Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


There's a wind that blows across Lake Atitlan and it has a name, Xocomil, pronounced "Sho-ko-meel". Like many traditions and legends in this area, the Xocomil has sacred origins. I'm going to talk about those further in my "Z" post, as they are connected.

The indigenous people have a belief that when the wind blows across Lake Atitlan, it takes away their sins. This is part of the fascinating story I'll discuss in my last post of the A to Z Challenge.

We are almost done!!! Only 2 more letters to go....

I'll leave you with a picture of Lake Atitlan, with the clouds gathering to bring Xocomil across the water in the late afternoon to carry away our sins.


  1. That's a beautiful lake, and a cool legend.

  2. Hi Karen - as Holly says - lovely view and what a place to live besides. I love the spiritual aspect of your Xocomil wind .. sounds a great way of sleeping blissfully at night knowing the Zephyr wind has come to town .. Cheers Hilary

  3. If only sins could be sent away that easily. It is a beautiful story

  4. Hi Karen. Some amazing places. I added your link to my blog with travel and fun links. Nice concept. Water is always a healing element for all reflections.

    Your novel cover looks great. Hope to read you soon.

    Enjoy life!

  5. I wish wind could really do that. It's been so windy here that I would be pure as snow by now.

  6. I see no reason that can't be true. Why not? It would be interesting to find out how the belief arose.

  7. Beautiful picture! And nice belief, too. If it's true, I know a few people who could benefit from the breeze. ;)