, a BBQ! Fun! I'm bringing Paranormal Watermelon and Grape Salad--something you can really sink your teeth into and suck the fruit juices out of.

    I'd chat about writing, publishing, queries, agents, RWA, RWA National. (Did you go?--and Oh My Gosh it was so great if you did!)

    Great to meet you all. Can't wait to look up, comment and follow some new blogs this weekend!

  95. Okay, so barley and hops can be considered food, right? In that case, I'm bringing the Guinness...if I have any left before I start blog hopping. I'm a writer in the midst of a literary novel. I blog about my life as a writer, mother, wife, daughter, sister, mortician...yes, that's right, a mortician, and a consumer. Whatever is on my mind, really. Pop over and say hi.

  96. Hello Karen & All! Found you via Lola's blog :) Love the idea of a blog BBQ. I will bring ice cold coca cola - one of my faves.

    My blog is a daily photo writing prompt blog where you can get a daily boost of creativity! I post a photo (usually one I've taken in my daily running around). I write a very short (250 words or so) story, poem or creative reflection about the photo. And you do the same by posting your in my comment section! Come take a peek :)

    Thanks for hosting Karen! Look forward to coming again.

  97. I'm following now and I think I'll bring some of my mom's famous hot cheese dip (ingredients: 1 C each sharp cheddar, mayo, diced yellow onions, mix and bake @350 for 15 minutes or thereabouts) and some corn chips.

    I blog about books, movies, my work and whatever else strikes my fancy.

    ok then, off I go to find some fun, new blogs:)

  98. Hello everyone! My name is Kaitlyn. My blog is Nocturnal Readings at

    I am bringing baked beans (yummy)! My blog is eclectic. I review YA, UF, PNR and also document my journey throughout agentland. This weekend we're talking about goals and don't miss our 100 Follower Challenge giveaway! It ends Sept 10th!

  99. I have to do it. I can't help myself. I've got to put the 100th comment on this post. Aha! Done and done. I'll probably never see that number of comments here ever again. So cool!

  100. Great idea for a holiday weekend. How about some tabouli? Easy to transport and yummy to eat with pocket bread.

    My blog is about life's fancy, foibles and follies. I guess it's like the kitchen sink.

    Thanks for the party
    wanna buy a duck

  101. ha ha everyone stop by my blog for some pepto bismol this party is so awesome we will all need it

  102. What a party, Karen! I always love a good celebration.
    I think I'll bring cup cakes. Who doesn't like them? They're pretty and tasty and make you feel good about yourself because you're not eating an entire cake. . . .
    I write women's fiction, and I blog about most everything. Drop on by. I'd love to meet you!

  103. Well it isn't Labour Day down in Oz, but I'll join in anyway.
    I'll bring some seafood to BBQ, I just love flathead (a fish) wrapped in foil and thrown on the barbie.
    I generally blog about life in Oz (Australia) and about my journey towards self publishing.
    Over the next few days I'm going to post about local flooding and some waterfalls.

  104. Great idea, Karen!! I'm in! Plus, I just met, in person, with Summer (...and this time concentrate!) and DL Hammons -- so I'm putting pics of us together on my blog. Perfect timing!

    Oh, and I always bring Gorp to parties; that's a mixture of M&Ms, peanuts and raisins. Yum!!

  105. Love this!!! Look forward to getting know you all and visiting your blogs!

    Been missing the "old times" and holiday parties at Twitter when there was more more conversation and connection and less noise!

    To add some raw to the mix, I'll bring some oysters and chocolate mousse to the party!

    I'm doing a total overhaul of my blogs and my site. So I'll visit your blogs over the next few days and give you a heads up when my new blog is up later this week.

    I blog about Shattering Limitations so we can enjoy No-Limit Living, Business and becoming Ageless!

  106. Hello! I'm new to this and new here. Stopped on by from Confessions of a California Cheer Mom (new there, too! :))

    This sounds like so much fun! Can I bring something? How about shrimp stuffed with stuffing and wrapped with bacon to throw on the grill? So yummy!! :)

    So far, I just blog about my life. I know, sounds boring, but that's all I have. lol I'm fairly new to the whole blogging thing so I'm just getting started.

    Love your blog and great idea!!

  107. Hi everyone! Since I'm an Aussie I would have to bring pies :)

    After a long break I am once again new to blogging. But I mostly blog about my life in general (family, kids etc) and my writing.

    Great idea!

  108. I'm bringing coleslaw. ^^ It's practically a requirement for a labor day BBQ.

    My blog is, like so many others, a new author blog. Please enjoy!

  109. I'm bringing homemade banana pudding. My blog is full of my reflections as a woman - entitled "SheilaScribbles" which is also my twitter name. Try a bite!

  110. Very cool party! Sounds like the best one of the year ;) I'm already a follower! Yay!!

    But I'll check out some of these blogs. Hmmm, who to hit up....

    Oh, and hm, I think I'll bring some 7-layer dip ;)

  111. Okay, let's see...I'm bringing potato salad because I make fabulous potato salad! Or so the hubby says - I put in hardboiled eggs and green olives and make my own mustardy-mayo dressing.

    I blog about writing and life and life as writing and writing as life! And this fall will be blogging about my book The Christmas Village, soon to be released!
    Stop by, would love to make some new friends and share my potato salad...


Comments are welcome!