Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala

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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Guatemala is a country the size of Ohio, and it has close to 100 active volcanoes. It's not like they're going off all the time. I'm not afraid of them either. It's like the earthquakes in California or the tornadoes in Illinois-- it's a part of life that may or may not affect you, and it's pointless to worry over it.

The volcanoes make beautiful settings for pictures, whether clouded in mist or silhouetted by the sunset.

One did erupt near Antigua, which is just south of Guatemala City. But it wasn't like the City of Pompeii or anything. There were evacuations due to ash in the air and a lot of heavy cleaning after. Definitely some excitement when a volcano erupts, and of course danger too.

But anywhere you live will have its natural disaster waiting to happen, whether its earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought or the eruption of the nearest volcano. We have our 3 day emergency kit ready, just in case.


  1. I did not know that! Wow! So beautiful as danger often is...

  2. Despite the danger of volcanoes, what a beautiful place.

  3. Like it that you have your 3-day kit ready. We do, too? Was the Antigua volcano recent?

  4. Hi Karen - yes volcanoes could go off at any minute .. yet we over here could have any other number of disasters and I don't have a 3-day kit at the ready .. but the volcanoes do make a lovely backdrop .. cheers Hilary

  5. Must be fascinating to watch. As you said, every area has its dangers.

  6. I have to say these pictures are great with the clouds over the peaks. I guess, where I live, we have the least in major disasters. I am not saying we don't but no avalanches, major floods, volcanos, tsunami's or so. We have had big blizzards and an Earthquake but minor. We even have had tornadoes but agin rare and not in my area

  7. Volcano looks like it is might stretch a little big. We have earthquakes and a grab-and-go bag. So far, just a little rattling.