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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will I Buy YOUR Book?

There's a few more days to enter the I Want to Buy Your Book Contest, but I'm getting so excited I thought I'd list the authors and their titles who have entered up to now. There's still time people, to get your name & book added to this list!

In order of entry/comment:

The Light of Asteria by Elizabeth Isaacs

Dimensions of Genesis by Danielle Q. Lee

The Freak Observer by Blythe Woolston

Life, Liberty and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn

Circle of Friends series by L. Diane Wolfe

The Ride by Jane Kennedy Sutton

Daniel's Garden by Meg North

Follow the Cowherd Boy by Jai Joshi

24 Hours Paris by Marsha Moore

Heroes of the Fallen by David J. West

Dreaming of Deliverance by R.E. Chambliss

Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez

When Dreams Bleed by Robin Cain

God in My Throat: The Lilith Poems by Colleen S. Harris

With Good Behavior by Jennifer Lane

The Dragon War Relic by Berin Stephens

Without Alice by D.J. Kirby

Caves, Cannons and Crinolines by Beverly Stowe McClure

Breakthrough by Stephen Tremp

Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy

The Stone Traveler by Kathi Oram Peterson

An enticing list, but I'm surprised there are only nine thirteen sixteen eighteen twenty twenty-one entries so far. I mean goodness, this is a chance to get promotion for your book! And all you have to do is follow my blog and make a comment. Some of you are too shy, not even mentioning the title in your comments. I had to go look them up.

Hey, authors, be proud and be loud! Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your book!  


  1. Whoops.

    Heroes of the Fallen by David J. West

  2. David, what are you doing up so late LOL. Ok, I'll add you to the list :) Right now while I'm still online.

  3. What a great contest you have here, Karen. Good luck to everyone :o)

  4. This is a fantastic contest, and yes, you are right - authors should be loud and proud! When it gets to my turn (optimistic me) I will be singing from the roof tops!

  5. If my book were out now, I'd list it! All I have at the moment is the book trailer.

  6. Not only is it a chance for YOU to buy the book, but I'm selfishly letting you do all the work so I can add them to MY list too!

    Thanks for letting me 'borrow' these names, Karen!

  7. Karen, you are doing an awesome job to support writers. You rock!

    I only wish I had a book to enter!

  8. Thanks for supporting other authors! My novel is called Dreaming of Deliverance and it's available at There is also a podcast version at

    Thanks again!

  9. Ooooh how exciting and what lovely titles!!! GOOD LUCK all you lucky writers out there entering!!!!

    This is such a fab opportunity!!
    Thank you KarenG!!

    Take care

  10. Thanks for the awesome promo you're doing here! I'm off to tweet the contest and get you some more entrants! :)

  11. Woohoo! I'm in!

    My name is Lisa Sanchez and my novel, Eve Of Samhain, is a paranormal romance.

  12. Karen, I just wanted to say, these contests are awesome! I wish my book was out so I could enter. NEXT TIME!

  13. okay, I'll play :-)

    My novel is WHEN DREAMS BLEED. It is available on Amazon (B&N, etc.), on KINDLE, my website or on Smashwords.

    A great summer beach read, it's getting rave reviews. I'd be honored to be part of your list.

    Thank you for the opportunity -

    Robin Cain

  14. God in my Throat: The Lilith poems by Colleen S. Harris, available at :)

  15. I would *love* to enter, but my book doesn't come out until September. I think it's a great contest though!!

  16. Hi Karen, thanks so much for this clever idea and I'd love to enter the contest. My name is Jennifer Lane and my first book "With Good Behavior" was just released on 7-13-10! It's a romantic suspense novel available on and

  17. Okay, I'm followin' this blog and Twitter. My book is called "The Dragon War Relic". It's a fantasy/sci-fi/action/comedy, or a comedy set in outer space with elves. I found out about this contest from the great David J. West.

  18. Berin, You are my 299th follower so I'm very excited because I'm that close to 300. *Woo hoo* even tho *ahem* this isn't about me it's about you guys and your books.

    Jennifer, With Good Behavior sounds like my particular genre taste, whether it wins or not it just might go on my Goodreads to-read shelf!

    Colleen, Yay! A book of poems!

  19. I hope you don't mind me adding some poetry to the mix! :) Also, I maintain a few blogs, but my writerly one is which is where you will find the Let-tuce link.

  20. HOLY FREAKIN CRAP I JUST HIT 300 FOLLOWERS!! Jennifer Lane, your book is FOR SURE going on my Goodreads shelf RIGHT NOW, and in fact I'm going to buy it and review it right along with the winner of this contest!

    So right, Jennifer and SOMEONE ELSE will be the winners of the I Want to Buy Your Book contest!

  21. Yay, I'm your 300th follower! Your book Uncut Diamonds looks very interesting. Mortgage rates at 13%? I hope America isn't headed back there. Does your sequel take place in the Ronald Reagan 80's then? ;) Thank you to Susan Kaye Quinn for tweeting about this contest. Jen

  22. We were posting at the same time. Thank you for putting my book on your Goodreads shelf and for buying it! I hope you enjoy.

  23. Yay, Jennifer! (I claim an assist, for sending Jennifer your way *nods*) :)

    Also: for all the authors entering Karen's awesome contest, you are officially invited to enter an Author Blog Hop this coming Monday, where we will link together a bunch of author blogs for people to visit and hop along. More info on that coming tomorrow on Ink Spells!

  24. Hi, I'm now following you too. My husband (@chopski) pointed me in the direction of your blog but I see that the rather lovely 'Old Kitty' is one of your readers too. My debut novel 'Without Alice' goes out on exclusive release from Punked Books on July 31st and on general release on October 4th.

    This is the blurb: Have you ever had a secret? One so important that it feels as if it will tear you in two? Stephen’s got one. He's also got a great job, beautiful wife and an adorable son. Outwardly his life seems perfect but it means nothing without Alice. Read 'Without Alice' and meet a man who you will love to hate until you learn to love him.

    I've got a facebook page for 'Without Alice' and would love to have you and as many other who want to join in the fun to come along and click on the 'like' button. Hope to see you there soon :)

  25. DJ, Way to be proud and loud! I love that you included the handle of your book and your facebook fan page with your comment. I'm including Without Alice on the list and will check out your fb page for sure!

  26. Hi, I just now heard about your contest. Sounds like fun. I'm now your follower. My latest novel is a ya historical, Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines.

    thanks for adding me to your list.


  27. How about my book Breakthrough? I'll even send you a signed copy if you're interested. Just let me know. Have a great weekend.

    Stephen Tremp

  28. Awww thanks Karen! I've got a lot to be proud about as a novelist with autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. I'm sure some would have said it wouldn't be possible for me to write a novel...good thing I never asked them :)
    Thanks for visiting my fb page and for leaving a comment! x

  29. Now THIS is what I want to see authors doing to support each other! Thank you for this! It inspires me to pass the torch in future.

    My book is called Seers of Light, the first in a paranormal novel series that's just begun.

    Thanks again for this!

  30. All of a sudden, I feel like such a slackard...
    gotta get busy
    gotta get busy
    gotta get busy

  31. What a supportive endeavor! I passed on this blog post link to a friend who has a book of poetry out. (And kicking myself that I don't have a book yet, but someday, someday...)


  32. What a great idea!

    My book is The Stone Traveler. It should be in stores by the middle of August.

    Thanks, Karen! :)


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