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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review of LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT by Susan Kaye Quinn

Susan's new release now available in paperback and ebook was the lucky winner of my "I want to buy your book" contest. Or maybe I was the lucky winner, because I got the opportunity to read this fun and charming romance, a new title by a new small press, Omnific Publishing.

 Here's what I liked about Life, Liberty and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn:

* The two main characters-- David and Eliza-- are extremely likable and realistic. I found myself thinking about them at odd times during the day like they were real people. Always a good sign meaning the characters have gotten inside one's skin.

* David has a Polish heritage, speaks with a slight accent, and sometimes uses Polish words in his speech. A nice touch.

* Never having read a book set on a cruise ship that didn't involve shipwreck or disaster (or even been on a cruise ship), I really enjoyed the "where they met" setting.

* The romance is sweet, passionate, and believable. Romance isn't my usual genre, unless it's combined with humor as in chick lit or mystery as in cozy mysteries or classic lit as in Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights or anything Jane Austen. But this one was fun to read and seemed more grounded in reality than many of the romance novels I've tried and set aside.

* It's not YA, since the protagonists are past high school, although still young. It's an example of the New Adult genre that hasn't quite taken hold but needs to. Those of you in support of the New Adult genre should buy this book.

* The first half was my favorite. I didn't want to put it down. David and Eliza enchanted me from the moment they first appeared.

* Without being explicit, there is passion. Without being prudish, there is restraint.

* The alternate POV's work very well for this story. Allowing the reader to see the anguish and attraction from both sides of the fence actually becomes a thematic element showing how confusion and mixed signals can threaten a beginning relationship.

* The ending is a pleasant surprise. David and Eliza resolve the distance, education and career obstacles in a realistic, satisfying way.

Overall a fun quick read and a delightfully charming romance. It brought back a lot of memories of my own first love(s), and the agonizing ups and downs that go along with falling quickly, deeply in love. Well done, Susan Kaye Quinn!


  1. Wonderful review. Is it out as an ebook? I find that I'm reading more on my netbook than regular books, and I've just been informed that I should have a real Kindle by my bday in November. lol.

    I hadn't heard of the New Adult genre, but it sounds promising. I'm more inclined to read about young people starting their adult life, than teens battling hormonal urges.

  2. These are fab reason why you chose this book! It sounds like it treats its romance audience with maturity and intelligence.

    Well done Susan Kaye Quinn indeed!

    Take care

  3. How wonderful! I've got Susan's book on my "to read" list, and now I *really* can't wait to start it... :D

    What's this "new adult genre"? Older singletons? Whatever, I support it! ;p

  4. Great review. I've thought the premise of this book sounded interesting from Susan's site. Now I've read a good review.

    Oops - I forgot to add link to her book on my last post. I'll do that now!

  5. Sounds like Susan's written a nice book :)

  6. First love(s)? Karen, Karen! Do tell! :)

    Thanks for the review of the books. Sounds like a great read.

  7. I keep hearing about this "new adult" category. Maybe it will take off.

  8. How fun to stumble on this review! I had the honor of recently meeting Susan at my sister's book signing (Nicki Elson, author of another Omnific title, Three Daves), and she's a lovely person. I look forward to reading her book, as well as yours!

  9. fallen monkey, hehe I almost wrote fallen category, thinking of the New Adult Genre... and now I know how to spell "Omnific"...

    Mary, LTM & Alex, New adult is "older singletons," good way to put it. What I like about it is that it doesn't have the teen-age angst voice and the characters are facing major life decisions outside of high school. I don't even know if this book is classified as New Adult, but that's where I'd put it.

    Talli, Do tell? Are you kidding me? LOL never!

  10. What a cool book review. I don't usually read romances either but I do love the cover and the title and you make it sound wonderful.


  11. Great book review. It sounds like a great read. Thanks for that :)

  12. You have provided me with lots of reasons to enjoy tracking down this book, and reading it.

  13. It's on my list! Just waiting for funding to catch up.

  14. Characters you think about when you’re not reading the book – what great praise for any writer! Sounds like a fun book.

  15. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Karen! Although you are right that it technically fits the emerging "New Adult" category, Omnific lists it as their first "Young Adult" title - more to let teens know this is a book they would be interested in reading (as well as adults!).

    And to answer the question posed above, yes the book is available as an e-book from Omnific, as well as on Kindle (and paperback). All the ways to buy, plus fun tidbits like lost love letters and a playlist, can be found on the website:

    Thanks again for your support for writers (through the contest) and for having me be the lucky winner! :)

  16. Available as an e-book? I am sold. Click click. Bought it.

  17. And well done you, Karen, for your informative and appealing review that doesn't give too much away.

  18. Using alternate POVs is difficult. I tried it and didn't do a very good job. Hence my re-edit. Speaking of which, I left you a response to your question in my comments section of today's blog. Have a great weekend.

    2. Create a link to your blog from that signature.

  19. Hmmm ... seems I had something else where I have my signature code. Weird.

    Stephen Tremp

  20. Although romance is not usually a genre I enjoy reading, I may give this book a chance. Any story that can draw a reader in like this one did for you, must be good. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great review.

  21. Sound a good read, thanks for sharing.

  22. Great review! I enjoyed this book also and I enjoyed meeting Susan this weekend in L.A.


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