Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

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Friday, April 24, 2015

A Unique place to visit

There are so many reasons I'd recommend people come and visit Guatemala. I remember when our son in law first told us about it, I thought "I'll never go there." I was afraid to travel out of the country, and especially afraid of anywhere in Central America. The horror stories one hears, you on TV and in the movies. Once we'd arrived I couldn't believe how comfortable and safe I felt.

When one decides to visit another country it's usually for something specific, like food or scenery or shopping or perhaps family who lives there. Guatemala has all of these things, and if you're related to me, there's even family!

To me, the most unique element and what you hear visitors mention over and over, is the people. The people of Guatemala are what make this place beloved to me. They are generally hard-working, spiritual, family-oriented, happy and exceedingly friendly.

I truly enjoy living among them. If for no other reason, come visit Guatemala, and especially the Lake Atitlan region, for the people.

When my little granddaughter lived here with her parents for six months, she too felt comfortable and safe among the people of Guatemala. Here she is photo bombing a group picture. She jumped right in and when her mom tried to get her out of the shot, they said, "Oh, no, let her stay and be in the picture." How can you not love people like this???


  1. People! You got it - that's what makes any place special. I love the people in my home province (Nova Scotia) because they are warm and friendly. I love the people in Philadelphia because they are playful and funny. I love the people in Labrador because they are thoughtful and intelligent. In Cuba I love the people because they have amazing heart. Isn't it great to see these things and respond?

  2. This is wonderful, Karen. Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers. You look very content, and it's wonderful that your family can visit and stay for extended periods of time. I know I LOVE that photo at the top of your blog page.

  3. Hi Karen - love the shots and the uniqueness you're showing us about Atitlan .. looks just amazing ... and how lovely to see your granddaughter having fun as kids do .. cheers Hilary

  4. On of my best friends during my college years was from Guatemala. She was a foreign exchange student and eventually married my best friend's brother. (my old boyfriend!) I loved the way she spoke and her sweet way. If everyone there was like her it would be wonderful! Can't believe you have moved there and never wanted to leave the country! You've come a long way!

  5. OK I just love the little blond girl amidst a plethora of dark haired people. It looks clean and welcoming and might I add-love your skirt!

  6. That photograph at the temple is my favorite!