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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lettuce SHARE!!

WRITERS LOVE READERS. If we didn't have readers, what would be the point? Which is why so many of us GIVE AWAY our books left and right. When I come across someone in my target demographic who shows an interest I will often give them a copy of Farm Girl or Uncut Diamonds. Because I like to SHARE! As an author I enjoy sharing with readers who might hopefully appreciate what I wrote.

(Note to self: Giving away copies of my books to those outside my demographic, or as Seth Godin would say-- outside my tribe and without permission, is a waste of a perfectly good book. Not to mention somewhat pathetic and needy.)

So next up on the contest (look at how many are crossed off! How fun is this!) is LETTUCE SHARE, a drawing for one of my books, because I want to share with you. And because most of the contests so far have been for those people with books or manuscripts or queries ready to go. This drawing is for anyone who loves to read! 


 LETTUCE     READ    Congratulations to Jessica Bell for winning Like Bees to Honey.


 LETTUCE     QUERY   Congratulations to winner Candace Ganger for the best query out of 30 entries.

    SHARE   Giving away books to the target audience


 LETTUCE     BUY BOOKS  Congratulations to winner Susan Kaye Quinn: Life, Liberty and Pursuit


 LETTUCE     HOLD & ENTER CONTESTS  Name the Contest Winner: A.L. Sonrichsen from The Green Bathtub

Here are the rules for this drawing:

1. Follow my blog (bwa ha ha)

2. Comment and tell me which of my books you want. (Are you in the farm tribe or the diamond tribe? Go to sidebar or pages to learn more about each title if you're not sure.)


So easy to enter and if I draw your name, I'll mail you an autographed copy of either Farm Girl or Uncut Diamonds. Wherever you live, international is fine.

And thank you to EVERYONE who has been so supportive of my Let-tuce Be Writers Contest Countdown. It's all  for a purpose, trust me, and it's going to be FREAKIN' AWESOME. Something to support and empower authors, to promote literacy, to sell more books and ...and...*shut up Karen* aargh... I can't say anything more or I'll give it away!

*Ahem* Enter this easy drawing because I want to SHARE!!


  1. I would love a copy of Uncut Diamonds...sounds great, and thanks for this contest!

  2. Karen, I like the way you set up your pages - very easy to navigate. Please put me on the list for Uncut Diamonds.

  3. Put me on the list for Farm Girl. Thanks for the great contest!

  4. Karen, please put me on the "Farm Girl" list. Thanks for making your contest so simple to enter! I love that. :)

  5. Love this! Farm Girl sounds great :)

  6. Hi. Wow, I come back from hols and there is so much cool stuff going on.
    Great contest idea Karen.

    Please put me on the Uncut Diamonds list. :)

  7. Great contests, and a fun thing for summer.

  8. First of all, thanks for holding this contest. I hope the copy will be signed by the author(: Put me on the Farm Girl list please. All the best Karen.

  9. You are just one of the greates bloggers I know :) And I would love a copy of Uncut Diamonds!

  10. How fun! But I don't know which book to choose... I'd be happy with both--but I guess Farm Girl b/c it sounds so interesting and different from stuff I've been reading lately... but so does Uncut Diamonds... LOL! I'll take either~ :D

  11. You rock Karen!

    I would love to win Farm Girl :)


    Ahem. I want Farm Girl. :)

  13. Dither dither dither ..... hmmmm...... Farm Girl

  14. Tribe Diamonds! Ok, really love that. I'm going to start saying "tribe" a lot now. :)

  15. Please please please may I have Uncut Diamonds?

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Lettuce win some fab books by KarenG!!!

    Take care

  16. I'm going with Farm Girl... I was racking my brain on what I wanted but after seeing Talli's cry for Farm Girl I knew this one was perfect!

  17. I have both books, but because I am greedy I would love another signed copy of Farm Girl. Pleezzze!

  18. Wow you guys have made my day. Every writer's worst nightmare is that they can't even give their books away LOL, so I'm quite relieved to get a positive response for my giveaway!

    And I meant to say that I'm drawing a winner for each tribe, so that's two winners. And yes, I'll sign them :)

    Thank you Village Tribal People for your enthusiasm.

  19. You're a contest throwing fool! Think I need to change the link in my sidebar to reflect this current contest...

  20. Karen, you are so sweet and generous. This whole contest is awesome.

    I'd love to read Farm Girl. I'll see if I win, but if I don't, I was planning on buying a copy anyway. :) It sounds amazing.


  21. Hmmmm...I'd happily accept either but if I had to choose (and you're gonna make me do it aren't you?) I think I'd pick Farm Girl because hubby used to call me Farm Girl when we started dating.

  22. Karen, OMGoodness you are giving away signed copies of your books! I just placed an order for Farm Girl on Amazon...I'd still love to win a signed copy of it. Then I could give the copy I bought to my Mother-In-Law. Who was raised on a farm and does geneology...

  23. I want FARMGIRL!!! What an awesome contest idea!

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Hi Karen! I've been out of the blog loop and off gallivanting around France (and researching a new story idea *wink*), and in making my rounds today I found a link to this contest on Alex Cavanaugh's sidebar. *Thanks, Alex!*

    I've read the pages for both books up for grabs, and seriously, both sound wonderful. I guess I'll swim over to the Uncut Diamonds pool...


  26. Hey - I know those people! Nice to see my friends winning things, congrats friends!

  27. I want Uncut Diamonds!!!!

    This is so nice of you! Great sting of contests here... I need to be more attentive (in my defense, the day job is hell at the mo, but I miss a lot!)

  28. Farm Girl sounds good. I'll go in for that one. :-)


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